Thursday 6 December 2012

Tie Dye in Winter + CHRISTMAS LIST !!!

T shirt - Charity Shop £1.99
Denim Hoodie - Bootsale 
Leggings - Urban outfitters via ebay £4.60
Boots - Ebay £35
Clutch - C/O LaModa

Closer look at le clutch from LaModa
Lipstick - Topshop Inhibition
Cross ear cuff - C/O LaModa

Heeeyy!!!!! I've been swamped with deadlines for ages and now I'm pretty much free BACK TO BLOGGING AND C H R I S T M A S ! ! !! This is an outfit from the other night and I'm sure you can tell by the very nature of the outfit and the bath picture I was quite drunk when this one happened... I got these leggings from ebay and they are lush, high waisted and pretty thick, goodbye trousers :) Found this t shirt in the little boys section of Oxfam, I originally bought it with the intention of giving it to my boyfriend (he's half Jamaican) but it was practically a crop top on him so I kept it for myself. The bag and ear cuff I got send from La Moda last week and I LOVE them, I'm not really a clutch kind of girl (they tend to get left behind when things get messy...) but I managed to hold on to this all night thank god!
I'm so jazzed about Christmas coming up you have no idea. I can't wait to see my family and tbh this term has been so shitty, I've let anxiety/ depression get on top of me quite a bit but I'm slowly trying to dig myself out of it. It's really hard when all I want to do is be like FUCK THIS and give up year though got to get it together! S/O to all my Geography students! So to cheer myself up I compiled a Christmas list (family take note)...

1 - Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX200V - HERE - So I can take some decent pictures for once :)

2 -  Kenzo Tiger sweatshirt - HERE - Who the hell doesn't want one of these for Christmas? Get out.

3 -  Lazy Oaf Real Happy Jumper - HERE - Take note family, I NEED THIS JUMPER !!!!!

4 -  Nike Air Max 1 Liberty Lotus print - HERE These are amaaaazing, already sold out in my size though :(

5 - Dr Martens Agyness Deyn - HERE - The most beautiful boots in the world!!!! Please Father Christmas :D

6 - Topshop flame leopard harness bralet - HERE - I know this probably won't fit my boobs.. but I'll feel like I'm Rihanna in it I'm pretty sure :)

7 - BoomTown Fair 2013 ticket - BoomTown is the highlight of my year!! I need to get back and have a summer of psychedelic hippy fun :)

8 - Topshop Phelvin Boots - HERE - PLEAAAAASE!!! I have never owned Chelsea boots want to give it a go :)

9 - Office Dungeon Boots - HERE - I'm going to be the new Spice Girl, what of it?

I hate these open questions but what do you guys want for Christmas? 

Niiiiight XXX