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Wednesday 22 January 2014

#LUST - What I'm after.

1. TOPSHOP - HERE / The Fang sandals, double stacked Birkenstock lookalikes

2. TOPSHOP - HERE / I tried this shapewear dress on the other night, looks amazeballs as a dress itself.

3 + 4. ASOS FEAR SANDALS - HERE & HERE / Reminiscent of the Vagabond Dioon sandals, I predict a sell out.

5. TOPSHOP - HERE / Mesh bralet = Nips errywhere!

6. NEW LOOK - HERE / So Dionne from Clueless :)

7. ASOS - HERE / It's not too early for Sunny G's!

8. NARS - HERE / Bronzer stick in Cap Vert.

9. ASOS - HERE / 0_0

Tuesday 14 January 2014


1. Schuh - Caterpillar Cat Colorado HERE
2. River Island - Light Pink Cleated Platforms HERE
3. ASOS - Alfonso ankle boots HERE
4. Windsor Smith - Crank platform sandals HERE
5. Nastygal - Jeffrey Campbell Chinook HERE
6. ASOS - Dialog slip ons HERE

Even though that shitty January feeling of Christmas being over and my bank account being empty I am still fantasizing about shoes far too much. I've been obsessing over the pink and white River Island platforms for about 3 weeks now, battling with my mind whether the are worth overdraft charges. Thanks god my common sense won out. 


Friday 6 September 2013

#ootd Educate & Elevate





B Ball jersey - C/O Educate & Elevate HERE
Skirt - H&M
Nike Roshe runs camo - Urban Outfitters
Bag - My dads
Lipstick - So Chaud

Oh my goodness I've been SO BUSY moving out  of my flat over the past week, haven't had a chance to blog for a bit sorry guys :) I'm so glad to have finally moved out of my uni flat now, back to my dads where the fridge is always full  - it's amazing. Aaanyway, the babeatron that is Suzan from Educate & Elevate sent me this lush B Ball jersey the other day. I usually only wear jerseys as pyjamas but thought this one was too nice not to wear outside- I bloody love it, TA BABE! Also, I think we all need to appreciate my awesome Nike roshe runs that the lovely Sheree from Glitz and Grime helped me procur. I really wasn't that jazzed about the roshe till I saw these on the Urban Outfitters website, pretty much fell in love and when I got them so did my feet, comfiest kicks eveeeeeeeer! So that's all from me today, this week is the calm before the storm that is London Fashion Week. Expect a bazillion LFW blog posts in the not too distant future, let me know if your going :D


Thursday 22 August 2013

#OOTD : Topshop Kimono, Sheer T shirt, Ravers and GS Shop



 T shirt - ASOS
Kimono - Topshop
Jeans - Topshop Joni
Shoes - Topshop Ravers via Ebay



So yesterday I attended the GS Shop show with my girl Jen and this is what I wore :) If you follow me on Instagram ( @Frankiegd) you are probably sick of seeing this red kimono I got from Topshop a while back (I've got matching shorts to how cool is that!), it's my staple jacket a the moment whilst it's too hot for denim. For some reason outfit planning doesn't work for me and this is the result, I always end up throwing something on last minute - refer back to my LFW outfits last year haha! 

The GS Shop show, which I was lucky enough to attend thanks to Pop PR comprised the work of  four Korean Central St Martins alumni designers. All four shows seemed to be A/W to me, a little confusing ( I'm hating A/W coming in the shops at the moment, still in summer mode) but I loved the coats and jackets - especially the mens ones from Xess Homme. I wasn't overly jazzed by anything in particular but I've included a few photos of my favorite looks from a couple of the designers. 

All in all I  had a great time, and a hangover by 9pm thanks to the champers. This show got me SO EXCITED for London Fashion Week which is coming up very soon, I'm actually trying to plan shit this time - got some cool bits and pieces to wear and plenty of amazing shows to see. If any of you are going to be around this London Fashion Week let me know :) It would be great to meet up!


Monday 19 August 2013

Stuff I want to buy No. 2

platform timberland
1. Ebay - £2.95 /  2. Topshop - £22 / 3. ASOS - £153 / 4. Zara - £179 / 5. Topshop - £55 
6. River Island - £20 / 7. Topshop - £25 / 8. River Island -  £15 / 9. River Island - £12 / 10. Topshop- £24 
11. Windsor Smith -  £87.00 / 12. Monki - £2.50 / 13. Tilted Sole - £122 / 
14. Monki - £50 / 15. ASOS - £150

I'm selling a couple of bits on Ebay HERE
username : frankie2291

Go buy my stuff so I can buy this stuff :D pleaaaaaaaaaaase !

