Thursday 31 January 2013

I VLOGGED YO :) haul video : Charity Shops / Christmas / Sales / Urban Outfitters ...

Hey guys!!! I wanted to do a photo charity shop haul post the other day, but I thought I'd go one step further and make a haul video :) Luckily,  I managed to cut it down quite a bit so I don't look like a compulsive shopper... I hope you enjoy it, not sure if it's boring as fuck but hey ho <3

Sunday 27 January 2013


 photo DSC00528_zps62e450e1.jpg

 photo DSC00532_zps54ba2c3f.jpg

 photo DSC00545_zpsa59a9581.jpg

 photo DSC00560_zpsba075399.jpg
Beanie : c/o Educate & Elevate
Sweatshirt : Ebay £5
Ombre cycling shorts : Monki via Oxfam £1.99
Coat : Broadway Market
Gold ankle cuffs : Ebay
Bag : c/o La Moda 
Nike Air Max 90 : My sisters

Heeeeeeey guys :) Just a quick one, I'm sat in bed watching the graduate on telly and feeling sorry for myself. I went to a house party last night and have the hangover from hell. I definitely cannot handle my drink like I used to - I vaguely remember singing various songs by Beyonce to amused passers-by in the early hours of this morning.  So, today was spent trying not to throw up all over my hot dog and not looking my best. In fact, I'm sat in bed wearing the same sweatshirt from yesterday only it's covered in mud now...
Surprisingly, it was sunny in London on Saturday - so I thought I'd whip out my ombre cycling shorts for a day of charity shopping with my sister. I looooooove this neon beanie Suzan from Educate & Elevate sent out to me, their stuff is AMAZING, so 90s it's ridiculous and the brand has a good message behind it. Anyway, I managed to pick up a few bargain beauties and since I realised I haven't done a haul post in AGES so I'm going to be posting a collective charity shop/high street haul tomorrow :) 

Tuesday 22 January 2013

My Clique

 photo DSC00431_zps0b1a264e.jpg

 photo DSC00435_zps192eb56c.jpg

 photo DSC00453_zpsd86a1577.jpg
Jacket : Vintage Levi's £12
Jumper : Vintage Armani 
Leggings : Joe Browns
Platform Timberlands : TK Maxx £20

Heeeeey :) Just went to write a new post and saw...
Actually 399 if you count me following myself.Thanks if you're reading or taking a look. Blogging (although I don't do it nearly enough) is one of the few things that makes me genuinely happy and I'm so grateful people don't think my blog is shit :D I did buy some bits for a giveaway now I just have to find them in my floordrobe.
 This post is a little different to my usual don't you think? My friend Gabby who I live with was wearing this frankly awesome outfit the other day and I had to document it on this blog. Luckily, she let me take a few pictures of her for which we ventured on to the scaffolding on our flat, I know right! We are dangerous bitches! I hope you like her outfit and the photography skills *cough cough* haha! I am sick of posting pictures of myself at the moment I think I'll be doing something different in between if that's okay? Anyhow,  weather has been atrocious at the moment, so I've been cooped in (by cooped in I mean at Westfield) shopping and fackin hell man got some nice bits and bobs to show you :) I'm still in the process if editing my youtube video...tbf that shit is LOOOOOOOONG.  So bear with me if you can. Now I haven't made a whishlist for ages so it's about bloody time :

  1. Proper 90's boots H&M £29.99 HERE - I want to stomp everywhere in these and with 25% off online H&M with this code 0241 I did it.
  2. Paisley Bomber Topshop £60 HERE - It's shiny. Enough said.
  3. Iridescent clutch Bershka £19.99 HERE - If you say you don't like iridescent stuff you're lying :) 
  4. New York Mesh jersey Internationale £9.99 HERE - So Rihanna, love it!
  5. Cut out high waisted bikini Topshop £32 HERE - There's a possibility of Thailand soon so tried this on it looks sick!!
  6. The Ivania Carpio Chocker £7.95 HERE - I am an avid reader of Ivania's blog but I am envious of all her D.I.Y jewellery and this piece inspired by her creations is AMAZING.
  7. ASOS Hometown sandals £40 HERE - I first saw these on Sheree's blog and fell in love, the chunky heel and the super thin foot strap is what got me, oh and they are shiny.
  8. Elbow length cheetah crop Topshop £14 HERE - The length of the sleeves is so TLC it's ridiculous, getting this right now!
  9. Coated Dungaree dress Miss Selfridge £42 HERE - I will definitely be getting this on uniform, it's bloody gorgeous, would look amazing with my cheetah crop top wheeyyy!!! 
I'll leave it at that before I have to file for bankruptcy 

Love :D

Thursday 17 January 2013

OOTD | Cold.




Tshirt - Nike via charity shop £2 
Silk Jacket : Charity Shop £5
Skirt : Urban Outfitters  : Sale £18 w/discount
Shoes : Office from my Mamgu (Welsh for Granny)
Necklace : Peacocks
Bag : c/o La Moda

Ohhh hey man :D I'm sat in bed in my Kigu yet again after a horrendously badass day off shopping with my friend Jackie in Oxford Circus. The original aim was to go and fill out a holiday form at work because birthday is coming up soon.. CAKE CAKE CAKE CAKE! Needless to say I disposed of a lot of dolla this day. Anyway ,  Susan from La Moda sent me this sweet backpack to take part in their blogger #backpackchallenge and I bloody love it! It's not a crappy small one like all the others I own at the moment, I can fit all my stuff in it, get your own HERE. I've been attempting to steer away from my gothic Spice Girl tendancy of late and the ridiculously cute element of this backpack stopped me wearing all black yet again. I LOVE my dungeon boots, for some reason I like lording over everyone else when I'm out and about. You'd think in central London they'd have seen someone in flatforms before, other old people clearly aren't as cool as my Mam. 
Im still working on my YouTube video but there will be one up soon :)

Sunday 6 January 2013

HELLO 2013 Mana mean Bidness



Jacket : Vintage 
T shirt : C/O Educate Elevate
Skirt : Urban Outfitters sale £20
Boots : Agyness Deyn X Dr Martens sale £105


Kimono (can't really see it) : Matalan (Christmas Present)
Vest : Boy London 
Jeans : American Apparel Easy Jeans
Boots : Agyness Deyn X Dr Martens sale £105


Midnight Cat and Granny ( + Prosecco haha)

 Better late than never :) Hey guys so I'm back with a new camera I don't know how to work (hence dodge pictures) and a bunch of new clothes and stuff YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! I hope you all had amazing Christmases (if that's a word) and New Yearssss. Mine was so good, I loved every minute spent with my lovely family and friends, all the food booze and presents. New years was spectacular, as usual Cooney had a house party which was very messy...I didn't help tidy sorry Chris. New years day Shapes at Motion was full of lovely Bristol madness -  personal highlight being Emilie dressed as a breaded cat, oh and finding the can of Strongbow I saved behind a railing on the way home. 
So I'm back to blogging again and I can't wait to see what happens, going to start doing videos too if anyone fancies seeing how much of an utter weirdo I am :) I've even bought a tripod so I can stop bothering Emma and Gab to take photos of me. Aaaanyway, quickly, the first outfit is what I wore today around Brick lane Market shopping with my sister. Second one is for dinner with the famalam and friends, I bought the Aggy strap boots for myself for Christmas (how sad is that??), they haven't left my feet. And the last picture, I just wanted to show you guys my Midnight Cat Kigu my dad got me for Christmas, HOW BLOODY AMAZING IS IT? Safe to say I've worn it everyday since, made the postman chuckle, it even got Granny's seal of approval. 

Have a lovely Sunday ^_^