Sunday 20 November 2011

Bank, beautiful, Spoons

So Back in October one of my best friends Hanna Hillier who is an amazing photographer  and generally crazy legend asked me to assist on a test shoot she did for Next models where she works. Of course I accepted. Ended up having a lush day preserving GiGi's modesty in public, being a one woman wind machine and approving Hanna's styling (not that she needed my approval). GiGi was such a babe, literally stunningly beautiful and we all had such a nice day followed by a burger in Spoons :) Here are some of the pictures courtesy of Hanna Hillier. Note to self : Don't ever stand next to a model YOU WILL LOOK CHUBBB!

I'm absolutely hanging


(Look 1)
T-shirt: H&M £7.99
Leggings: H&M £9.99
Boots: £7.00 Dalston charity shop

(look 2)
Bralet: H&M £15.99
Skirt: DIY from Primark t shirt £3
Earrings: £3.00 H&M
Bag: Miss Selfridge £22.00
Boots: Dr Martens 10 hole (Christmas present)

(Look 3)
Leotard: £6.00 Primark
Felt bananas made from John Lewis felt £2.50

So already failing on the blog post front. Sorry about the awful photo quality ( photos were taken on the wrong camera setting). This is what I wore the day before yesterday, pretty standard, well impressed with the wedges though , SO CHEAP and real suede . Went to Proud Thursday night, wore a velvet and lace bralet I bought from H&M and a skirt I made (cheeky bit of DIY) H&M earrings and a Miss Selfridge bag that I LOVE!!! Proud was amazing: POLES, FREE DRINKS, POPPIES, TABLE DANCING !  Now I'm in Swansea being very hungover again after Sink at Sin City last night. It was my friend Anne-Marie's birthday party, I dressed as Josephine Baker :) Going to see Rusko tonight FUNFUNFUN!

Thursday 17 November 2011

What I wore to not leave the house.

WHERE'S    IT    FROM ? :
Jacket: Ebay BARGAIN, £30 + it's real leather!!
Tank: Gina Tricot 4 Kr
Leggings: H&M £7.99
Shoes: Office sale £30

Sorry this is going to be short, got an hour before lecture time :/Seeing as I've spent the past three days in my pyjamas I deemed it necessary to get dressed even if I wasn't going outside. My eBay find was this amazing studded soft leather jacket I got for £30 quid (just goes to show no life outside eBay pays off). Managed to paint my nails and not get bored halfway through and take it all off (common occurrence). I'll post a picture of my nails later.Sorry about the slightly dodgy picture quality, I'll sort it one of these days 

6 Coffees and 3000 words later..

I'm really excited about starting a blog..but that might be all that coffee. It's 8.30am and I still haven't been to sleep thanks to a hideous essay on cartography , the whole 3000 words could have been summarised with 3 (maybe 4 not sure) 'BUY A SAT-NAV'. On the plus side, doing my essay gave me the opportunity to play the best Christmas album ever interlaced with Black Sabbath (can't wait for their 2012 tour!!) and Mastodon, sing really loud and probably piss of the people in the flat downstairs hehe.
Looking forward to hitting Westfield today for a bit of H&M for Versace, hopefully I'll be able to grab a piece or two... SEE!!! Already spending money I don't have. Ffs.