Tuesday 21 August 2012

Day and Night : Tropical print playsuit - transparent crop top

Denim Shirt : Charity shop
Playsuit : Primark
Belt : Moschino via charity shop
Backpack : Primark
Sunny G's : Primark
Trainers : Nike 
Earrings : Topshop and Paks
Bindi : ebay

 What is it with the heat in London at the moment? It feels like Barbados! I thought I'd dress appropriately in as little as possible. I borrowed this cute tropical print playsuit off my sister, I love it, reminds me of those vintage Hawaiian shirts in playsuit form. I HATE my upper arms as well so I threw on this oversize denim shirt I cut the sleeves off over the top and HEY PRESTO flabby arms are gone :) !

Jacket : Vintage Nike via Ebay
Top : DIY from tights
Disco Pants |: American Apparel 
Heels : H&M
Necklace : Peacocks

I went out the other night, my lovely boyfriend took some pictures of me after I got ready, taken with a phone camera sorryyy! I'm seriously clutching at straws at the moment, making a top out of tights a la goth. Skint as hell. And I'm SO glad I got another chance to wear my H&M neon heels, those bad boys were so worth the £24.99!! So all in all I was actually going for the 90's - hoochie mama - could be a member of some forgotten R&B girl group look, success? I think so :)

Now I've joined the 21'st century in the phone department I now have Instagram , my username is Frankiegd , let me know your username and I'll follow yours?

Been a pretty productive week in terms of finding stuff I'm dying to buy and can't afford as well... may as well share a bit of the torture with you guys :D

  1. Studded clutch : £8  SelectHERE - SO CHEAP and so similar to the Topshop and Zara ones, for a fraction of the price GIMME!!
  2. Gold toe cap heels : £16 Matalan HERE - Only £16 need I say more?
  3. Samsung Galaxy case : £4.29 Ebay HERE - Just bought this cutie for my new phone, love the bright colours.
  4. Backpack : £30 River Island HERE - You may have noticed I'm loving backpacks at the moment!
  5. Leather sleeve jacket : £60 LavishAlice HERE - I missed the boat on the Zara version but I would happily settle for this one, I want a denim one with leather sleeves too.
  6. Galaxy Swimsuit : £35 Topshop HERE - I hate to say it but so much cheaper than BlackMilk, it has to be done, sorry sharkies :/
  7. Unif Hellbounds : £175 Urban Outfitters HERE - Still need these in my life, pretty steep but I want to be taller than everybody else SO BAD.
  8. Midi Dress : £32 Topshop HERE - I love a good Midi, animal print is still high on my list of fucking awesomeness and this would look great with my camo jacket.
  9. Fire opal Ring : £8 Dixi HERE - I LOVE opals and this ring is beautiful, when I get paid...

nearly Christmas I guess...


  1. I love both of your outfits. Your style is awesome.
    And sometime things like making tops out of tights are just necessary, hahaha.

    I also can't believe you found a MOSCHINO belt at a charity store. You lucky lucky thing...

    Ava Tallulah

  2. That playsuit is soo cute! and i agree nearly christmasss! yay ! Unif hellbounds? we can wish cant we xx

  3. You look amazing in both outfits, love those heels x


  4. You seriously have the best style! I hate my upper arms too, forever searching for new ways to cover them up, kimonos are a god-send haha. Your crop top looks amazing, as if you made it from a pair of tights!

  5. Love the playsuit! I definitely need that studded Topshop bag in black, but I too am SKINT! Ugh! x


  6. Amazing style as per ;)
    Mayn, you're acing that 90's style !!!


  7. Love this, especially the first look, I adore your style!x


  8. Both of these outfits are so so gorgeous - but in the second one you're looking particularly stunning! Adorable phone case xxx

  9. omg thats a great way to use tights. gonna have to try that. Love the second outfit. You look great

    Lola x

  10. that play suit is incredible, I love it!xx


  11. LOVE the 90s R&B girlband look.

    the toecap heels YES I AGREE - MUST HAVE!

    J x

  12. Love both outfits and ahh I want UNIF Hellbounds so bad!!!
    Cool blog I followed X


  13. your style is amazing! can I have everything you are wearing?

  14. You are so adorable and those sunglasses look PERFECT on you! I want! I want!!


  15. Now following, by the way ;]


  16. love your outfits, the tropical playsuit is amazing. and i loooovee your hair!
    X jane


  17. Ahh i want everything in this post!! Loving your blog! Just started following you :)
    Have a look on mine if you interested http://mineminemaggie.blogspot.ie/

  18. I adore your playsuit its amazin!
    You've got a new follower:)


  19. Oh my god, your braids! <3
    They actually make me want to cry. I used to have them all the time when i was little and I've wanted them again so much recently but I think i would be too much of a change from my short hair now.
    Anyway, on a different note: I like your posts a lot so followed for sure :)

  20. ah my god you're so going on my fave blogs list ha. actually love everything you post! lookin way too hot in both outfits! the h&m heels are just yum. x

  21. I just discovered your blog and I'm so glad I did! I absolutely adore it! Your sense of style is the epitome of perfection, oh my. I didn't have to think twice about becoming your newest, most avid follower. I look forward to seeing your future posts- have a lovely day xxx


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