Monday 23 June 2014

#OOTD - Primark white duster + Vintage shirt

nike air max blogger
primark white coat
round sunglasses
Jacket - Primark , Shirt - Vintage , Skirt - Primark , Sunglasses - Pressie , Bag - C/O Paul's Boutique

Hello my lovelies! Hope you had a marvelous weekend, thank god I managed to get through it with minimal sunburn (yep I always manage it) and not a hangover in sight.

I wore this last week to the Schuh house party I went to with Jen & Beth. It was AMAZING! The best possible end to a 3 day juice cleanse - vodka, bubbly and Macaroni cheese galore. Surprisingly, I didn't spill anything on my new white jacket. I saw this coat at the Primark SS14 press day and I have been on the lookout ever since, by that I mean I asked jen every day if she'd seen it in store yet. Also, I'm really happy I wore this shirt, I bought it a couple of years ago in a charity shop and haven't really worn it much and I think it looks quite nice :D YAAAAY!

 Going to keep this short and sweet, I'm bloody tired and it's about a million degrees in here, hot laptop on my legs is not great right now. I'm pretty sure I'll read this back in the morning and it's going to read a bit like a passage from Angus Thongs but hey ho.

I'll be back soon :) 

Photo's by Bethany Grace

Sunday 8 June 2014

#OOTD - Forever 21 Tie Dye Dress

Dress - Forever 21, Sandals - ASOS, Sunglasses - ASOS, Earrings - Ebay, Bag - Primark, Watch - C/O Anne Klein

How sunny and lovely has it been this weekend?? Despite my raging hangover me and Rob took a few steps out of our front door to go laze around on Streatham common, armed with tinnies & books. I wore my new favourite dress (which was only £14.99!!!!) and not much else he he! And big thanks to my friend Rachelle for hooking me up with the most amaaaaazing Anne Klein watch - I LAVS IT!

Thanks so much for the lovely comments on my last post and being so understanding even though I was having a bit of a rant :D . Really made me want to keep blogging, knowing people don't think my blog is shit makes me all warm and funny inside :) Also, I'm thinking I might do a Youtube haul video later because I want to share all the beautiful things I've bought lately with you - let me know if that's a shit boring idea? Anyway, going to keep this one short and sweet as I'm heading into central to go check out the Gumball 3000 supercars WOOOO!

Sunday 1 June 2014

HANGOVER DAY: Cats Bros & Nike Benassi

tupac t shirtDSC02755DSC02751 sliders blogger
T-Shirt - C/O Cats Bros-HERE , Jumpsuit - Primark , Nike Benassi slides - via Schuh HERE , Bag - Primark , Sunny G's - Pressie from Jen electro Ringss - ASOS , New Look , Topshop , Lucky Little Blighters - similar HERE

This is going to be a quick one as  today I  have a hangover and to combat that I'm about to go spend the rest of the afternoon in a beer garden getting over it :) Recently, the uber talented legends at Cats Bros contacted me and asked me if I wanted one of their hand embroidered T shirts and of course I said hell yeah! A friend of mine Stacey, who works for them bought the label to my attention, and I love their vibe. Superstars such as Eazy E, Tupac and the Beastie boys have been lovingly illustrated and hand embroidered on the coolest T shirts in the world! And I've got to mention the sliders, at £16 you cannot get a pair of comfier shoes. I definitely prefer this type of shoe with a laid back look on me, I am a NO CHIC ZONE! 

Anyway, I'm not sure if anyone still reads this or really cares about my lack of commitment to this blog lately, who knows but I think I might keep going with it. I keep fannying around, wondering if I should continue with this blogging malarky. Things have changed with my life, and with blogging. And god knows how I've ranted about the blogging world in the past. It's slightly frustrating that those who get the most recognition are the ones who you would never see wearing that shit outside, really?? On the other hand I know I can't really complain because if that's what people like and want to see I can't argue with that. But, the main reason I  think this all boils down to the fact my boyfriend grumbles EVERY TIME I ask him to take pictures of me. Yeah Rob it's all your fault :)
Happy Sunday XXX

Photos by Rob Greaves

Sunday 4 May 2014

#OOTD - May the 4th be with you

DSC02683 DSC02698 DSC02694 DSC02692 DSC02713 DSC02726 DSC02736 DSC02706
Dress - ASOS , Belt - Vintage via ebay , Bag - C/O Paul's Boutique , Sunglasses - Jeepers Peepers via ASOS , Shoes - Topshop , Statement ring - one off piece C/O Lucky Little Blighters

Hello hello! Long time no see? I'm back with some summery goodness, a grown up job and a new hairstyle! I know I'm not the most regular of bloggers but something about Sunshine makes me want to wear pretty things and make my boyfriend take pictures of me in the middle of the road - so hopefully there'll be more to come.


  • You are now looking at the newest lingerie and accessories Allocator at Boux Avenue WOOO!!! BALLIN'
  • I've moved in with my lovely boyfriend of six years Rob and it's domestic bliss up in here
  • I went a bit blonde, when I inevitably get bored of it I don't know if I'm going to dye it violet or pink HELP?
  • I've embarked on a health & fitness journey (that sounds so wanky sorry) and have already lost 11lb - trust me I know I'm not looking like a skinny minnie now but progress is progress.
  • I have a new found LOVE of brown lipstick, so questionable but so good!

