Saturday 31 March 2012

DIY Tie Dye shorts, crop top and everything else I've recently aquired

Had a pretty hectic couple of weeks had a dyslexia screening (I am seriously challenged in the spelling/writing area), been ill, had MANY uni deadlines, but now I'm free for a bit YAY!! 

 So for the last couple of months I've been dying to get tie dying a bunch of stuff, my dad bought me a bunch of Dylon hand dyes but  hadn't got round to actually dying anything.
Soooo.... after a hungover wonder around Waitrose my house mate Ailbhe beseeched  me to get on with it yesterday and these are the results:

 The results were great! My  favourite is the crop top, I can't wait to wear it, styled with some black cut off Levis, denim  jacket, Dr Martens and my circular sunny G's.
It was so easy.

I used this tutorial but used multiple colours.
The colours I  used in Dylon hand dyes were:

Tropical green
Flamingo Pink 
Ocean Blue
Intense Violet

 All are available in my favourite art shop in Hoxton but are cheap with free postage here on eBay , they have 24 colours I WANT THEM ALL. I also just ought LOADS of studs from eBay, going to stud up my vtg denim jacket and the tie dyed shorts. But in the meantime I NEED TO TIE DYE EVERYTHING I OWN.

I said  I would put up a photo of my new rainbow jumper I got from a charity shop on Roman Road so here you go :

How cool is that !

I also got :

Aztec holey crop top from Topshop

'Smile' belt bought by my lovely boyfriend from ASOS

I apologise for the slight shittyness of this post, I am VERY hungover from a night at The Alibi last night 
These photos pretty much sum it up:

I have no idea who that man is, but he loved the shoes.
I also just remembered I had a dream I was playing football in the street with my friends, as you do, then when the ball went behind the bin and lo and behold I found a pair of ISABEL MARANT WEDGE TRAINERS!!!! Woke up feeling a little disappointed not gonna lie..

I'm going to go watch hunger games 
Have a lovely Saturday :)

Saturday 24 March 2012

Sunny day, Tartan Litas and eBay vintage

I woke up this morning to lovely hot sun streaming through the window and thought ya know what? I'm going to put on less clothes than usual today. My lovely friend Hanna Hillier from The Sheet came over today and we chilled with Jackie and Patrick (my house mates) in the park. had a picnic, did some hooping drank some Thatchers Katys cider and had a generally lovely time. I'm helping out Hanna with some test shoots tomorrow for the agency she works for, just a bit of styling/waving cardboard to make the models hair blow about haha! I can't wait the last shoot she did with Gigi I got to help out with and it was so much fun. 

Anyway.... this is what I wore today
Where is it from?
Head scarf : Charity shop
Necklace : Marc Jacobs
Shirt : Camden market
Top : Topshop
Shorts : Levis - Camden
Wedge trainers : H&M


I got some fucking epic Jeffrey Campbells in the post!

Now, I'm not the kind of person to spend £120 on admittedly stupid looking shoes.... but £50 on stupid TARTAN shoes and you've got yourself a deal !
I like to think of these bad boys as the rejects of the lita crew... not all studded like the 'cool' ones that everyone wants right now, or the go with everything plain black ones, not scouse-wife enough like the glitter ones. 
Tartan is where its at, punky, little bit 90's a lot of red. 

Where is it from?

Denim Jacket : eBay vintage
Dress : Topshop
Shoes : Jeffrey Campbell

The satisfaction of never really having to proof read my blog (unlike uni essays, yes I have a uni shaped chip on my shoulder) is making me very smug.


Friday 23 March 2012

Uni with Dre

Today I actually got up at 9am and went into uni, which if you know me is RARE especially since I only managed three hours sleep. This was probably related to the woman that got murdered in my general area and they keep finding bits of her and I'm just generally too scared/paranoid to sleep.


Everyone was out yesterday so  took a photo of what I was wearing myself, in Ailbhe's mirror, It looks like a monster sneezed on the mirror but I like to think that gives the picture a certain je ne sais quoi.


Dr Dre T shirt : DIY Primark mens t-shirt
Leather Shorts : H&M 
Leather studded bag : Zara
Chain necklace : Primark - stolen from Ailbhe woops :)

Wednesday 21 March 2012

Samira Boon Furoshiki Shiki lust

The i Pad Furoshiki Shiki  created by Samira Boon deserves it's own post. 
I've been lusting over this amazing piece of Japanese/Dutch design  for a while, having seen it held by Ivania Carpio of Love Aesthetics. 

I don't even own an i Pad mind, read the name of the blog! But like Ivania I think this makes an awesome clutch especially with the neon thing going on everywhere at the moment. 

Now this is a very impractical craving when living in East London... think about it.

The envelope style simplicity of this  is actually amazing as demonstrated below:

Comes in LOADS of colours.

When the next bit of loan comes in I think I'll go for the green one. BOOM!
Wow, don't know where that came from. 
my dissertation research proposal won't write itself . 
Oh and one more thing inspired by Ivania Carpio :

I guess these are third hand, she copied these from her sister. Hers were nude and black but I was digging some Louboutin style nails 
On another note..

Sunny G's  - Primark
T shirt - my sisters


I'm counting down the days.....

(photos all from Google apart from the rubbish one of me)

Monday 19 March 2012

What I need in my life / Boy London

Today I got all dressed up to go to uni but couldn't be arsed to go in, so I stayed at home and did work. I thought seeing as Queen Mary has just become a Russell group uni I might find it in me to put in a bit more effort. 
Or not....
Still waiting for my denim jacket and litas to arrive in the post, should have seen me running down the stairs this morning to check the post! 

ALSO ... I have a really cool DIY coming up soon of Boy London hats. 
To give you some background...

