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Friday 17 August 2012

Back to life , back to reality , the big 100 THANK YOU!

Crop top : Topshop
Cords : Vintage
Sunny G's : ASOS
Shoes : Office

Ear cuff : Topshop sale
Hoop earring : Primark
Bindi : Ebay

 Backpack : Primark

I would like to take a moment to say ...


I got back from Boomtown and looked at my blog and really. No wait REALLY , SO MANY PEOPLE READ IT NOW WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT????
I really appreciate that people enjoy my blog because I'm obsessed with reading/looking at and being inspired by other's ! Thanks to Charmaine from over at for introducing loads of new readers , hey guys :)  I actually thought about doing a 100 followers giveaway (looks like that's what everyone else does) but in case you haven't noticed from the title, I am skint so I will just have to give away my love to you all :) MWAH

Boomtown blew my mind yet again, I met the best people, I keep finding phone numbers written on rizlas in everything I own. My lovely boyfriend managed to lost my Purple Galaxy BlackMilk leggings though ( I would cut off his head if he hadn't promised to buy me more. No seriously).

Funnily enough , my dad said I looked like Caren Wheeler from Soul 2 Soul today, hence blog title, must be getting this 90's thing right, LOVES IT ME! After the madness and shenanigans of Boomtown I've toned it down a bit, still can't quite be parted from my Bindis though, I think they are here to stay FOREVER. 

I'm going to cut it off there, I just got a new phone (Samsung Galaxy S2 for anyone who's interested) and I am desperate to start playing around with it, already had it for about 5 hours and don't know how it works haha!

I can't wait to show you all my Boomtown photo's when they get developed watch this space :)

Wednesday 4 July 2012

Bleached denim, sheer dress leopard creepers and my Electric Elephant Wishlist

I can no longer say that I live in my own grotty student flat, I've moved back to the family home for the summer ...woooo. I can't complain really, after the last couple of months of having one meal a day (I prefer clothes to food, although you can't really tell by my figure) and not hoovering once, I am welcomed by the cleanest house in the world with a fridge full of Elderflower cordial and  all the Parma ham and frankfurters I can stuff my face with. Wow a lot of pork right there.. I like scones too :)

Despite the miserable weather in London at the moment it was still 18 degrees today so I dressed accordingly, grungy and as little as possible. Here's what I wore :

Denim Jacket : Calvin Klein via ebay + DIY, Sheer dress : my sisters (vintage), Skirt : Topshop , 
Crop top : Topshop Sale, Creepers : Underground.

Anyway, Electric Elephant has crept up on me, I'm going to Croatia on TUESDAY! I didn't even think about doing any holiday shopping until this evening, I haven't enough money for anything really. definately want a new bikini though. Has anyone ever been to Electric Elephant? Or any other Croatian festivals for that matter, I'd love advice on EVERYTHING as I'm practically clueless.

Oh what I'd buy if I had the money.... Here's my summer wishlist :

  1. Boots : ASOS here
  2. Parrot Leggings : BamBam here
  3. Earrings : ASOS here
  4. HOW AWESOME IS THIS HAT?? : Kokon to Zai here
  5. Bikini : Newlook here
  6. Shorts : Topshop here
  7. Neon top : Forver 21 here
  8. Sunny G's : ASOS here
  9. Lipstick : Topshop here

Maybe, if you'd like to fund some of this stuff ( I am a complete charity case) you could buy these lovely boots on my ebay here


Thursday 3 May 2012

SUMMERTIME : Festival inspiration, getting my belly out, and tiger striped nails

Crop Top : Forever 21 ,  Shorts : DIY Vintage Wrangler , Belt : ASOS , Creepers : Underground

I never really know what face to do in pictures, so here I am trying something new, beautiful yah? All I can think about is could I fit a aubergine in my mouth.. looks like I could. The crop top I wore in this outfit is officially the first item I have ever purchased from Forever 21, exciting I know. Now, I never usually go in there, it's too big and the visual merchandising is ATROCIOUS but the other day with an extra 15 minutes to kill I popped into the Oxford Street store and found this beauty. I LOVE the print, it reminds me of my grandmas old sofas when I was little with a 'club Tropicana' edge. The gathered back is a lovely touch too (hello back fat).

I'm guessing most of my fellow students are now in the run up to exams and revising like a bitch, I know I am.... or not ... I've been doing things like this:
tiger print nails

Using my new Models Own nail polish in Flouro' Orange, a Sharpie for the stripes and Rimmel matte finish. 
Buying these:

I have a renewed obsession with the Unif Hellbound boots and the only way I can begin to appease the shoe hungry monster is to buy rainbow laces. I'm planning on finding some platform black boots or maybe wedges to put these in, but for now, they are going in the Dr Martens.

The student loan is quite literally burning a hole in my bank account, I love shopping for clothes but I've got to the point where there is quite literally no point, I wear less clothes in summer anyway and there's FESTIVAL TICKETS TO BE BOUGHT WOOOOOOOOOOOO! These are the festivals I'm going to :

I can't wait to go back to Berlin for Melt! I had a fucking epic messy time there in January with my friends and I think this will be even better. 
Now I'm not the average blogger who prattles on about festival fashion and that kind of thing, rather than parading around like I'm at Coachella in 4 inch heels as if it's a fashion show I prefer a more relaxed, albeit crazy take on things. Within about an hour of reaching the festival and putting up my tent (like a pro I might add) I will probably look like I've been dragged through a hedge by a tramp and probably as drunk as one soo looking nice is out of the picture... Therefore, I don't plan outfits per-say apart from FANCY DRESS :D !!! Now anyone who knows me knows I love to dress up so I have put together a few key bits/pictures of me and my friends from last boom town to get the creative juices flowing  :

C3PO costume is well on it's way to completion - Gold unitard : ASOS , Mask : eBay ,  
Body paint : Amazon , 10 hole Dr Martens : here , Zombie nurse costume : eBay
Photos courtesy of Anne Marie Kemplay :)

A word of advice, when you go to a nipple tassle workshop and wear them away don't  expect them to stay on! you have been warned !!

The summer is nearly upon us.