Monday 28 October 2013

#OOTD + Press days galore : Louis Vuitton, Stills, Jean-Pierre Braganza jacket +Paper London + Fyodor Golan


Top : Primark
Skirt : Motelrocks
Shoes : H&M
Jacket : My dads
Clutch : Topshop
Necklace : Ebay

Wassup Wassup? On Tuesday when me and Jen wondered around London, popping into various press days to see what everyone had to offer for ss/14. We went all over the shop, but started at Louis Vuitton...

Tuesday 8 October 2013


_DSC0134_black and white

The last day of LFW was grim and rainy (surprise surprise) but ended on a high. Me and Jen were fortunate enough to attend a Q&A with the editor in chief of British Vogue, Alexandra Shulman - big thanks to M&C Saatchi PR. We headed over to the Playboy Club where we were treated to canapes and cocktails by gorgeous Playboy bunnies. Very unexpected to have the editor of Vogue talking in the Playboy club, but I couldn't have chosen a better venue - it was awesome!

I sat in awe for what seemed like ten minutes but was closer to an hour listening to the lovely Alexandra Shulman talk about fashion - everything from how London Fashion Week has evolved to the British High Street. Lets face it, My preconception of what Alexandra would be like couldn't have been further from the reality, not at all the cold scary dragon woman I was expecting (we've all seen the Devil Wears Prada), but a warm, relatable lady - not to mention incredibly chic wearing a Simone Rocha dress and Nicolas Kirkwood heels.

Alexandra had a lot to say on the subject of London Fashion Week, how it has evolved from being somewhat of a mess into a world renowned fashion event with amazing designers such as choosing to showcase their collections here as opposed to New York or Paris. Of course, having only attended LFW the past two seasons I have no knowledge of what LFW used to be like - but the transformation she helped bring about to the event is definitely a success judging by what I have enjoyed!

All in all, it was a pleasure listening to Alex - think we might be close enough for nicknames now ;) . I came away from the evening thinking about fashion in a different way,  feeling like (or hoping) a little bit of her wisdom rubbed off on me.

Monday 7 October 2013


acid wash jeans
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Monki super stretch jeans


Chunky 90's boots
Jacket - c/o New Look 
Crop Top - Primark
Jeans - c/o Monki
Shoes - H&M
Bag - c/o La Moda
Necklace - River Island

Helooooooooo! I'm finally flu free and feeling human again! If I had blogged during my down time rest assured the posts would have involved  OOTDs featuring various dressing gowns and onesies, with a birds nest for hair, clutching a mug of Lemsip like my life depends on it -  pretty sure this post is preferable. I am in luurve with my new H&M boots at the moment - £29.99 and they look really similar to the Vagabond Dioon boots, except in my opinion chunkier and in general just more awesome. Needless to say the men in my life (i.e Boyfriend and Dad) think they are hideous - in my eyes this can only be a good thing. I love dressing in a way that makes men go away hehe!

With my recovery I warn you will be coming a barrage of LFW posts starting tomorrow. I'm pretty sure I'm going to blog regularly from now on, not just about 'look at what I'm wearing' either -  going to be branching out to make it a bit more interesting. WATCH THIS SPACE.

I'd also like to say a big thanks to Erica from IPR for the much needed super stretch jeans, the only jeans that fit my gigantic arse at the moment,  and La Moda for sending me this schweet satchel today! Much appreciated !