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Thursday 5 December 2013

Hello again ! CAGECITY MEETS - ME :)


In the words of Eric B and Rakim -  it's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you :0 So today I decided to bite the bullet, fuck the anxiety and get on with things and write a new post. I have been getting BIZAY trying to get myself a new job, I've just graduated so I kinda want to get off the shop floor and get into the office, plus I want to go to South America next winter for 6 months so I need to save up. Even Though I'm Skint has taken a backseat of late, which is ridiculous because I've had so much to write about- press days and events coming out my arse!

In other news, if you follow me on Twitter you may remember way back in the summer (oh how I miss the summer) I went along to the CageCity headquarters with Tiger, Lucy, Helena and Sara for a day of boozing and dressing up. I LOVED the handmade designer pieces, one off bombers and matching knitted co-ords were amazing. Kelli McGuinness is a genius with knitwear check her out!!

Check out the interview and more photos of the shoot HERE !

I promise I'll post again soon :)

Friday 3 August 2012

The First Interview : Frankie X Hanna Hillier

- Some of Hanna's work -

Now I could go on about my friend Hanna FOREVER she is an amazing photographer, has impeccable style, not to mention we always end up having weird crazy escapades. She also works in fashion so I thought why not interview her? I love reading interviews with bloggers/photographers/anybody in fashion so I thought I'd give it a go, let me know what you think
 enjoy :)

Name : Hanna Hillier

Age : 21

Oh hey man :) What is it that you do?

I'm a freelance photographer, specializing in testing photography, after working in imaging at NEXT Model Management for over a year I decided to go freelance to focus 100% of my time on the thing i'm most passionate about.

What made you want to do photography?

I've had an incredible love of fashion, art, architecture and illustration since I was a kid. Photography seemed to be the subject that inspired me the most. 

What’s the best thing about being a photographer? 

Working with new people all the time, from all over the world. some of the make up artists and stylists i regularly work with are some of my closest friends, which is a massive plus. 

Who’s the coolest person you have ever shot ?

 I've had the opportunity to shoot some great people, some top commercial girls like Renata Kuerten, Olivia Garson, Tahlia, Nika Lauraitis, Kooples girl Sarah Warnaar, Polands Next Top Model winner Olga, huge campaign girls Daniela Braga the new Givenchy girl, Kolfinna the new topshop girl who dropped jaws in the shows in February earlier this year, incredible British new face Jaz Wasson the face of Jigsaw this summer, two amazing new faces to look out for globally Esther Heech & Wylie Hays. Boys-wise, Luke Brennan from sick new band Zulu, the list goes on! i've never photographed somebody who wasn't fantastic in their own way. I have great respect for everybody I work with. 

What piece of clothing could you not live without? 

I recently purchased white oversized blazer. LOVE IT although it doesn't stay white for long... 

What has been your shittest photography experience? 

I spent several hours in a taxi on the way to a shoot in Bank that should of only taken 15 mins, we had an 40 mins to shoot as the model had castings in the afternoon, it was pouring with rain and where we were shooting was blocked off for the majors parade. Found Trinity Square as an alternative location, where i discovered my SD cards were corrupt and i only had room for 70 photographs. I had to go through and delete any mediocre shots as we were shooting. Ironically, i ended up with some of the best images I had taken in my career, they used them in the New York and Paris Agencies as the models opening image etc.

Secret talent?

 I can walk with my legs crossed. it's wierd. 

Describe your most thrifty/desperately skint moment ?  

In sixth form i used to pick change off the floor. 

Least favourite trends?

Pedal-pushers and long shorts (only on women, men they're fine). kitten heels. glasses with no glass. 

What do you think about Buffalos hidden wedge trainers for men? 

Weird, but depends on the man i guess. i'm sure some men out there will be able to pull them off. 

What’s your fave telly?

 I have a lot of love for Criminal Minds, CSI, Bones, Poirot etc... i'm in love with Tyra Banks so ANTM is a big hit with me. Jezza Kyle or Maury are always fun, but awful to watch when you're stressed.

Which Mean Girls character do you most identify with? 

Gretchen, i always seem to get caught in the middle of things

What advice would you give to someone wanting to get into photography? 

Work hard and use you're brain. think for yourself. 

You should check out Hanna's blog here, it's sick.