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Tuesday 20 August 2013



I'm stuffing blueberries into my mouth like Augustus Gloop eating Willy Wonkas stuff - no joke. got like ten in my hand and stuffing them into my face TMI! I'm moving out of my uni flat back to my dads house in a couple of weeks and needless to say I need to cull my wardrobe... SO I've spent ages putting bits and bobs on ebay and I thought you guys might fancy a look.

Username : frankie2291

Make sure you check back over the next few days because I've only gone through the stuff that was hanging up and half of my shoes, still got plenty of drawers to go though.

Happy Bidding :)

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Wednesday 5 September 2012

Just a Quickie OOTD : New JC Tardy + Ebay

Crop Top : Topshop 
Jeans : Vintage Versace via charity shop
Belt : Moschino via charity shop
Boots : Jeffrey Campbell Tardy via Office
Lippy : Sleek Vamp

Hey there guys :) This is gonna be a quick one seeing as I am absolutely GAGGING to start a new series of Breaking Bad, apologies to anyone who follows my Instagram who has already seen this outfit. lets face it most of you probably don't which can only be a good thing.. I get strange when I'm drunk HA!

Aaaanyway, this is quite a casual outfit I wore out the other day for daytime drinking in Spoons. Not the most imaginative but consider I was probably about 6' 5" in those heels I must have looked pretty interesting to the drunks sat in the courtyard of Spoons the other day. I have rediscovered my Moschino belt and wear it quite a lot now. I still can't get over the fact it only cost a pound!! Here's a photo of my new babies close up...

Not my disgusting house , my boyfriends :)

Now I have wanted these for over a year now, ever since I saw Jessica of VintageVirgin rocking a DIY studded  pair. When I saw them for half price at Office shoes, the countdown to Payday began. I actually cried at my boyfriend when they sold out in my size online (I think I may have been PMSing). Dude. REALLY. Then, the very day I got paid I went downstairs to Office at work and they had them!! Already I have fallen on my arse down stairs on the tube but fuck it I'M NEVER TAKING THESE OFF! 

In other shoe news I held the majestic UNIF Hellbound in Leopard print today, I think I will be buying these on loan day muhahahhhaa!

I wanted to make one of those pictures of stuff I want then tell you where it's from but I actually don't want anything froma any actual shops at the moment, ebay is my go to as well as charity shops. Not really jazzed by things I'm seeing in shops at the moment. Sooooo.... I thought I'd share a few things I just bought off ebay  with you instead , looks  a bit crap but I can't wait for everything to get here :

-Tartan skirt, an absolute must have for my winter wardrobe . I have been fantasising about one for a while and this one is perfect!

-Gonna DIY stiletto nails (claw like Rihanna nails) this week, my nails are UGLY

-Levi 550's - I'm not that in to 501's - don't like button crotches and the rise is a little too low for me, but the 550 has a zip thank god and a good rise, I LOVE the look of these rolled up, great for winter when my tiny shorts will be reserved for drunken escapades.

-Glittery socks are awesome! Not gonna pay £8 at UO for those, so got them in all the colours off ebay for about £1.50 each.

- Spikey bracelet to go round my ponytail/bun

- Denim hat is AWESOME !


Wednesday 29 August 2012

Everything in velvet : More bargains + a few bits on Ebay

-SO SO SO SORRY for shit quality photos, that's what I get for being too cheap to spend a fiver on a camera case - stupid broken camera-


 Crop top : Primark + DIY 
Velvet waistcoat : carboot : £1
Velvet side slit maxi skirt : carboot £1
Belt : Primark
Boots : Topshop
Watch : Ebay £5 HERE

Hey guys !!  So here's a few more things I got from the bootsale over the weekend, velvet embroidered waistcoat and this purple velvet maxi skirt BOTH FOR £2!!! *Please ignore that I'm doing my best Angelina Jolie leg impression here, got to be done look at that slit!! * I am in LOVE with velvet at the moment, I'm finally embracing winter and coming to terms with thee darker colours and warmer stuff...kind of. 
Aaaaaaaaand look what else I found at the boot sale ...

 For £1 no less!!! Bearing in mind I ran out of my Mac prep and Prime about 3 months ago this was a Godsend, nearly full and it costs £27 in Boots. It's so good as well, I've got combination super oily t zone blah blah whatever and it keeps that shine at bay for most of the day.

Last but by all means least, I've put a few things on ebay today...

HEAPS more clothes coming tomorrow so keep an eye out :)

Also,iIs anyone doing anything for Vogue's Fashion Night Out in London next week? Any suggestions? I'm wondering whether to work at Miss S that night or wonder about London doing fun fashiony things

Saturday 16 June 2012

SELLING ON EBAY , Electric Elephant , Motel aztec cycling shorts and my lust list - all of which I can't afford :(

Hey dudes!! I just wanted to thank you and tell you I'm so chuffed at all the great feedback I've been getting from you guys, some of my favourite bloggers follow this blog as well which is amazing ! (such a fangirl haha). I'm so surprised really because this is a hugely amateur operation I'm running over here haha! I've been having an absolute mare lately, last week I found out I won two tickets to Electric Elephant festival in Croatia through ASOS LUCKY ME!!!! Although my prize doesn't include flights or accommodation that happen to be hugely expensive which annoyed me a little. So I've been sorting that out, I have NO MONEY which has been making it very difficult but back to that in a bit...