At the slightest hint of sunshine I like loads of you I'm sure decide to wear less clothes as if it's 30 degrees out . I was very lucky this week, as I was perusing ASOS for a new bag, I was contacted by the lovely Lizzie from Pauls Boutique who let me pick out a bag. Green is forevs my fave colour and I can't really let myself have a big bag otherwise it becomes a sack of shit in no time, so I chose the Suki in Pistachio HERE, and it's perfect!
 I am also doubly, triply lucky to have had the lovely Maura, designer of the fantastical Lucky Little Blighters jewellery create this one off custom ring for me (see massive gold thing of beauty attached to my middle finger above). My first bit of proper grown up valuable jewellery and I'm loving it, go and check out more of Maura's beautiful designs HERE.

Glad to be back! 


Wednesday 22 January 2014

#LUST - What I'm after.

1. TOPSHOP - HERE / The Fang sandals, double stacked Birkenstock lookalikes

2. TOPSHOP - HERE / I tried this shapewear dress on the other night, looks amazeballs as a dress itself.

3 + 4. ASOS FEAR SANDALS - HERE & HERE / Reminiscent of the Vagabond Dioon sandals, I predict a sell out.

5. TOPSHOP - HERE / Mesh bralet = Nips errywhere!

6. NEW LOOK - HERE / So Dionne from Clueless :)

7. ASOS - HERE / It's not too early for Sunny G's!

8. NARS - HERE / Bronzer stick in Cap Vert.

9. ASOS - HERE / 0_0

Tuesday 21 January 2014

#OOTD White on white - long coat and mom jeans

long brown coat blogger
white mom jeans

green hair blogger
topshop mom jeans white
Top - Miss Selfridge , Jeans - vintage , coat - Queen Of Rags charity shop , Shoes - C/O Front Row Shop

White clothing shows E V E R Y T H I N G. At the moment it's difficult to figure out which part of my body I hate most - my tummy, my chin(S) or my boobs. At least I can change two of those things, boobs not so much. Since moving back home I've been trying to get on the health kick that everyone else on the planet seems to be on, I've been running, gyming and eating a lot less shit. I can't really see a difference yet, although this could be down to eating copious amounts of things that are supposedly good for me, elephants eat plants and they are still huge sooooo.....

Frankie x

P.s  given the fact that at the time these pictures were taken I had a raging hangover- sunglasses on a cloudy day in London were totally acceptable LOLZ

Saturday 18 January 2014


blue pvc skirt
missguided pvs skirt
steella mccartney dupe platforms
black girl green hair

Denim Jacket - Vintage , Top - My sisters from Miss Selfridge HERE , Skirt - Missguided HERE , Shoes - C/O FrontRowShop HERE , Earrings - Peckham 

I'm coming to you straight outta bed with a nasty hangover wearing my Kigu feeling sorry for myself. I wore this delightful little number out last night to celebrate the birthday of one of my nearest and dearest, Aphra. Myself and a group of similarly wild ladies descended on Dalston Superstore last night to  go to a night called 'Twat Boutique' and it was SO GOOD! I woke up this morning wondering why my legs were so sore, vaguely remembering a copious amount of slut-dropping going down last night (the Dakin sisters got crazy) and recalling fondly how no creepy guys were hitting on me but for a change it was nice girls ( not that I even noticed at the time). Anyway, I definitely recommend a visit to Dalston Superstore, the music was so on point - 90's house classics, Prince, Destiny's child, gay or straight you'll have a good time. 

P.S What do you think of my new hair? I'm debating whether to dye in darker already not sure :S

Frankie x

Thursday 16 January 2014





Stella McCartney platform dupe ~ C/O FrontRowShop

Why is it so much easier to write a blog post than a cover letter? I'm taking a little break from the myriad of job applications I'm doing today to share with you my newest acquisition, YES MORE SHOES! The lovely ladies at FrontRowShop asked me to choose an item to style and after seeing these on Pretty Sickly on Instagram I knew I wanted these. I've been..shall we say keen (obsessed) with getting my hands on a pair of shoes that resemble the Stella McCartney 'Kristy' pumps for a very long time, and finally these perfect little beauties are mine   I   A M   I N  L O V E ! 


Wednesday 15 January 2014



I am delighted to tell you that the dream team that is ASOS + Puma have collaborated again to create another collection. This has to be my favorite offering from the online shopping and sportswear brands so far, combining my love for the 90s, prints, metallics and general comfort chic. Even though I don't have two pounds to rub together I am lusting over it all.. ugh! My pick of the collection has to be the split front maxi tee dress NEED NEED NEED! Head over to ASOS now to snap it up HERE now.

Tuesday 14 January 2014


1. Schuh - Caterpillar Cat Colorado HERE
2. River Island - Light Pink Cleated Platforms HERE
3. ASOS - Alfonso ankle boots HERE
4. Windsor Smith - Crank platform sandals HERE
5. Nastygal - Jeffrey Campbell Chinook HERE
6. ASOS - Dialog slip ons HERE

Even though that shitty January feeling of Christmas being over and my bank account being empty I am still fantasizing about shoes far too much. I've been obsessing over the pink and white River Island platforms for about 3 weeks now, battling with my mind whether the are worth overdraft charges. Thanks god my common sense won out.