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Tuesday 13 August 2013

OOTD : I whitied

Crop top : H&M
Skirt : Miss Selfridge
Shirt : My dads
Shoes : River Island 
Bag : C/O La Moda
Necklace : Ebay
Sunglasses : Choies

Wassup guys! I am feeling like shit! I don't know if it's lack of sleep and too much partying or the fact I've put on over a stone over the last month but I definitely don't want to be doing outfit posts at the moment..especially if my clothes don't even fit me JF%?L$@£:$@:$£{$:`!!!!! I hate EVERYTHING right now. Today the weather is crappy, the light is shit you can't even see my beautiful new River Island shoes I bought with my last little bit of money the other day. But at least a couple of pictures turned out okay (without me looking like a complete rhino), you probably have noticed I love the all white trend  - goes well with a tan, or just being generally brown like me :) I took massive inspo from Tigerlilly, she wore something similar, and looked so much better than me during her trip to Paris.

Sorry about the moaning and ting, I set out to blog today and by gosh I did it #eventhoughihatemyself

Hope your Tuesday is a hell of a lot better than mine




Saturday 3 August 2013

OOTD : Missguided AW13 Preview

New folder

New folder3


Cycling shorts - cut up fishnets
Shoes - Topshop 
Sunny G's - Asos
Bag - C/O La Moda 

The guy says - "Lovely, reminds me of the Flintstones film"

Hey hey! I'm back in Bristol and it's bloody raining - GASH! So I thought 'd do yet another blog post this week, on the Missguided AW13 preview I had the pleasure of going to on Thursday. I went with the lovely Jen and it was smashing, I never eat breakfast so when I got there I demolished the buffet table and drank about six cocktails and lets just say I was very merry! I took some photos of my favorite bits of the new collection - we even met the designer who was such a babe. There was so much amazingness, fluffy two pieces straight out of scary spices wardrobe, fluffy coats, a whole load of Alexander Wang sports - luxe inspired pieces, embroidered two pieces, dope prints, dresses and I fell in love with the jeweled biker. I was really pleasantly surprised, Missguided seem to have stepped their game up - really wasn't expecting to be like ERRMAGAARDD I WANT EVERYTHING! 

Moving on, my boyfriend has decided that I should include a new element to my blog called 'The guy says' (he named it himself) which basically consists of a quote from the man himself on what he thinks of my outfit (like I give a shit anyway). I've decided to humor him for now, it might be funny -  let me know what your thoughts on it are, I'm not convinced. Despite what he says, looking like a Flintstone isn't bad - how cool is this shirt?? I love how bright it is and the size means it also doubles up as a kimono. My girl Suzan at La Moda sent me this really weird backpack which  wore to the Missguided event - by weird I mean awesome, I'm into it and it's now going everywhere with me THANKS :D
 I'm really hungry now, so that's it all done :) Hope you all have a lavly weekend - despite the crappy weather 

Smell you later ^_^


Tuesday 30 July 2013

Stuff I want to buy No. 1


Wassup y'all! I'm going to be sharing a weekly stuff I want to buy, even though most of it is cheap  i still can't afford any of it #shitallmoneys . HOPE YA LIKE IT :D

1. Ebay - £23.95 - HERE
2. Topshop - £20 - HERE
3. Nastygal - £100.83 - HERE
4. Nelly - £64.95 - HERE
5. Rokit Vintage - £35 - HERE
6. New Look - £49.99 - HERE
7. Topshop - £78 - HERE
8. Monki - £6 - HERE
9 and 10. River island - both £55 - HERE + HERE
11. Topshop - £4.50 - HERE
12. Monki - £45 - HERE
13. Asos - £5 - HERE

Friday 26 July 2013







Kimono - H&M
Playsuit - Vintage
Shoes - H&M
Body Chain - DIY
Sunglasses - ASOS

I just love to avoid, social media (especially Facebook and Twitter at the moment :S), moving, doing anything apart from eating and reading fantasy books...... I got back from holiday a couple of weeks ago now and I've only just managed to be arsed to do a blog post #lame .I was supposed to do shitloads of holiday posts too, but that went out the window with no makeup, spending all my time in a bikini and being drunk 90% of the time ha! My lovely mummy took these photos for me on the second day I spent in Turkey and I like them so I thought I'd do a time machine blog post from the past :D So depressing looking at these photos now actually, MY OUTFIT DOESN'T EVEN GO TOGETHER + I've put on half a stone and even though it's hot in London, it's no Kalkan :(

I know it's only a little post but I'm glad to be back into the swing of things, I'm going to be doing some fun stuff that I'll be documenting on here soon as well :D I always say that - hopefully it's true this time, I always find I'm too busy enjoying things to be taking photos and writing about it on here  NEED TO DO BETTER! ALSO ... thanks for all the lovely comments you posted on my last blog post -  made me all happy and want to go wah wah we wah to myself a la  Borat :D