I'm making a little bit of a habit of outfits worn to go to supermarkets... this is what I wore to Lidl :

Striped Jumper : Primark (old) , Shorts : Vintage DIY 501 Levi's , Cycle Shorts : Motel , Trainers : Converse , Bag : Primark

I bought these aztecy bright cycle shorts from Motel with a 25% off code against my better judgement. As I've said previously I'm never that impressed by the quality of Motel products, but these shorts are pretty cool and make me feel letchy East London men are less likely to shout at me in the street (they worked A++). I feel well 90's layering them under shorts! I think they'd also look great layered under a short t shirt dress or something, I'm determined to get my moneys worth haha!

I've also put a bunch of stuff on ebay, but only the things I can bear to part with. I still have a few things to go on so keep checking back my ebay seller ID is :

Here's a couple of things I am selling at the moment :

To buy click here !!!

Just in case you guys didn't know there's a huge Office sale on now and Urban Outfitters too :) 

I can't help but dream what I would buy if I had some money , here's an idea though :

  1. Bralet Topshop £25 : Love the print, would never fit my boobs though BOO! :(
  2. Perspex front heels New Look £27.99 : LOVE see through shoes atm
  3. Studded Clutch Zara £69.99 : Sex in clutch form
  4. Dip dye dress Topshop £75 : I wish I wore a dress this nice to my prom
  5. De La Soul T shirt Truffle Shuffle £19.99 : This is such a great album, love De La Soul!
  6. Halo Sandals ASOS £50 : Yet another pair of see through shoes woops :)
  7. Gold chain bracelets ASOS £8 : Can't have enough gold chain bracelets!!!
  8. Mickey Mouse Dungarees Rokit £25 : NEED these so hard!!! PLEASE!!
  9. Silver sheer dress Miss Selfridge £45 : Love the ethereal look of these would look great with Dr Martens to toughen it up a bit.
  10. Floral midi dress Miss selfridge £28 : I love a cute midi dress and this is no exception
  11. Nike Air Max 1 Fastlove in red £89.99 : I missed the Nike Liberty print Air max 1 , but these are just as good!!

I'm just about to cook a lovely Tandoori chicken curry so I'll leave it at that. Have a lovely evening!


Tuesday 29 May 2012

My midi obsession: Jessie J's dress, Aztec Primark and LOTS OF SHOES!

And more to the point I'm pretty sure I smashed the last one!!!! I celebrated by drinking a lot of cider ( I'm from the West Country that's what we do ) and sampling the delights at the London Fields outdoor swimming pool, the weather in London has been beautiful the past few days. Yesterday I received this amazing midi dress in the post from ASOS. I fell in love with this dress after seeing it one Jessie J on the voice, I managed to snap one up before they sold out quickly and I wore it out shopping today, I felt so fancy wearing it round Westfield Stratford :
bodycon midi dress
Dress: ASOS , Necklace: Peacocks , Boots: Topshop

I'm not sure exactly what RedBull does to me but it makes me WEIRD. About a week and a half ago I went to Primark and tried on this midi dress (below) and completely fell in love. However, being the cheapskate I am I didn't want to spend £13 on something from Primark when I probably couldn't get that much for it on eBay. Since the day I tried it on I have been no less than OBSESSING over this dress, to the point where I have been trawling eBay for it. Luckily, I managed to find one in Primark Westfield today.  
Bodycon aztec midi dress
As you can probably see I have a small obsession with midi dresses at the moment, which is ideal because walking down the road in East London wearing anything short results in numerous disgusting men shouting out of their shitty, stupidly loud cars. I really don't understand them at all, has any of them EVER pulled anyone apart from a crack-whore from shouting 'hey.. hey you girl' out of their car window? I'm guessing NEVER. The irony of the situation is that if you tell them to fuck off they start getting janky about your looks. I will never understand men. Rant over. 
I love this bralet I managed to find is the chaos of Primark, the aztec-y print and pastels are really cool for the summer. Although, be warned if you don't have tiny boobs, the cups are really small, I even got a size up and it's still a bit on the small side.

I LOVE these sunglasses, a bargain at just £2 and I feel like I'm channelling Beyonce in her Linda Farrows seen earlier this year.

