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Thursday 16 January 2014





Stella McCartney platform dupe ~ C/O FrontRowShop

Why is it so much easier to write a blog post than a cover letter? I'm taking a little break from the myriad of job applications I'm doing today to share with you my newest acquisition, YES MORE SHOES! The lovely ladies at FrontRowShop asked me to choose an item to style and after seeing these on Pretty Sickly on Instagram I knew I wanted these. I've been..shall we say keen (obsessed) with getting my hands on a pair of shoes that resemble the Stella McCartney 'Kristy' pumps for a very long time, and finally these perfect little beauties are mine   I   A M   I N  L O V E ! 


Tuesday 14 January 2014


1. Schuh - Caterpillar Cat Colorado HERE
2. River Island - Light Pink Cleated Platforms HERE
3. ASOS - Alfonso ankle boots HERE
4. Windsor Smith - Crank platform sandals HERE
5. Nastygal - Jeffrey Campbell Chinook HERE
6. ASOS - Dialog slip ons HERE

Even though that shitty January feeling of Christmas being over and my bank account being empty I am still fantasizing about shoes far too much. I've been obsessing over the pink and white River Island platforms for about 3 weeks now, battling with my mind whether the are worth overdraft charges. Thanks god my common sense won out. 


Saturday 13 October 2012

Dads shoes.

 Sunny G's : Primark (my sisters)
Necklace : Primark (my sisters)
Lipstick : Revlon Va Va Violet

Sheer Top : Primark £5
Skirt : My sisters - vintage
Boots : My dads Dr Martens
Jacket : Vintage £5
Beanie : C/O Educate Elevate

Oh heeeeeey :) I hope I'm not the only one watching Dogma on telly right now, what a film!!I stayed at my dads house last night cos my flatmates went up to Newcastle to have fun and I didn't want to stay in the flat all alone, little did I know my wedge trainers wouldn't go with my outift so I thought, ya know what? I'm going to borrow my dads size 9 Dr Martens. Weird I know, but  I'm a size 7 so they are only two sizes bigger, and I kind of liked the oversized effect on shoes (check me out being all avant garde!). I can't get enough of my Educate Elevate beanie at the moment, it's great for bad hair days/cold heads. This jacket too!!! I can't believe it was only a fiver, It goes with everything, no longer do I wear any other jacket so guys it's going to be around a lot sorry :)

Friday 12 October 2012

Office Sale - Best bits :)

It's that time again, office are having a sale and my overdraft will be taking a beating. Here's my faves :

1. Neneh wedge leopard micro - WAS: £45.00 NOW: £15.00
2. Jeffrey Campbell Everest black leather WAS: £120.00 NOW: £70.00
3. Nighthawk stud off white leather WAS: £80.00 NOW:£40.004. Dark side black pu WAS: £75.00 NOW: £25.00 5. Sections black leather WAS: £65.00 NOW: £20.006. Dr. Martens 8 eyelet lace up bt navy leather WAS: £90.00 NOW: £60.00

Friday 3 August 2012

The Dark Knight Rises AGAIN : H&M Neon Heels Transparent bag

Sheer shirt : Vintage
Jacket : Topshop Vintage
Skirt : Zara
Heels : Topshop
Bag : H&M
Spiked Bracelet : Newlook

- Check out that fringing yo -

My lovely friend Hanna Hiller photographer extraordinaire managed to snap some outfit pics the other evening. We wondered around Angel having problems with meal deals (yeah apparently in Sainsburys Hula Hoops aren't included??), went to see the Dark Knight Rises AGAIN. Decided to get all dressed up because I haven't had a chance to wear these neon heels yet, what do you think? This is quite a change for me considering I'm usually traipsing about in Dr Martens.

Tuesday 29 May 2012

My midi obsession: Jessie J's dress, Aztec Primark and LOTS OF SHOES!

And more to the point I'm pretty sure I smashed the last one!!!! I celebrated by drinking a lot of cider ( I'm from the West Country that's what we do ) and sampling the delights at the London Fields outdoor swimming pool, the weather in London has been beautiful the past few days. Yesterday I received this amazing midi dress in the post from ASOS. I fell in love with this dress after seeing it one Jessie J on the voice, I managed to snap one up before they sold out quickly and I wore it out shopping today, I felt so fancy wearing it round Westfield Stratford :
bodycon midi dress
Dress: ASOS , Necklace: Peacocks , Boots: Topshop

I'm not sure exactly what RedBull does to me but it makes me WEIRD. About a week and a half ago I went to Primark and tried on this midi dress (below) and completely fell in love. However, being the cheapskate I am I didn't want to spend £13 on something from Primark when I probably couldn't get that much for it on eBay. Since the day I tried it on I have been no less than OBSESSING over this dress, to the point where I have been trawling eBay for it. Luckily, I managed to find one in Primark Westfield today.  
Bodycon aztec midi dress
As you can probably see I have a small obsession with midi dresses at the moment, which is ideal because walking down the road in East London wearing anything short results in numerous disgusting men shouting out of their shitty, stupidly loud cars. I really don't understand them at all, has any of them EVER pulled anyone apart from a crack-whore from shouting 'hey.. hey you girl' out of their car window? I'm guessing NEVER. The irony of the situation is that if you tell them to fuck off they start getting janky about your looks. I will never understand men. Rant over. 
I love this bralet I managed to find is the chaos of Primark, the aztec-y print and pastels are really cool for the summer. Although, be warned if you don't have tiny boobs, the cups are really small, I even got a size up and it's still a bit on the small side.

