Wednesday 29 August 2012

Everything in velvet : More bargains + a few bits on Ebay

-SO SO SO SORRY for shit quality photos, that's what I get for being too cheap to spend a fiver on a camera case - stupid broken camera-


 Crop top : Primark + DIY 
Velvet waistcoat : carboot : £1
Velvet side slit maxi skirt : carboot £1
Belt : Primark
Boots : Topshop
Watch : Ebay £5 HERE

Hey guys !!  So here's a few more things I got from the bootsale over the weekend, velvet embroidered waistcoat and this purple velvet maxi skirt BOTH FOR £2!!! *Please ignore that I'm doing my best Angelina Jolie leg impression here, got to be done look at that slit!! * I am in LOVE with velvet at the moment, I'm finally embracing winter and coming to terms with thee darker colours and warmer stuff...kind of. 
Aaaaaaaaand look what else I found at the boot sale ...

 For £1 no less!!! Bearing in mind I ran out of my Mac prep and Prime about 3 months ago this was a Godsend, nearly full and it costs £27 in Boots. It's so good as well, I've got combination super oily t zone blah blah whatever and it keeps that shine at bay for most of the day.

Last but by all means least, I've put a few things on ebay today...

HEAPS more clothes coming tomorrow so keep an eye out :)

Also,iIs anyone doing anything for Vogue's Fashion Night Out in London next week? Any suggestions? I'm wondering whether to work at Miss S that night or wonder about London doing fun fashiony things

£2 Denim elephant jacket + tie dye crop top

Jacket : Car-Boot sale £2
Tie dye crop top : Topshop
Skirt : Miss Selfridge
Belt : Primark
Boots : Dr Martens

Lipstick : Mac Honey Love + Revlon Va Va Violet MIXXED
Bindi : Ebay
Earrings : Car-boot sale

 Heeeeeeeey lovelies! Thank you tons for all the lovely comments you've been sending my way lately, I'm so surprised at the response ye olde blog has been getting. And hey to any new followers, I hope I don't suddenly seem all shit after you see this post haha!! 

Just a quick one. I'm writing to you from within the pain and misery filled place of not knowing/being able to afford doing anything with my hair it's SO BORING at the moment! Apparently ombre just isn't satisfying, I want a pink afro for crying out loud! I can't face doing my own braids again this month, that's nine hours of my life I'll never be getting back. 
Even worse than boring hair is the fact I got my card declined today, when I was trying to spend £5.98 on some lovely fabric dyes for my 50p white jumper from the bootsale. Dicks at HSBC won't let me extend my student overdraft because I am always in it, I AM A STUDENT OF COURSE I LIVE IN THE VERY BOTTOM OF OVERDRAFT CRETINS! 

On a lighter note, I found my bindis and the car-boot sale on Sunday was pretty good. My first time ever I didn't really know what to expect but I managed to pick up a few absolute gems at bargain prices. One of those gems is my new denim hoodie/jacket with embroidered elephants on it. £2 !!!!

 I'll be doing another post tomorrow dedicated to my numerous other marvellous finds, as well as putting loads of my clothes/shoes on Ebay due to aforementioned dirt poorness :( 

in the meantime....

  1. Rottweiler Givenchy-esque t shirt : £11.99 Ebay HERE So cheap and Jay Z wore it , course I want it!
  2. Jeffrey Campbell Tardy in red wash : £60 Office HERE Half price, only a few left, I don't get paid till Friday though *sigh*
  3. Suede studded backpack : £55 ASOS HERE Need I say more? Back Pack obsessed of late
  4. Stripey Playsuit Motel : £48 Topshop HERE About time I got on the stripy bandwagon :)
  5. Appliqué bag : ZARA £79.99 HERE Beautiful, such a statement piece mmmmmm..
  6. Inflatable back pack : Ebay £1.50 HERE  YOU WANT THIS TOO, I KNOW IT!


Saturday 25 August 2012

Macaulay Culkin, Easy Jeans, hangover and a bunch of stuff from Primark

easy jean
 T shirt : Primark
Jeans : American Apparel
Creepers : Underground
Hat : Ebay
Watch : Ebay

Lipstick : Sleek in Vamp

Hey guys! I'm so hungover I can practically hear my liver crying :(( If you already follow my Instagram (or if not my username is Frankiegd) you'll probably be able to see evidence of heavy consumption of gin and juice last night. Me and Jackie went to Proud Camden, SO MUCH POLE DANCING! Needless to say I'm bruised and battered today, poor old me. I'm not quite sure why I decided to do an OOTD post today of all days, I may as well be wearing trackies but hey, it's dress down Friday! Also, I lost my bindis MAAAAAAAAN!! Anyway, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new lippy from Sleek which I'mw earing int he pikkies. It's the perfect shade of matte dark red, doesn't dry out my lips at all and stays on a treat! I would highly recommend it, only £4.99 as well :)


High waisted leggings  x 2 - £6 each
Eyelashes - £1
T shirt - £8
Clutch - £6

I felt so shitty the other day about uni and thought fuck it, I'm going to go to Primark in Peckham and hope my card doesn't get declined when I try and buy stuff (I have a fear of looking at my account balance, anyone else? Or just me? haha!). I bought two pairs of leggings in the same colour but they are SO NICE, high waisted and I love wine colour ones. You'll definitely be seeing them in some posts soon. The Macaulay Culkin T shirt speaks for itself , I was umming and ahhing about getting it but as you can see it was too dope to pass up. THE CLUTCH !!! I think the studded clutch is a bit of a must have at the moment, and I managed to snap one up for £6, even cheaper than the Select version.