Smell you later 


Wednesday 26 June 2013

Vintage Prints - Beau Homme - Haul Video

2013-06-26 14.03.07
2013-06-26 14.01.46
2013-06-26 14.00.55

Jacket : Vintage Basement
Trousers : Vintage Basement
Top : H&M
Shoes : Topshop
Necklace : Oxfam
Bracelets : Asos
Earrings : Primark

I friggin' love Vintage Basement! I mentioned it the other day in a post but I didn't get  to show you my goodies :D I wore this outfit to the Beau Homme menswear presentation the other night and I lav the mix of prints - it even got my dads coveted seal of approval. I went to the presentation at the invitation of the awesomeness that is Jen  - met some legends, ogled fit models and saw this girl who dare I say it looked exactly like Rihanna (so much so I did a double take) but then I realized she was actually better looking :O
 AND GUESS WHAT?? You guys should be proud of me - I think it is the only event I've attended as a blogger with a free bar and I haven't got absolutely hammered YAY ME *pats self on the back*

Anyway...I am counting down the days till Sunday when I get to leave horrid grey London and escape to 35 degree heat. AAAAAAND I'm well up for doing holiday outfit blog posts, got so many bikinis/neon/vintage/prints/crazy ish to whip out for the lads :D 

Oh and I forgot to tell you guys I did another Youtube haul video the other day .... Filmed it on a camera from 2001 so just pretend it's supposed to be all cool and vintage like that hahaha!

lots of love :)

Thursday 6 June 2013







Baseball cap : Primark - £4
Sunny G's : ASOS - £12 here
Crop top : Topshop -
Jeans : Charity shop via Jen 
Jumper : Mr GuGu and Miss Go
Satchel : La moda* - here
Shoes : White Coltranes - Karmaloop - On sale get them HERE

Welcome back me! Hey guys :) Quickie update -  I am not impressed with how my blogging has been going lately, but who gives a fuck life goes on! I'm unsure how other bloggers post every day, my life consists of working, hangovers and generally things besides the internet. Also, I've pretty much stopped reading blogs apart from a few favourites which is quite weird but, not saying I'm doing anything drastically different, but there is NOTHING inspiring about reading and seeing a 'hypothetical ootd' post of someone who doesn't even wear that outfit out, or reckons they're a model- I'm realistic about this blogging shit ya know ;D ?!

 But I will try to do a bit more - especially since I got invited to a whole load of press days which, as it turns out are actually quite fun. Pretty much all the bloggers I've met are babes as you shall see in future posts. For the moment I can't do much though, my camera was left in Newcastle but rest assured the latest from Gogo Philip, Republic and Vintage Corner at Cancer research are coming soon ;) Anyyyyyyway... summer is here at last, less clothes, more creeps, sunbathing, diets, colourfulness and BBQs are happening. Had a really good BBQ yesterday managed to jerk a sack of chicken legs, got Rob to make burgers and fell asleep on the sofa in a food coma afterwards, SATISFIED. Green hair is also happening in case you didn't notice :) . The absolute babe that is Suzan from La Moda sent me this gorgeous white satchel the other day. I actually ran to the post office to pick it up, looking like a mug struggling to breathe with my studded bumbag and a parcel under one arm- yay me for working out. I haven't taken it off my shoulder since, THANKS MAAAN :) , also goes with my friggin cool new white coltranes. I actually hated Jeffs for quite a while but my white obsession came to a head and when I saw these, I had to have them. Already had them for a few weeks, went to a warehouse rave in them - if you go there I recommend white shoe polish cos they look good as new!

Sorry about the rant, I'm pretty sure I can't be the only one who thinks sometimes maybe  blogs may get a little boring? (aside  from the arse lickers of course) LET ME KNOW LOVELIES :D


Sunday 5 May 2013


I'm sat in the library procrastinating. I've had two exams already and I've got three more in the space of three days next week. Kill me now. I'm past the point of caring tonight anyway, so I thought I'd do a quick post I've been meaning to do for a while about my recent trip to Amsterdayyyyym! It was the best trip EVER! Worthy of a huge photo montage for anyone who wants to see it

Enjoy :)

We got a coach there and went on the ferry.

Stayed in these cool little eco lodges just outside the city centre- Camping Zeeburg, I'd recommend it :)

I put two hats on for a laff - Get both of them at

They had bunkbeds, I obv went for the top bunk.

There were so many canals in Amsterdam, it was BEAUTIFUL!

The Dam in the city centre

It was SO COLD, hence wearing a million layers

Dickheads on tour

The Cheese Museum was AMAZING! Free samples of cheese all round.

Went to the Van Gogh museum, Jade took a sneaky picture :)

No trip to Amsterdam is complete without visiting the Sex Museum

Wednesday 10 April 2013

WISHLIST : Just a few things I need in my life...