Boy London is an iconic label created by Stephane Raynor in 1977 that was seen everywhere in the 80's on the chicest trend-setters to club kids. 
Now as a favourite label of Rihanna and other celebrities it has made a huge comeback over the last year or so. I will be recreating this hat:

Although it only retails at £30 I can't afford it atm (thanks to my crippling eBay addiction)
And it's really easy to make 

WATCH THIS SPACE - tutorial to come.

And because I'm so poor I've decided to put together a wishlist of stuff I would buy right now if I wasn't so skint :) 


1.Colour block shorts - River Island

2. Multicolour Nail varnish - Topshop

3. Smile Belt - Asos

4. 80's jacket - Rokit QUICK SOMEONE BUY ME THIS!!!

5. Flatform / platform leopard print trainers - Office

6. Banana print T-Shirt dress - ASOS

7. Gym Satan Laundry muscle T - UNIF

Saturday 17 March 2012

DIY body chain - cross earring - pink nails - New Mascara

This morning I woke up a bit of a diva, sent Rob (my boyfriend) to the shop for Shreddies in the rain then decided to stick huge long fake nails on top of my own short little stumps :) 
I used Collection 2000 Hot Looks fast dry in 34 - Hula Hoop as a base on top of Nailene full cover Oval nails.
Fancied a bit more than just candy pink so I whipped out some black nail varnish (by No. 7) and went to town :)

Ignore my misshapen witch fingers hahaha!

Last night, after spending a good three hours working in the library I made a couple of pieces of jewellery.
Whilst drooling over Zac Efron I managed to construct this dangly cross earring. It drapes right down to my shoulder and I don't think it's bad for a first try?
 The only thing I would have liked to do differently is to buy gold crosses as opposed to bronze ones. I really wanted to make the earring gold as opposed to silver but hey I'm skint so I just got the cheapest offered by ebay
I also managed to throw together this Body chain, pretty simple , using about 1.5m of two different types of chain :)  What do you think?

Just realised Orange have cut off my phone because I forgot to pay my bill, that's what I get for caring about the environment by scrapping paper bills . 
Also just accidentally called the police, the operator was not impressed when I told her I was calling Orange to pay my bill and my new nails were making this very difficult. Awwkkwarrrd.

Oh sorry if my writing is shit I am quite overwhelmed with the Welsh Rugby win !!!

Thursday 15 March 2012

Bashmore, Cable, Acton, Library, DONE.

I went to the library and sat there in the silent section on facebook to my friend sitting across from me. How she got 1400 words done I don't know, I read four powerpoint slides.... in my AA Disco 
Pants that's all that matters :)
Where's it from? :

Tank top : Topshop
Trousers : American Apparel Disco Pants
Boots : Dr Marten ten hole
Necklace : Topshop (borrowed)
Earrings : Primark (I know you can't see them sorry)

I had the craziest weekend ever , you don't even want to know what happened. Went to see Julio Bashmore, then to Cable and THEN I ended up in Acton with Emily and Rob and a bunch of people we had never met in our lives (legends) till Monday afternoon. I am seriously in need of some kind of mental treatment for my shopping addiction, it gets worse EVERY DAY. Considering some tartan Jeffrey Campbell Litas, but not sure if they have had their day, I LOVE TARTAN THOUGH!

Not sure ignoring my deadlines and reading a million great blogs is the best way to spend my time but there you go :) Here's a few of my favourites:

Gonna finish watching Alien and go to bed 

Saturday 10 March 2012

Boris, sort your bikes out mate - H&M Wedge Trainers & Roman Road

So today me and my friends decided to utilise the new Boris bikes everywhere in our area. RUBBISH! Apart from taking about 5 minutes every time you want to take one out the stupid thing kept on saying 'sorry unable to process your order' when I inserted my card to receive MY RIGHTFUL BLOODY 24 HOURS OF BIKE USAGE! SERIOUSLY BORIS


Aaaannyway.... today I decided to d├ębut my new wedge trainers and let me tell you I am in love. These bad boys were comfy (for the first three hours of traipsing around Roman Road) cool and I had that kinda swagger you get from wearing hells , but really it looked like I wasn't from the front. And every time I looked down I was flashed a little bit of neon acid yellow which made me smile :) 

I picked up a really cool (in my opinion) multicolour knitted hippie cardi (pictures to follow)perfect for BoomTown 2012 methinks . My house mate thought it was minging, how wrong she will be , get some studs on that lovely and we might just have something. Also, come up with another really good DIY I'm gonna get down to soon, with plenty of piks of course.

My coat I bought from an army store for £7 in Camden, accessorized with a maky piece of fur I picked up off eBay for 99p no less ( I think it's a strong look though). My jeans are topshop and my shoes are of course the H&M wedge trainers. My necklace is from peacocks.

ttyl bitches.

Thursday 1 March 2012

SS12 TREND: Isabel Marant Wedge Trainers

These amazing Isobel Marant trainers have been seen everywhere at fashion week !
Whether or not these trainers are a micro-trend I'm not sure, but they are FRESSSSSSHHHHHHHH!
As a girl who loves her high tops these are a must have, casual street wear with  a fashion twist, although the £440 price tag takes them out of my price range. 


The cool ones are sold out everywhere so I couldn't buy them even if I maxed out my overdraft YAY!

Marc Jacobs has also got in on this trend with these bad boys:

Not gonna lie I would sell my left hand for a pair of these... I'd save money on gloves.

After pining for half the morning over fresh kicks I cannot afford I was browsing the H&M website and came across these bad boys:

Not bad for £19.99

I'm thinking I'll style them like this:
Someone please hide my debit card from me I shouldn't be allowed invisible money!
Picked up some tings from the St Michaels Hospice charity shop yesterday, I'll blog all about it later
ttyl bitches.