Thursday 27 September 2012

American Apparel Factory Outlet Brick Lane Picks + River Island Riding Pants dupe

There are a few advantages of being back in the East End for uni, one of them being the American Apparel Factory Outlet being just down the road on Brick Lane. EVERYTHING IS SO MUCH CHEAPER!  We are talking £34 for disco pants, £30 for florescent chiffon shirts I KNOW!!!! £11 for crop tops etc.. And the best thing is it goes on until the 14th of October, so if your in London definitely get down there.

Here's just a few of my picks on sale at the outlet :

- All available at the American Apparel outlet sale-

Anyway, today I headed down and bought some riding pants in Steel Grey for £34 BARGAIN. It's weird but I wasn't going to get any till I saw these from River Island :

American Apparel riding pants dupe - £35 River-Island

I went to River Island after work an tried them on, they were really nice and very similar material and looked great on. Fully would have bought them if they came in other colours and if they weren't £1 more expensive than the actual American Apparel ones I got today...

Moral of the story is - for the love of god, go down to the AA Outlet if your are around London before October 14th


The Loading Bay Gallery
Dray Walk, Off Brick Lane
London E1 6QL

Nearest tube/train stations:

Liverpool Street Station 
Shoreditch High Street Station
Aldgate East Station 

Open daily until 14th October
Mon-Sat | 10am - 8pm
Sun | 10am - 7pm

Free admission
Cash, credit, and debit cards accepted
All items are FINAL SALE

Monday 17 September 2012

Polo Neck crop top, Door-knocker Earrings + some bargains

Bitch be wearing them shoes AGAIN
 Excuse my messy room :)

Polo crop top : Charity shop 
Disco Pants : American Apparel
Denim coat : Bootsale
Boots : Jeffrey Campbell 
Earrings : Topshop
Sunglasses : Primark

Oh hey guys :) I'm in such a good mood jammin' to Prince over here. It feels like forever since I last blogged. I've been busy doing mostly nothing but enjoying the sunshine, my boyfriend, BBQ's and moving into my new house with my girls. Not so happy about going into my third year of uni, but hey if I can pass it may as well finish. Anyone else back at uni?

My new room has a HUUUGE mirrored wardrobe, I don't think even I could fill it. What better way to utilise the new wardrobe than for an outfit photo? I've discovered new comfort zone in  my beanie hat, it covers up shitty looking hair and makes any outfit a bit better somehow. I went for the fail-safe Disco Pants today, they look good with EVERYTHING! I found the polo top I'm wearing today in a charity shop for £1.99. Add some huge gold doorknockers and Jeffrey Campbells and I'm ready for the day.

Been doing some shopping too :

Cossie : Rokit Vintage - £5

 Cheesy Tie-dye T shirt - Oxfam £1.99

 The fresh Prince shorts : Bricklane Market £1 

Don't know about you but my student loan is late D: WHY?? I NEED THIS STUFF -

1. Rainbow Nike Air Max 90  - The 90's called and want their favourite shoes back. NO THEY BELONG TO ME!

2.Studded cross Bodysuit HERE - I love this so much, not sure if it'll cover my boobies though...

3. Chain Quilted PU jacket HERE - I saw a girl wearing this on Bricklane this weekend , needless to say she looked sick, now I want it.

4.Spike hair cuff HERE - Badass.

5. Jeffrey Campbell Wolf platforms HERE - So high , but so good! These are perfect for winter.

6. Fluffy kimono HERE - Been eyeing this up at work and now it's mine :) 

Have a lovely week :) I've got some very exciting news to share with you very soon so I'll be posting...SOON

Tuesday 11 September 2012

Knits, prints and stiletto nails

Beanie : Ebay
Jumper : Bootsale 
Necklace : Ebay
Watch : Ebay HERE
Skirt : Charity shop 
Bag : Primark
Boots : Jeffrey Campbell Tardy via Office

Wednesday 5 September 2012

Just a Quickie OOTD : New JC Tardy + Ebay

Crop Top : Topshop 
Jeans : Vintage Versace via charity shop
Belt : Moschino via charity shop
Boots : Jeffrey Campbell Tardy via Office
Lippy : Sleek Vamp

Hey there guys :) This is gonna be a quick one seeing as I am absolutely GAGGING to start a new series of Breaking Bad, apologies to anyone who follows my Instagram who has already seen this outfit. lets face it most of you probably don't which can only be a good thing.. I get strange when I'm drunk HA!

Aaaanyway, this is quite a casual outfit I wore out the other day for daytime drinking in Spoons. Not the most imaginative but consider I was probably about 6' 5" in those heels I must have looked pretty interesting to the drunks sat in the courtyard of Spoons the other day. I have rediscovered my Moschino belt and wear it quite a lot now. I still can't get over the fact it only cost a pound!! Here's a photo of my new babies close up...

Not my disgusting house , my boyfriends :)

Now I have wanted these for over a year now, ever since I saw Jessica of VintageVirgin rocking a DIY studded  pair. When I saw them for half price at Office shoes, the countdown to Payday began. I actually cried at my boyfriend when they sold out in my size online (I think I may have been PMSing). Dude. REALLY. Then, the very day I got paid I went downstairs to Office at work and they had them!! Already I have fallen on my arse down stairs on the tube but fuck it I'M NEVER TAKING THESE OFF! 

In other shoe news I held the majestic UNIF Hellbound in Leopard print today, I think I will be buying these on loan day muhahahhhaa!

I wanted to make one of those pictures of stuff I want then tell you where it's from but I actually don't want anything froma any actual shops at the moment, ebay is my go to as well as charity shops. Not really jazzed by things I'm seeing in shops at the moment. Sooooo.... I thought I'd share a few things I just bought off ebay  with you instead , looks  a bit crap but I can't wait for everything to get here :

-Tartan skirt, an absolute must have for my winter wardrobe . I have been fantasising about one for a while and this one is perfect!

-Gonna DIY stiletto nails (claw like Rihanna nails) this week, my nails are UGLY

-Levi 550's - I'm not that in to 501's - don't like button crotches and the rise is a little too low for me, but the 550 has a zip thank god and a good rise, I LOVE the look of these rolled up, great for winter when my tiny shorts will be reserved for drunken escapades.

-Glittery socks are awesome! Not gonna pay £8 at UO for those, so got them in all the colours off ebay for about £1.50 each.

- Spikey bracelet to go round my ponytail/bun

- Denim hat is AWESOME !