1. I'm in love with 80's style dangly earrings at the moment, and these are only £8 - HERE-

2. One of my bezzies Amy had this when we went to the Dam, so surprised she got it off Ebay for             £5.99    - HERE -

3. This t shirt is pretty simple, I love the multicoloured letters, £25 - HERE -

4. Two words BAD. ASS. £85 - HERE - 

5. Someone please by me Eddie Izzard tickets ? I need to see this man, he is HILARIOUS, £40 - HERE -

6. I'm well into cat eye sunglasses at the moment and I love these, £25 - HERE - 

7. I first saw this T shirt of Georgia  and I had to have it, mine came today after MONTHS of waiting    wtf... $39.00 - HERE - 

8. I have the grey tie-dye version of these but I want the white ones soo bad! £40 - HERE -

9. I already bought this too and I LOVE IT, it's great for chucking over a crop top and shorts to make it a bit more interesting, £25 with 20% off with 'frankie-dakin' -HERE-

10. Not sure how you get around the nipple problem with this one but I want it anyway, £22 - HERE - 

11. This shirt reminds me of the Fresh Prince a little which I love :), £23.99 - HERE - 

12. I'm so glad they bought this vtg 90's style out in blue NEED, £105.00 - HERE -

13. I've been perving over these shorts for weeks, wondering if I could make them myself - alas I'll probs just buy them when loan comes in, £85.00 - HERE -

14. Kinda reminds me of KTZ, £9.99 - HERE -

15. My computer is slowly dying, I wish this wasn't a gazillion pounds :(

16. Such a good lookalike of those Balenciaga bad-boys, £90 - HERE -

17. MAN IT'S SO CHEAP! £8.99 - HERE - 

And this is why I have no money... 


Monday 8 April 2013

NEW KICKS & 20 random facts




Hat : Primark
T shirt : charity shop
Coat : Vintage/Christmas present
Jeans : Topshop Joni
Trainers : Adidas via Asos
Nails :  Models Own - Luis Lemon 

I've just come hack from Amsterdam and I'm back to living in a perpetual hell of university work AND IT'S HORRID! I'm going to do a post on my trip this week at some point, it was SO GOOD! I am chilling tonight watching Game Of Thrones and shouting at the telly during Made In Chelsea - thought why not do a blog post ey? My lovely housemate Emma took these photos quickly after we got back from the library, and let me just say I made a rookie error wearing this fluffy coat outside when the weather was actually quite warm. I cannot express the amount of love I have for my new trainers, I ordered them off ASOS the other week after much umming and ahhing, the fact the 20% student discount code was still working a day late was a sign and I had to have them. ANYWAYS... thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and do one of those random facts posts to jazz up le old blog ENNNNNJJJJOOOOOOOYY :) !!!

  1.  I lived in LA for a little bit when I was a tiddler, being 9 and moving to America was WEIRD, my second day in school I put on an American accent at school for the rest of the time I was there - LOSER!
  2. I LOVE CHEESE - it's so good, if I was lactose intolerant I would get the shits everyday because I'd still eat cheese.
  3. I have a perfectly rectangular scar on my forearm because my housemate Gabby used her laser hair removal thing on it and apparently it doesn't like black people.
  4. I still suck my thumb and have a blanky... I refuse to grow up
  5. Me and my boyfriend have been together for 5 years WINNING!
  6. My ear used to be stretched to 1.2cm - don't do it, I have a cats bottom on my ear now.
  7. I don't like cheese and onion crisps, they are mule.
  8. I think everything should be tried once, or twice....or lots.. ALL THE TIME!
  9. I read A LOT of historical romance and fantasy books. 
  10. I grew up in Bristol and it's my favourite place in the world.
  11. I used to work in a butchers when I was 15 and loved it- but not when my boss wiped a cow tongue down my arm when I wasn't looking EW. Bone bins and blood tanks were fine though :)
  12. I think 50 Shades of Grey is shit. Nothing erotic about it. 
  13. I always used to win the wrestling matches that took place on my kitchen floor in halls BEAST!
  14. I am always talking about poo.. its weird.
  15. I love cooking curry, I nail my grandmas butter chicken recipe TO A TEE!
  16. My middle name is Gregory. Wtf.
  17. I don't care about being skinny enough to exercise/eat healthily - I'd rather have an ass and boobs       - you don't get 34FF boobs without cake!
  18. My favourite colour is GREEN 
  19. I've never so much as set foot in a Hollister/ Jack Wills/ Abercrombie and Fitch shop and I'm bloody proud of it.
  20. I am gay for Rihanna, totes had a sex dream about her the other night.

There you have it. Hope you don't think I'm a dick now :) 

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Hope you all have a lovely week