Wednesday 10 April 2013

WISHLIST : Just a few things I need in my life...

1. I'm in love with 80's style dangly earrings at the moment, and these are only £8 - HERE-

2. One of my bezzies Amy had this when we went to the Dam, so surprised she got it off Ebay for             £5.99    - HERE -

3. This t shirt is pretty simple, I love the multicoloured letters, £25 - HERE -

4. Two words BAD. ASS. £85 - HERE - 

5. Someone please by me Eddie Izzard tickets ? I need to see this man, he is HILARIOUS, £40 - HERE -

6. I'm well into cat eye sunglasses at the moment and I love these, £25 - HERE - 

7. I first saw this T shirt of Georgia  and I had to have it, mine came today after MONTHS of waiting    wtf... $39.00 - HERE - 

8. I have the grey tie-dye version of these but I want the white ones soo bad! £40 - HERE -

9. I already bought this too and I LOVE IT, it's great for chucking over a crop top and shorts to make it a bit more interesting, £25 with 20% off with 'frankie-dakin' -HERE-

10. Not sure how you get around the nipple problem with this one but I want it anyway, £22 - HERE - 

11. This shirt reminds me of the Fresh Prince a little which I love :), £23.99 - HERE - 

12. I'm so glad they bought this vtg 90's style out in blue NEED, £105.00 - HERE -

13. I've been perving over these shorts for weeks, wondering if I could make them myself - alas I'll probs just buy them when loan comes in, £85.00 - HERE -

14. Kinda reminds me of KTZ, £9.99 - HERE -

15. My computer is slowly dying, I wish this wasn't a gazillion pounds :(

16. Such a good lookalike of those Balenciaga bad-boys, £90 - HERE -

17. MAN IT'S SO CHEAP! £8.99 - HERE - 

And this is why I have no money... 


Monday 8 April 2013

NEW KICKS & 20 random facts




Hat : Primark
T shirt : charity shop
Coat : Vintage/Christmas present
Jeans : Topshop Joni
Trainers : Adidas via Asos
Nails :  Models Own - Luis Lemon 

I've just come hack from Amsterdam and I'm back to living in a perpetual hell of university work AND IT'S HORRID! I'm going to do a post on my trip this week at some point, it was SO GOOD! I am chilling tonight watching Game Of Thrones and shouting at the telly during Made In Chelsea - thought why not do a blog post ey? My lovely housemate Emma took these photos quickly after we got back from the library, and let me just say I made a rookie error wearing this fluffy coat outside when the weather was actually quite warm. I cannot express the amount of love I have for my new trainers, I ordered them off ASOS the other week after much umming and ahhing, the fact the 20% student discount code was still working a day late was a sign and I had to have them. ANYWAYS... thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and do one of those random facts posts to jazz up le old blog ENNNNNJJJJOOOOOOOYY :) !!!

  1.  I lived in LA for a little bit when I was a tiddler, being 9 and moving to America was WEIRD, my second day in school I put on an American accent at school for the rest of the time I was there - LOSER!
  2. I LOVE CHEESE - it's so good, if I was lactose intolerant I would get the shits everyday because I'd still eat cheese.
  3. I have a perfectly rectangular scar on my forearm because my housemate Gabby used her laser hair removal thing on it and apparently it doesn't like black people.
  4. I still suck my thumb and have a blanky... I refuse to grow up
  5. Me and my boyfriend have been together for 5 years WINNING!
  6. My ear used to be stretched to 1.2cm - don't do it, I have a cats bottom on my ear now.
  7. I don't like cheese and onion crisps, they are mule.
  8. I think everything should be tried once, or twice....or lots.. ALL THE TIME!
  9. I read A LOT of historical romance and fantasy books. 
  10. I grew up in Bristol and it's my favourite place in the world.
  11. I used to work in a butchers when I was 15 and loved it- but not when my boss wiped a cow tongue down my arm when I wasn't looking EW. Bone bins and blood tanks were fine though :)
  12. I think 50 Shades of Grey is shit. Nothing erotic about it. 
  13. I always used to win the wrestling matches that took place on my kitchen floor in halls BEAST!
  14. I am always talking about poo.. its weird.
  15. I love cooking curry, I nail my grandmas butter chicken recipe TO A TEE!
  16. My middle name is Gregory. Wtf.
  17. I don't care about being skinny enough to exercise/eat healthily - I'd rather have an ass and boobs       - you don't get 34FF boobs without cake!
  18. My favourite colour is GREEN 
  19. I've never so much as set foot in a Hollister/ Jack Wills/ Abercrombie and Fitch shop and I'm bloody proud of it.
  20. I am gay for Rihanna, totes had a sex dream about her the other night.

There you have it. Hope you don't think I'm a dick now :) 

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Hope you all have a lovely week