P.S I'm going to my first carboot on Sunday and I can't bloody wait, after always reading about Lucy from LULUTRIXABELLE dirt cheap finds I decided to try it myself, wish me luck with finding stuff !!!

(haha my face !!!!!)

Tuesday 21 August 2012

Day and Night : Tropical print playsuit - transparent crop top

Denim Shirt : Charity shop
Playsuit : Primark
Belt : Moschino via charity shop
Backpack : Primark
Sunny G's : Primark
Trainers : Nike 
Earrings : Topshop and Paks
Bindi : ebay

 What is it with the heat in London at the moment? It feels like Barbados! I thought I'd dress appropriately in as little as possible. I borrowed this cute tropical print playsuit off my sister, I love it, reminds me of those vintage Hawaiian shirts in playsuit form. I HATE my upper arms as well so I threw on this oversize denim shirt I cut the sleeves off over the top and HEY PRESTO flabby arms are gone :) !

Jacket : Vintage Nike via Ebay
Top : DIY from tights
Disco Pants |: American Apparel 
Heels : H&M
Necklace : Peacocks

I went out the other night, my lovely boyfriend took some pictures of me after I got ready, taken with a phone camera sorryyy! I'm seriously clutching at straws at the moment, making a top out of tights a la goth. Skint as hell. And I'm SO glad I got another chance to wear my H&M neon heels, those bad boys were so worth the £24.99!! So all in all I was actually going for the 90's - hoochie mama - could be a member of some forgotten R&B girl group look, success? I think so :)

Now I've joined the 21'st century in the phone department I now have Instagram , my username is Frankiegd , let me know your username and I'll follow yours?

Been a pretty productive week in terms of finding stuff I'm dying to buy and can't afford as well... may as well share a bit of the torture with you guys :D

  1. Studded clutch : £8  SelectHERE - SO CHEAP and so similar to the Topshop and Zara ones, for a fraction of the price GIMME!!
  2. Gold toe cap heels : £16 Matalan HERE - Only £16 need I say more?
  3. Samsung Galaxy case : £4.29 Ebay HERE - Just bought this cutie for my new phone, love the bright colours.
  4. Backpack : £30 River Island HERE - You may have noticed I'm loving backpacks at the moment!
  5. Leather sleeve jacket : £60 LavishAlice HERE - I missed the boat on the Zara version but I would happily settle for this one, I want a denim one with leather sleeves too.
  6. Galaxy Swimsuit : £35 Topshop HERE - I hate to say it but so much cheaper than BlackMilk, it has to be done, sorry sharkies :/
  7. Unif Hellbounds : £175 Urban Outfitters HERE - Still need these in my life, pretty steep but I want to be taller than everybody else SO BAD.
  8. Midi Dress : £32 Topshop HERE - I love a good Midi, animal print is still high on my list of fucking awesomeness and this would look great with my camo jacket.
  9. Fire opal Ring : £8 Dixi HERE - I LOVE opals and this ring is beautiful, when I get paid...

nearly Christmas I guess...

Friday 17 August 2012

Back to life , back to reality , the big 100 THANK YOU!

Crop top : Topshop
Cords : Vintage
Sunny G's : ASOS
Shoes : Office

Ear cuff : Topshop sale
Hoop earring : Primark
Bindi : Ebay

 Backpack : Primark

I would like to take a moment to say ...


I got back from Boomtown and looked at my blog and really. No wait REALLY , SO MANY PEOPLE READ IT NOW WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT????
I really appreciate that people enjoy my blog because I'm obsessed with reading/looking at and being inspired by other's ! Thanks to Charmaine from over at for introducing loads of new readers , hey guys :)  I actually thought about doing a 100 followers giveaway (looks like that's what everyone else does) but in case you haven't noticed from the title, I am skint so I will just have to give away my love to you all :) MWAH

Boomtown blew my mind yet again, I met the best people, I keep finding phone numbers written on rizlas in everything I own. My lovely boyfriend managed to lost my Purple Galaxy BlackMilk leggings though ( I would cut off his head if he hadn't promised to buy me more. No seriously).

Funnily enough , my dad said I looked like Caren Wheeler from Soul 2 Soul today, hence blog title, must be getting this 90's thing right, LOVES IT ME! After the madness and shenanigans of Boomtown I've toned it down a bit, still can't quite be parted from my Bindis though, I think they are here to stay FOREVER. 

I'm going to cut it off there, I just got a new phone (Samsung Galaxy S2 for anyone who's interested) and I am desperate to start playing around with it, already had it for about 5 hours and don't know how it works haha!

I can't wait to show you all my Boomtown photo's when they get developed watch this space :)

Wednesday 8 August 2012

Braids, prints and shoe porn

box braids
So I braided my hair myself YUP!

