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Tuesday 13 November 2012

Crop That Knit

Jumper : Urban Outfitters Sparkle and Fade 
Jeans : Brick Lane Market £5
Boots : Dr Martens 10 hole
Belt : Primark
Necklace : Peacocks

Just a quickie because it's nearly midnight and not gonna lie I probably  should have my essay done by now, procrastinating at it's finest! I was inspired by the Cheap Monday cropped jumper in last nights post and decided I'd make my own version by tucking my jumper in to my bra all day, which worked pretty well wouldn't you agree? I took a leaf out of Remi's (Check out her blog here her style is amazing!) book and decided to take a craft knife to these jeans, LOVE the result! I had quite a nice day apart from working this afternoon (who likes work bleeuurghhh), got a new DIY project to show you and it is EASY AS PISS! Great one if you're a skint lady like me :)

Gonna get up close and personal with my essay now -_-

Saturday 25 August 2012

Macaulay Culkin, Easy Jeans, hangover and a bunch of stuff from Primark

easy jean
 T shirt : Primark
Jeans : American Apparel
Creepers : Underground
Hat : Ebay
Watch : Ebay

Lipstick : Sleek in Vamp

Hey guys! I'm so hungover I can practically hear my liver crying :(( If you already follow my Instagram (or if not my username is Frankiegd) you'll probably be able to see evidence of heavy consumption of gin and juice last night. Me and Jackie went to Proud Camden, SO MUCH POLE DANCING! Needless to say I'm bruised and battered today, poor old me. I'm not quite sure why I decided to do an OOTD post today of all days, I may as well be wearing trackies but hey, it's dress down Friday! Also, I lost my bindis MAAAAAAAAN!! Anyway, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new lippy from Sleek which I'mw earing int he pikkies. It's the perfect shade of matte dark red, doesn't dry out my lips at all and stays on a treat! I would highly recommend it, only £4.99 as well :)


High waisted leggings  x 2 - £6 each
Eyelashes - £1
T shirt - £8
Clutch - £6

I felt so shitty the other day about uni and thought fuck it, I'm going to go to Primark in Peckham and hope my card doesn't get declined when I try and buy stuff (I have a fear of looking at my account balance, anyone else? Or just me? haha!). I bought two pairs of leggings in the same colour but they are SO NICE, high waisted and I love wine colour ones. You'll definitely be seeing them in some posts soon. The Macaulay Culkin T shirt speaks for itself , I was umming and ahhing about getting it but as you can see it was too dope to pass up. THE CLUTCH !!! I think the studded clutch is a bit of a must have at the moment, and I managed to snap one up for £6, even cheaper than the Select version.

P.S I'm going to my first carboot on Sunday and I can't bloody wait, after always reading about Lucy from LULUTRIXABELLE dirt cheap finds I decided to try it myself, wish me luck with finding stuff !!!

(haha my face !!!!!)