I am still obsessed with tie dye, I really can't get enough of it and it's everywhere at the moment in the best possible way. This bodysuit is going to be my latest tie dye project, I'm going to try and make a multicoloured spiral effect. It's so fun and satisfying to tie dye your own clothes, so easy and simple to get a professional looking piece and it's SO CHEAP. I promise to post a tutorial in the next few days :)

I'm really looking forward to a summer filled with blogging, and hopefully a summer full of new shoes if I can get a job. Here's a few rad pairs I want to get my hands on :

  1. Floral flatforms -  £35 River Island
  2. Black flatforms - £19.99 eBay
  3. T-Bar studded Jeffrey Campbell Foxy lookalikes - £44.99 Missguided
  4. Chunky platforms - £40.99 Missguided 
  5. Viper flatforms - £50 ASOS
  6. Block heel platforms - £22.99 eBay 

Oooooh I can't wait for Radio 1's Hackney weekend coming up at the end of June, is anyone else going? 

love Frankie

Thursday 3 May 2012

SUMMERTIME : Festival inspiration, getting my belly out, and tiger striped nails

Crop Top : Forever 21 ,  Shorts : DIY Vintage Wrangler , Belt : ASOS , Creepers : Underground

I never really know what face to do in pictures, so here I am trying something new, beautiful yah? All I can think about is could I fit a aubergine in my mouth.. looks like I could. The crop top I wore in this outfit is officially the first item I have ever purchased from Forever 21, exciting I know. Now, I never usually go in there, it's too big and the visual merchandising is ATROCIOUS but the other day with an extra 15 minutes to kill I popped into the Oxford Street store and found this beauty. I LOVE the print, it reminds me of my grandmas old sofas when I was little with a 'club Tropicana' edge. The gathered back is a lovely touch too (hello back fat).

I'm guessing most of my fellow students are now in the run up to exams and revising like a bitch, I know I am.... or not ... I've been doing things like this:
tiger print nails

Using my new Models Own nail polish in Flouro' Orange, a Sharpie for the stripes and Rimmel matte finish. 
Buying these:

I have a renewed obsession with the Unif Hellbound boots and the only way I can begin to appease the shoe hungry monster is to buy rainbow laces. I'm planning on finding some platform black boots or maybe wedges to put these in, but for now, they are going in the Dr Martens.

The student loan is quite literally burning a hole in my bank account, I love shopping for clothes but I've got to the point where there is quite literally no point, I wear less clothes in summer anyway and there's FESTIVAL TICKETS TO BE BOUGHT WOOOOOOOOOOOO! These are the festivals I'm going to :

I can't wait to go back to Berlin for Melt! I had a fucking epic messy time there in January with my friends and I think this will be even better. 
Now I'm not the average blogger who prattles on about festival fashion and that kind of thing, rather than parading around like I'm at Coachella in 4 inch heels as if it's a fashion show I prefer a more relaxed, albeit crazy take on things. Within about an hour of reaching the festival and putting up my tent (like a pro I might add) I will probably look like I've been dragged through a hedge by a tramp and probably as drunk as one soo looking nice is out of the picture... Therefore, I don't plan outfits per-say apart from FANCY DRESS :D !!! Now anyone who knows me knows I love to dress up so I have put together a few key bits/pictures of me and my friends from last boom town to get the creative juices flowing  :

C3PO costume is well on it's way to completion - Gold unitard : ASOS , Mask : eBay ,  
Body paint : Amazon , 10 hole Dr Martens : here , Zombie nurse costume : eBay
Photos courtesy of Anne Marie Kemplay :)

A word of advice, when you go to a nipple tassle workshop and wear them away don't  expect them to stay on! you have been warned !!

The summer is nearly upon us.

Saturday 31 March 2012

DIY Tie Dye shorts, crop top and everything else I've recently aquired

Had a pretty hectic couple of weeks had a dyslexia screening (I am seriously challenged in the spelling/writing area), been ill, had MANY uni deadlines, but now I'm free for a bit YAY!! 

 So for the last couple of months I've been dying to get tie dying a bunch of stuff, my dad bought me a bunch of Dylon hand dyes but  hadn't got round to actually dying anything.
Soooo.... after a hungover wonder around Waitrose my house mate Ailbhe beseeched  me to get on with it yesterday and these are the results:

 The results were great! My  favourite is the crop top, I can't wait to wear it, styled with some black cut off Levis, denim  jacket, Dr Martens and my circular sunny G's.
It was so easy.

I used this tutorial but used multiple colours.
The colours I  used in Dylon hand dyes were:

Tropical green
Flamingo Pink 
Ocean Blue
Intense Violet

 All are available in my favourite art shop in Hoxton but are cheap with free postage here on eBay , they have 24 colours I WANT THEM ALL. I also just ought LOADS of studs from eBay, going to stud up my vtg denim jacket and the tie dyed shorts. But in the meantime I NEED TO TIE DYE EVERYTHING I OWN.

I said  I would put up a photo of my new rainbow jumper I got from a charity shop on Roman Road so here you go :

How cool is that !

I also got :

Aztec holey crop top from Topshop

'Smile' belt bought by my lovely boyfriend from ASOS

I apologise for the slight shittyness of this post, I am VERY hungover from a night at The Alibi last night 
These photos pretty much sum it up:

I have no idea who that man is, but he loved the shoes.
I also just remembered I had a dream I was playing football in the street with my friends, as you do, then when the ball went behind the bin and lo and behold I found a pair of ISABEL MARANT WEDGE TRAINERS!!!! Woke up feeling a little disappointed not gonna lie..

I'm going to go watch hunger games 
Have a lovely Saturday :)