Friday 17 August 2012

Back to life , back to reality , the big 100 THANK YOU!

Crop top : Topshop
Cords : Vintage
Sunny G's : ASOS
Shoes : Office

Ear cuff : Topshop sale
Hoop earring : Primark
Bindi : Ebay

 Backpack : Primark

I would like to take a moment to say ...


I got back from Boomtown and looked at my blog and really. No wait REALLY , SO MANY PEOPLE READ IT NOW WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT????
I really appreciate that people enjoy my blog because I'm obsessed with reading/looking at and being inspired by other's ! Thanks to Charmaine from over at for introducing loads of new readers , hey guys :)  I actually thought about doing a 100 followers giveaway (looks like that's what everyone else does) but in case you haven't noticed from the title, I am skint so I will just have to give away my love to you all :) MWAH

Boomtown blew my mind yet again, I met the best people, I keep finding phone numbers written on rizlas in everything I own. My lovely boyfriend managed to lost my Purple Galaxy BlackMilk leggings though ( I would cut off his head if he hadn't promised to buy me more. No seriously).

Funnily enough , my dad said I looked like Caren Wheeler from Soul 2 Soul today, hence blog title, must be getting this 90's thing right, LOVES IT ME! After the madness and shenanigans of Boomtown I've toned it down a bit, still can't quite be parted from my Bindis though, I think they are here to stay FOREVER. 

I'm going to cut it off there, I just got a new phone (Samsung Galaxy S2 for anyone who's interested) and I am desperate to start playing around with it, already had it for about 5 hours and don't know how it works haha!

I can't wait to show you all my Boomtown photo's when they get developed watch this space :)


  1. Of course Id follow you, I adore your style. It helps me because we have the same body type so then I run to try certain things on and it looks great on me just like how it would on you so THANKS ! ^.^

    1. Thank you so much for this comment, I'm so glad you like my blog :D !! I followed yours as well, I need to read more beauty blogs !!

      F X

  2. Congratulations on all the followers! When I hit over 100 I was so happy. You look gorgeous and I need those platforms! x

  3. I absolutely ADORE your style *followed* hehee :)

  4. Your blog is my favourite because as like you, I am also skint so your style is so easy yet you pull it off amazingly! xo

  5. We had to follow you !!!!!
    You make everything look so 'cool' (i hate that word), but you do, you just do whatever and it looks AMAZING!
    Ammie xx

  6. I love your blog! xx

  7. I love love your sunglasses and your trousers! <3

  8. love the whole look, you look great.
    Ah boomtown, my boyfriend went last and loads of good stuff to say about the festy. Would love to go - lola x

  9. LOVE your braids - they look great on you!
    Also, congrats!! :)
    Saadiya x

  10. Love the 90's feel with your braids and everything! Your shoes add a cool pop of colour! Congrats on the 100 girl! Your style is so great love seeing new posts from you!


  11. Love your hair so much, your so pretty too! Your shoes are so cool - I need them in my life haha! Omg, you look so much like Katrina Johnson Thompson so much!

  12. Love that back pack !
    And the bindi :)
    Wish i could pull one off !
    Launa in Ponderland

  13. you look awesome! love your style! xx

  14. you're so stunning girl!! those trousers look amazing on you, and congratulations on reaching 100 :D xxxx

  15. you're sooo beautiful! hottt stuff! bindi loveee xx

  16. Loooooove your bindi, your hair, your smile. You're chaming. Keep posting.

  17. you are soo GORGEOUS! wow, i love your style :) xx

  18. Haha! Lucky sod, I wish someone would read my bloody blog! Love the bindi! x

  19. Congratulations, wishing you all the best!

  20. You look amazing, love your style and congrats on the followers! x


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