 Shirt : charity shop
Skirt : Topshop
Bowler : Ebay
Necklace : Peacocks
Flatforms : Office 

After spending about 10 hours over the last two days braiding my own hair I thought I'd share it and an outfit post with you guys. I missed my braids from before but I couldn't afford to get them professionally done so I bit the bullet, watched a few youtube videos and did it myself. The back is less than amazing, but hey I saved myself £60!!!
 Even though I have only left the house for about two hours today I got all dressed up (been living in my Basketball Jersey for days ugghhh). I have only worn this shirt once since I bought it and I'm so glad I wore it today, I love the matching print tops and bottoms I've seen on the high street lately in Topshop and River-Island and thought I'd do my own thing but similar with monochrome prints. I LOVE the crazy ikat midi I got from Topshop, I don't wear skirts (always shorts) much during the day because I HATE HATE HATE leering and comments from weirdo men, but this is great I don't feel too exposed! The flatforms were only £8.50 from Office in the sale and I've been eyeing them up for MONTHS! So happy!

Anyway I'm back to being poor as me and my girls have just put a deposit down on a new flat YAY , so back to fantasising about nice things,  I'll share my shoe porn with you ;)

  1. Urban Outfitters : £14
  2. Office : £70 - I NEED THESE RIGHT NOW
  3. Zara : £49.99
  4. Office : £140 - Small obsession with Timberlands at the moment
  5. Zara : £79.99
  6. Mango : £74.99 - Fetish sandals , need I say more :)
  7. Dr Martens Asos : £116.00
  8. Air Max 90 Drome : £99.99

Friday 3 August 2012

I bought : Peacocks Givenchy-esque floral print top

I am in love with my most recent purchase, this amazing printed top from Peacocks was only £13 , £12.70 with student discount BARGAIN.

The First Interview : Frankie X Hanna Hillier

- Some of Hanna's work -

Now I could go on about my friend Hanna FOREVER she is an amazing photographer, has impeccable style, not to mention we always end up having weird crazy escapades. She also works in fashion so I thought why not interview her? I love reading interviews with bloggers/photographers/anybody in fashion so I thought I'd give it a go, let me know what you think
 enjoy :)

Name : Hanna Hillier

Age : 21

Oh hey man :) What is it that you do?

I'm a freelance photographer, specializing in testing photography, after working in imaging at NEXT Model Management for over a year I decided to go freelance to focus 100% of my time on the thing i'm most passionate about.

What made you want to do photography?

I've had an incredible love of fashion, art, architecture and illustration since I was a kid. Photography seemed to be the subject that inspired me the most. 

What’s the best thing about being a photographer? 

Working with new people all the time, from all over the world. some of the make up artists and stylists i regularly work with are some of my closest friends, which is a massive plus. 

Who’s the coolest person you have ever shot ?

 I've had the opportunity to shoot some great people, some top commercial girls like Renata Kuerten, Olivia Garson, Tahlia, Nika Lauraitis, Kooples girl Sarah Warnaar, Polands Next Top Model winner Olga, huge campaign girls Daniela Braga the new Givenchy girl, Kolfinna the new topshop girl who dropped jaws in the shows in February earlier this year, incredible British new face Jaz Wasson the face of Jigsaw this summer, two amazing new faces to look out for globally Esther Heech & Wylie Hays. Boys-wise, Luke Brennan from sick new band Zulu, the list goes on! i've never photographed somebody who wasn't fantastic in their own way. I have great respect for everybody I work with. 

What piece of clothing could you not live without? 

I recently purchased white oversized blazer. LOVE IT although it doesn't stay white for long... 

What has been your shittest photography experience? 

I spent several hours in a taxi on the way to a shoot in Bank that should of only taken 15 mins, we had an 40 mins to shoot as the model had castings in the afternoon, it was pouring with rain and where we were shooting was blocked off for the majors parade. Found Trinity Square as an alternative location, where i discovered my SD cards were corrupt and i only had room for 70 photographs. I had to go through and delete any mediocre shots as we were shooting. Ironically, i ended up with some of the best images I had taken in my career, they used them in the New York and Paris Agencies as the models opening image etc.

Secret talent?

 I can walk with my legs crossed. it's wierd. 

Describe your most thrifty/desperately skint moment ?  

In sixth form i used to pick change off the floor. 

Least favourite trends?

Pedal-pushers and long shorts (only on women, men they're fine). kitten heels. glasses with no glass. 

What do you think about Buffalos hidden wedge trainers for men? 

Weird, but depends on the man i guess. i'm sure some men out there will be able to pull them off. 

What’s your fave telly?

 I have a lot of love for Criminal Minds, CSI, Bones, Poirot etc... i'm in love with Tyra Banks so ANTM is a big hit with me. Jezza Kyle or Maury are always fun, but awful to watch when you're stressed.

Which Mean Girls character do you most identify with? 

Gretchen, i always seem to get caught in the middle of things

What advice would you give to someone wanting to get into photography? 

Work hard and use you're brain. think for yourself. 

You should check out Hanna's blog here, it's sick.