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Wednesday 15 January 2014



I am delighted to tell you that the dream team that is ASOS + Puma have collaborated again to create another collection. This has to be my favorite offering from the online shopping and sportswear brands so far, combining my love for the 90s, prints, metallics and general comfort chic. Even though I don't have two pounds to rub together I am lusting over it all.. ugh! My pick of the collection has to be the split front maxi tee dress NEED NEED NEED! Head over to ASOS now to snap it up HERE now.

Thursday 5 December 2013

Hello again ! CAGECITY MEETS - ME :)


In the words of Eric B and Rakim -  it's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you :0 So today I decided to bite the bullet, fuck the anxiety and get on with things and write a new post. I have been getting BIZAY trying to get myself a new job, I've just graduated so I kinda want to get off the shop floor and get into the office, plus I want to go to South America next winter for 6 months so I need to save up. Even Though I'm Skint has taken a backseat of late, which is ridiculous because I've had so much to write about- press days and events coming out my arse!

In other news, if you follow me on Twitter you may remember way back in the summer (oh how I miss the summer) I went along to the CageCity headquarters with Tiger, Lucy, Helena and Sara for a day of boozing and dressing up. I LOVED the handmade designer pieces, one off bombers and matching knitted co-ords were amazing. Kelli McGuinness is a genius with knitwear check her out!!

Check out the interview and more photos of the shoot HERE !

I promise I'll post again soon :)

Monday 28 October 2013

#OOTD + Press days galore : Louis Vuitton, Stills, Jean-Pierre Braganza jacket +Paper London + Fyodor Golan


Top : Primark
Skirt : Motelrocks
Shoes : H&M
Jacket : My dads
Clutch : Topshop
Necklace : Ebay

Wassup Wassup? On Tuesday when me and Jen wondered around London, popping into various press days to see what everyone had to offer for ss/14. We went all over the shop, but started at Louis Vuitton...

Thursday 26 September 2013



Dress - c/o Monki , Jacket - Aquascutum , Socks - Monki , Shoes - H&M , Bag - c/o La Moda ||| Trousers -  Vintage , Top - vintage , Shoes - Topshop , Bag - Primark


London Fashion Week ended last Tuesday, leaving me a nasty cold (I am dying) but also the memories of some pretty cool experiences. I've finally brought myself to go through the hundreds of photos and thought my first LFW post be a bit of a street style post. Friday the 13th didn't bode well for us at Somerset House - it rained so much and it continued throughout the weekend. Luckily, on the Monday the weather was pretty good and that's when I got most of these snaps. I forgot to take my camera for the first three days (worst blogger ever) so I had to make do with my dads i pad -  more outfit posts from LFW to come soon.

I managed to get photos of my two favorite outfits however, the first being this awesome Monki dress the lovely Erica let me pick out at the showroom just before fashion week. If you are crap at planning outfits like me you'll appreciate how much of a lifesaver this one was - only had to faff around for 15 minutes choosing what coat to wear over it haha! I also went to Monki to pick up some jeans and found these smiley face socks I included on a wishlist a while back, I was on a bit of a Monki hype that day and I LOVED it.

The best bits of LFW were the ones I shared with blogger babes - It was nice to chill with everyone and catch up, the New Look Refuel room was the place to be again this season, champagne, manis and a photo-booth took the edge off the fact that it was pissing it down outside.

SO, more to come, I went to some really good shows (OMG KTZ!!!!) and the most bloody amazing sick parties ever - expect to be reading about them soon!


Thursday 22 August 2013

#OOTD : Topshop Kimono, Sheer T shirt, Ravers and GS Shop



 T shirt - ASOS
Kimono - Topshop
Jeans - Topshop Joni
Shoes - Topshop Ravers via Ebay



So yesterday I attended the GS Shop show with my girl Jen and this is what I wore :) If you follow me on Instagram ( @Frankiegd) you are probably sick of seeing this red kimono I got from Topshop a while back (I've got matching shorts to how cool is that!), it's my staple jacket a the moment whilst it's too hot for denim. For some reason outfit planning doesn't work for me and this is the result, I always end up throwing something on last minute - refer back to my LFW outfits last year haha! 

The GS Shop show, which I was lucky enough to attend thanks to Pop PR comprised the work of  four Korean Central St Martins alumni designers. All four shows seemed to be A/W to me, a little confusing ( I'm hating A/W coming in the shops at the moment, still in summer mode) but I loved the coats and jackets - especially the mens ones from Xess Homme. I wasn't overly jazzed by anything in particular but I've included a few photos of my favorite looks from a couple of the designers. 

All in all I  had a great time, and a hangover by 9pm thanks to the champers. This show got me SO EXCITED for London Fashion Week which is coming up very soon, I'm actually trying to plan shit this time - got some cool bits and pieces to wear and plenty of amazing shows to see. If any of you are going to be around this London Fashion Week let me know :) It would be great to meet up!


