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Friday 12 June 2015



*R Kelly voice* Now usually I don't do this but uh... Not everyday outfit posts, I've decided to incorporate a little beauty into my blog. So I am really into makeup - I wouldn't dream of visiting Tescos without my eyebrows coloured in, yes I'm one of those sad sad people. I'm the kind of person who could happily spend an HOUR contouring my face, my boyfriend doesn't get it at all he says 'why do you want to make your face more 3D??'. Anyway, I thought I'd share a few of my faves with you so here goes.

Clockwise from Left

The perfect 90s deep brown lip resides in this little tube.

Thank you Debenhams for bringing Make Up Forever into my life, this foundation keeps me more shine free than any other I have ever tried. I've got the oiliest T zone you can imagine and somehow a combination of this and Macs blot powder keeps me matte all day! I definitely recommend using a primer with this product though as it can be quite drying.

  This is the holy grail. Everyone raves about it for good reason and lets be real by the time you've spent £8.50 or whatever on the Sleek eyebrow palette you may as well have spent £15 on this. The tiniest bit goes a long way, applied with a Mac 208 brow brush expect fleekiness. I would never got anywhere sans eyebrows apart from the gym, and now I don't even have to take them off for a workout. This shit stays on! 

I love a good bronzer, I can't be bothered to contour everyday, sometimes my totally flat face needs a little somethin' somethin'. This is not too shiny which I like, looks so natural on, not powdery at all and very buildable. Also, a massive bonus is that this is waterproof!

Thank you Benefit for consistently making the best mascaras - this one is even better than 'They're Real' in my opinion.

I am not that experienced with good primers, only godawful ones like that Lancome slippy monstrosity. However, I this body shop primer. At £12 I think it's pretty good for a primer and the tube is big. I bought this before Christmas and I'm only about halfway though! This makes my foundation look so smooth I'd rather not put anything on my face without this.

Apparently this is a dupe for NARS Orgasm, personally I would never spend £23 on a blush but I'm quite happy to spend £4.49. This is gorgeous, so summery and shiny but also somehow a very subtle colour on my skin tone. LOVE IT!


Wednesday 29 August 2012

Everything in velvet : More bargains + a few bits on Ebay

-SO SO SO SORRY for shit quality photos, that's what I get for being too cheap to spend a fiver on a camera case - stupid broken camera-


 Crop top : Primark + DIY 
Velvet waistcoat : carboot : £1
Velvet side slit maxi skirt : carboot £1
Belt : Primark
Boots : Topshop
Watch : Ebay £5 HERE

Hey guys !!  So here's a few more things I got from the bootsale over the weekend, velvet embroidered waistcoat and this purple velvet maxi skirt BOTH FOR £2!!! *Please ignore that I'm doing my best Angelina Jolie leg impression here, got to be done look at that slit!! * I am in LOVE with velvet at the moment, I'm finally embracing winter and coming to terms with thee darker colours and warmer stuff...kind of. 
Aaaaaaaaand look what else I found at the boot sale ...

 For £1 no less!!! Bearing in mind I ran out of my Mac prep and Prime about 3 months ago this was a Godsend, nearly full and it costs £27 in Boots. It's so good as well, I've got combination super oily t zone blah blah whatever and it keeps that shine at bay for most of the day.

Last but by all means least, I've put a few things on ebay today...

HEAPS more clothes coming tomorrow so keep an eye out :)

Also,iIs anyone doing anything for Vogue's Fashion Night Out in London next week? Any suggestions? I'm wondering whether to work at Miss S that night or wonder about London doing fun fashiony things