Tuesday 30 July 2013

Stuff I want to buy No. 1


Wassup y'all! I'm going to be sharing a weekly stuff I want to buy, even though most of it is cheap  i still can't afford any of it #shitallmoneys . HOPE YA LIKE IT :D

1. Ebay - £23.95 - HERE
2. Topshop - £20 - HERE
3. Nastygal - £100.83 - HERE
4. Nelly - £64.95 - HERE
5. Rokit Vintage - £35 - HERE
6. New Look - £49.99 - HERE
7. Topshop - £78 - HERE
8. Monki - £6 - HERE
9 and 10. River island - both £55 - HERE + HERE
11. Topshop - £4.50 - HERE
12. Monki - £45 - HERE
13. Asos - £5 - HERE

Friday 26 July 2013







Kimono - H&M
Playsuit - Vintage
Shoes - H&M
Body Chain - DIY
Sunglasses - ASOS

I just love to avoid things.....work, social media (especially Facebook and Twitter at the moment :S), moving, doing anything apart from eating and reading fantasy books...... I got back from holiday a couple of weeks ago now and I've only just managed to be arsed to do a blog post #lame .I was supposed to do shitloads of holiday posts too, but that went out the window with no makeup, spending all my time in a bikini and being drunk 90% of the time ha! My lovely mummy took these photos for me on the second day I spent in Turkey and I like them so I thought I'd do a time machine blog post from the past :D So depressing looking at these photos now actually, MY OUTFIT DOESN'T EVEN GO TOGETHER + I've put on half a stone and even though it's hot in London, it's no Kalkan :(

I know it's only a little post but I'm glad to be back into the swing of things, I'm going to be doing some fun stuff that I'll be documenting on here soon as well :D I always say that - hopefully it's true this time, I always find I'm too busy enjoying things to be taking photos and writing about it on here  NEED TO DO BETTER! ALSO ... thanks for all the lovely comments you posted on my last blog post -  made me all happy and want to go wah wah we wah to myself a la  Borat :D

Smell you later