Friday 26 July 2013







Kimono - H&M
Playsuit - Vintage
Shoes - H&M
Body Chain - DIY
Sunglasses - ASOS

I just love to avoid, social media (especially Facebook and Twitter at the moment :S), moving, doing anything apart from eating and reading fantasy books...... I got back from holiday a couple of weeks ago now and I've only just managed to be arsed to do a blog post #lame .I was supposed to do shitloads of holiday posts too, but that went out the window with no makeup, spending all my time in a bikini and being drunk 90% of the time ha! My lovely mummy took these photos for me on the second day I spent in Turkey and I like them so I thought I'd do a time machine blog post from the past :D So depressing looking at these photos now actually, MY OUTFIT DOESN'T EVEN GO TOGETHER + I've put on half a stone and even though it's hot in London, it's no Kalkan :(

I know it's only a little post but I'm glad to be back into the swing of things, I'm going to be doing some fun stuff that I'll be documenting on here soon as well :D I always say that - hopefully it's true this time, I always find I'm too busy enjoying things to be taking photos and writing about it on here  NEED TO DO BETTER! ALSO ... thanks for all the lovely comments you posted on my last blog post -  made me all happy and want to go wah wah we wah to myself a la  Borat :D

Smell you later 


Sunday 23 June 2013

Educate Elevate Summer Lookbook


I haven't really done one of these posts before, I'm going to be trying out some new things over the next few weeks - decided I should be filling up my copious amounts of free time with blogging as opposed to vegetating in my bed/sofa. As you can probably tell looking back through my blog I have loved Educate Elevate for a while now- their pieces are really cool ( I lived in my Educate Elevate beanie this winter) and as I'm sure you've noticed I'm a sucker for anything with a 90's aesthetic. They  have got even better this summer with bits and pieces I really wanted them to do - CROP TOPS YESSS!!! So I thought I had better show you guys their summer lookbook ....


This lookbook has made me dig out my string vest and now I want to wear it over all of my t shirts. My favorite pieces are the new basketball jerseys and the Flyfirl earrings,  hella ratchet in the best possible way PLEASE BE MINE. That white flygirl crop top also needs to be mine :D

I hope you liked this post, let me know - sorry if I've led you to decimate your bank account a bit by showing you this collection haha!

If you'd like to see more of me click on these links ^_^



Saturday 8 June 2013

Gogo Philip X Malibu 1992 Golden Palm + the baddest bitch Brooke Candy

Necklace : Gift
T shirt : H&M
Trousers : Primark
Shoes : Jeffrey Campbell
Earrings : H&M



Risa + Jen

Esther + Carmen

Brooke Candy


A'right guys? I just wanted to say I loved the comments on my last post! I'm glad i'm not the only one who has those thoughts - some of the comments cracked me up, you guys are so cool :D !!

Anyway, going back in time here-  finally got hold of my memory card thanks to the lovely Gabriella :) A couple of weeks back I was lucky enough to be invited to the  Gogo Philip X Malibu 1992 'Golden Palm' launch party and it was bangin'! Not only did I get pissed up, but I got to have a look at the amazing new pieces from the collection - loved the Malibu kinda tacky, but in a awesome way vibe! My favorite piece was the Huge palm tree doorknocker earrings HAVE TO OWN THEM! I went with the lovely Jen and got to meet some blogger honeyz - Risa, Esther and Carmen who were all really nice. One of the best bits was getting to see Brooke Candy perform in the intimate/tiny Gogo Philip shop- she rapped live and she was SO GOOD! Afterwards I managed to get a photo with her and she was such a babe - she told me I was hot like twice and said she liked my blowup backpack EEEEEEE!!! 

If you get a chance you should pop down to the Gogo Philip shop on Curtain Road just off Brick Lane - I didn't even know it was there but it's really nice and the people are lovelies. I'm going to be doing quite a few posts set in the past and some from the present mixed in over the next week so keep coming back :)

Happy Saturday!!

Sunday 5 May 2013


I'm sat in the library procrastinating. I've had two exams already and I've got three more in the space of three days next week. Kill me now. I'm past the point of caring tonight anyway, so I thought I'd do a quick post I've been meaning to do for a while about my recent trip to Amsterdayyyyym! It was the best trip EVER! Worthy of a huge photo montage for anyone who wants to see it

Enjoy :)

We got a coach there and went on the ferry.

Stayed in these cool little eco lodges just outside the city centre- Camping Zeeburg, I'd recommend it :)

I put two hats on for a laff - Get both of them at

They had bunkbeds, I obv went for the top bunk.

There were so many canals in Amsterdam, it was BEAUTIFUL!

The Dam in the city centre

It was SO COLD, hence wearing a million layers

Dickheads on tour

The Cheese Museum was AMAZING! Free samples of cheese all round.

Went to the Van Gogh museum, Jade took a sneaky picture :)

No trip to Amsterdam is complete without visiting the Sex Museum