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Wednesday 29 August 2012

Everything in velvet : More bargains + a few bits on Ebay

-SO SO SO SORRY for shit quality photos, that's what I get for being too cheap to spend a fiver on a camera case - stupid broken camera-


 Crop top : Primark + DIY 
Velvet waistcoat : carboot : £1
Velvet side slit maxi skirt : carboot £1
Belt : Primark
Boots : Topshop
Watch : Ebay £5 HERE

Hey guys !!  So here's a few more things I got from the bootsale over the weekend, velvet embroidered waistcoat and this purple velvet maxi skirt BOTH FOR £2!!! *Please ignore that I'm doing my best Angelina Jolie leg impression here, got to be done look at that slit!! * I am in LOVE with velvet at the moment, I'm finally embracing winter and coming to terms with thee darker colours and warmer stuff...kind of. 
Aaaaaaaaand look what else I found at the boot sale ...

 For £1 no less!!! Bearing in mind I ran out of my Mac prep and Prime about 3 months ago this was a Godsend, nearly full and it costs £27 in Boots. It's so good as well, I've got combination super oily t zone blah blah whatever and it keeps that shine at bay for most of the day.

Last but by all means least, I've put a few things on ebay today...

HEAPS more clothes coming tomorrow so keep an eye out :)

Also,iIs anyone doing anything for Vogue's Fashion Night Out in London next week? Any suggestions? I'm wondering whether to work at Miss S that night or wonder about London doing fun fashiony things

£2 Denim elephant jacket + tie dye crop top

Jacket : Car-Boot sale £2
Tie dye crop top : Topshop
Skirt : Miss Selfridge
Belt : Primark
Boots : Dr Martens

Lipstick : Mac Honey Love + Revlon Va Va Violet MIXXED
Bindi : Ebay
Earrings : Car-boot sale

 Heeeeeeeey lovelies! Thank you tons for all the lovely comments you've been sending my way lately, I'm so surprised at the response ye olde blog has been getting. And hey to any new followers, I hope I don't suddenly seem all shit after you see this post haha!! 

Just a quick one. I'm writing to you from within the pain and misery filled place of not knowing/being able to afford doing anything with my hair it's SO BORING at the moment! Apparently ombre just isn't satisfying, I want a pink afro for crying out loud! I can't face doing my own braids again this month, that's nine hours of my life I'll never be getting back. 
Even worse than boring hair is the fact I got my card declined today, when I was trying to spend £5.98 on some lovely fabric dyes for my 50p white jumper from the bootsale. Dicks at HSBC won't let me extend my student overdraft because I am always in it, I AM A STUDENT OF COURSE I LIVE IN THE VERY BOTTOM OF OVERDRAFT CRETINS! 

On a lighter note, I found my bindis and the car-boot sale on Sunday was pretty good. My first time ever I didn't really know what to expect but I managed to pick up a few absolute gems at bargain prices. One of those gems is my new denim hoodie/jacket with embroidered elephants on it. £2 !!!!

 I'll be doing another post tomorrow dedicated to my numerous other marvellous finds, as well as putting loads of my clothes/shoes on Ebay due to aforementioned dirt poorness :( 

in the meantime....

  1. Rottweiler Givenchy-esque t shirt : £11.99 Ebay HERE So cheap and Jay Z wore it , course I want it!
  2. Jeffrey Campbell Tardy in red wash : £60 Office HERE Half price, only a few left, I don't get paid till Friday though *sigh*
  3. Suede studded backpack : £55 ASOS HERE Need I say more? Back Pack obsessed of late
  4. Stripey Playsuit Motel : £48 Topshop HERE About time I got on the stripy bandwagon :)
  5. Appliqué bag : ZARA £79.99 HERE Beautiful, such a statement piece mmmmmm..
  6. Inflatable back pack : Ebay £1.50 HERE  YOU WANT THIS TOO, I KNOW IT!