Saturday 13 October 2012

Dads shoes.

 Sunny G's : Primark (my sisters)
Necklace : Primark (my sisters)
Lipstick : Revlon Va Va Violet

Sheer Top : Primark £5
Skirt : My sisters - vintage
Boots : My dads Dr Martens
Jacket : Vintage £5
Beanie : C/O Educate Elevate

Oh heeeeeey :) I hope I'm not the only one watching Dogma on telly right now, what a film!!I stayed at my dads house last night cos my flatmates went up to Newcastle to have fun and I didn't want to stay in the flat all alone, little did I know my wedge trainers wouldn't go with my outift so I thought, ya know what? I'm going to borrow my dads size 9 Dr Martens. Weird I know, but  I'm a size 7 so they are only two sizes bigger, and I kind of liked the oversized effect on shoes (check me out being all avant garde!). I can't get enough of my Educate Elevate beanie at the moment, it's great for bad hair days/cold heads. This jacket too!!! I can't believe it was only a fiver, It goes with everything, no longer do I wear any other jacket so guys it's going to be around a lot sorry :)

Friday 12 October 2012


Hey lovelies :) I'm currently snuggled under a blanket loving life, watching New Girl, I frigging love Schmit 'dolla dolla bells ya'll' LOL! I could go on...Anyway, thought I'd take the opportunity to share some of my recent purchases with you guys. I told myself this month I would only be shopping in charity shops, little did I know the American Apparel Outlet down the road would take over my life and being sad about how shit  uni is would make me reach for my bank card. I swear I cannot actually look at my bank account unless I am forced to pay rent or something. IT'S HARROWING. 

- Knit Midi dress from Miss Selfridge I got this with my uniform allowance from work, I love it!! It's bodycon and a little sexy with cut outs on the back whilst being warm and cosy for winter.
- Grey midi skirt from Primark
- Glittery midi skirt from Primark I've seen so many people wearing this skirt it's lush, the right length so pervy weirdos won't shout at you in East London
- American Apparel Easy Jeans I had these in light wash but I really wanted them in black, I got them for £34 in the Outlet and they are AMAZING! SO STRETCHY YAY FOR FAT ME :)
- American Apparel Riding pants I wanted these for a while and was so happy to find a pair in grey, they go with everything but they make me miss horse riding :(
- Primark skeleton print cut out shoulder studded shirt What more is there to say, this shirt is dope and already I'm getting into Halloween fever WOOOOOO!
- Gold and black belt  from Primark
- Hold ups Told you I'm getting Halloween fever - que slutty but well thought out home-made costume ideas
-American Apparel black denim circle skirt Not entirely sure this is me, a forgotten ebay purchase, may try and be girly soon :)

I've got to go get ready now, literally going raving with the freshers lol wish me luck..

Office Sale - Best bits :)

It's that time again, office are having a sale and my overdraft will be taking a beating. Here's my faves :

1. Neneh wedge leopard micro - WAS: £45.00 NOW: £15.00
2. Jeffrey Campbell Everest black leather WAS: £120.00 NOW: £70.00
3. Nighthawk stud off white leather WAS: £80.00 NOW:£40.004. Dark side black pu WAS: £75.00 NOW: £25.00 5. Sections black leather WAS: £65.00 NOW: £20.006. Dr. Martens 8 eyelet lace up bt navy leather WAS: £90.00 NOW: £60.00

Friday 5 October 2012

Vintage Floral + velvet OOTD + BLOG SALE, cos I'm poor :(

Cross Necklace : ebay £2

 Crop top : Topshop 
Skirt : Vintage - gift
Velvet Waistcoat : Vintage - bootsale £1
Dr Martens : Gift - Laces ebay £1
Oversized denim Jacket - East End Thrift Store
Bindi : ebay

 Nail Varnish  H&M in Lady Luck
Bracelets : Amsterdam - Rasperry Grape - Notting Hill Carnival
Rings : Gift - H&M - Vintage victorian ring.

 Hey lovelies :) I'm sat in the Library whilst its pissing it down outside wondering why the hell I wore a skirt and a crop top out today #idiot . I am absolutely dirt poor at the moment which is putting me in a very shitty mood, I'm talking having a budget of £25 to live on a week till I know why students become strippers...SO DEPRESSING! 

So... In aid of such poorness I've set up a blog sale page, you can get to it HERE or by clicking the link on my navigation bar

Just send me a comment with what you want then I will send you my paypal details etc etc. And keep checking back I'll be adding new stuff to it quite a lot :)

For now, I can still dream....

  1. Only £6.99 !!! Ebay HERE
  2. Nelly HERE - Saw this Celine dupe on Remi's blog , got to have it
  3. I bet this is going to sell out before I can afford it :( HERE
  4. IN LOVE with this bag HERE
  5. I really want a nose to ear chain, this one is from UO USA waaah!! HERE
  6. New Look HERE
  7. Jumping on the Satchel Bandwagon... HERE

Be thankful you have more money than me (probably) 

Thursday 4 October 2012

Double OOTD - Double Denim + Big L Tee

Beanie : c/o Educate Elevate
Shirt : Vintage Market Brick Lane £5
Dungarees : East End Thrift Store £5
Denim Jacket : East End Thrift Store £5
Necklaces : Peacocks + Oxfam
Flatform trainers : Office (sale) 

Huge hoop earrings : H&M £1.50

Hey guys! I'm so poor it's not even spending budget is £25 a week till January so lots of recycling clothes for me. Should probably get over my shopping addiction anyway... I wore this outfit today to uni, it was pretty sunny so I whipped out the dungarees I got from the East End Thrift store student sale (i''l be doing a post on it later in the week). I'm sure you already know but I was Educate Elevate's Flygirl of the week last week, they sent me a bag of goodies including this beanie (which ahsn't left my head for DAYYYS! I absolutely LOVE everything on their site, I'm addicted to anything 90's at the moment so if you are you should go check it out HERE.

May as well be a double whammy outfit post...

 Tee : C/o Educate Elevate
Skirt : Primark £12
Boot's : Jeffrey Campbell Tardy
Bag : C/o La Moda
Jacket : East End Thrift Store

Earrings : Miss Selfridge
Necklace : Peacocks

I wore this yesterday just going into uni and bumming around. I am in LOVE with this glittery skirt I got from Primark a couple of weeks ago, I saw a very similar one in Topshop (gold glittery) for about £20 as well! I frigging love my Big L quote t shirt too :) (if you don't know who Big L is just search him on Youtube AMAZING!!) he's dead though :( .

Blogging is taking a back seat at the moment I'm afraid, it's so hard being in my third year, I have so much work and all I really want to do is write and read blogs waaaaaahhhhh! How's everyone else finding uni at the moment? It's only my second week and I'm swamped :(

Have a wicked Thrusday :)