I LOVE these sunglasses, a bargain at just £2 and I feel like I'm channelling Beyonce in her Linda Farrows seen earlier this year.

I am still obsessed with tie dye, I really can't get enough of it and it's everywhere at the moment in the best possible way. This bodysuit is going to be my latest tie dye project, I'm going to try and make a multicoloured spiral effect. It's so fun and satisfying to tie dye your own clothes, so easy and simple to get a professional looking piece and it's SO CHEAP. I promise to post a tutorial in the next few days :)

I'm really looking forward to a summer filled with blogging, and hopefully a summer full of new shoes if I can get a job. Here's a few rad pairs I want to get my hands on :

  1. Floral flatforms -  £35 River Island
  2. Black flatforms - £19.99 eBay
  3. T-Bar studded Jeffrey Campbell Foxy lookalikes - £44.99 Missguided
  4. Chunky platforms - £40.99 Missguided 
  5. Viper flatforms - £50 ASOS
  6. Block heel platforms - £22.99 eBay 

Oooooh I can't wait for Radio 1's Hackney weekend coming up at the end of June, is anyone else going? 

love Frankie

Saturday 19 May 2012

Studded shoulders, Jeffrey Campbells and a Summery dress, quitting my job and Chloe Green's shoes

Jacket: eBay and DIY

Dress: Topshop , Fishnets: Primark , Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell , Necklace: Marc Jacobs

So this week has been really weird...I went for a catch up lunch with my friend Emily and ended up going to Brighton for a couple of days which was amazing! BUT I had to quit my job as a shot girl which was ridiculously stressful. If you don't know of what  being a shot girl consists of here's a run down:

  1.  Most shifts took place in crappy West End clubs, where I was required to wear 'thick foundation' and 'fake eyelashes at all times' along with a 'sexy, short, tight dress and heels'.
  2. I then had to pay up to £110 per bottle of alcohol up front (before selling anything) and provide my own mixers (red bull or lime cordial).
  3. Then I had to MAJORLY under-pour alcohol ( to even earn any money, I had to use 1/3 of alcohol that would normally be used by the bar) to drunk cretins who have no respect for my personal space.
  4. I'd  sell  shots for six hours at prices that were £2 cheaper than the bar but nobody bloody wants to buy them.
  5. Then I'd get to the end of the night, if I hadn't sold the '2 bottle minimum' (which is extremely hard with five other girls trying to do the same thing) I have to pay £220 and often leave with nothing.
The amount of money I made rendered the job something more like the worlds shittest hobby (if your hobby is being groped by disgusting city boys and bitched at by chavvy girls). I did have a few really good nights but I think the things I had to put up with took the shine off a bit. My manager/pimp didn't really care about me, so I finally just said you know what...shove the job I'm worth more than that.

Rant over.

So this week saw the launch of Chloe Green's shoe range for Topshop. 

But on the upside, things may be looking up for me where the fashion world is concerned, I think I may be getting more styling work (watch this space) and I'm free to pursue a part time job (hopefully in  shop I like) that doesn't involve debasing myself for money :) 

The glass is half full.

Monday 14 May 2012

When I got 90's braids, tie dye outfit of the day and my LUSTLIST

Going to keep this one short and sweet, exam period and all that. The past week I have been OBSESSED with getting my hair braided, to the point where the other morning I was up till 5am no less looking at video tutorials and pictures of other peoples braids. Unable to revise I did the only thing I could possibly do in such a situation. Went to Peckham and got my hair did :)

Denim Shirt: Topshop , Tank top: Boy London

Ta DAAAA! What do you think? I cried several times (looking like that music teacher Jess went out with on new girl, such an ugly crier) when I got home with this new style, but eventually after much encouragement from my sister and my boyfriend I have embraced it. I now feel like I'm channelling Janet Jackson in Poetic Justice or Moesha - generally just awesome 90's hair.
My dad on the other hand said I just look like I came back from a holiday to Barbados haha!

Today was supposed to be sunny (in my mind anyway) so I dressed appropriately...
Crop top: Topshop , Shorts: DIY Vintage Levi 501 , Necklace: Federation Bristol ,
Spiked Bracelet:  Forever 21  _ photos by my lovely housemate Jackie <3

It wasn't sunny. But I feel summery anyway, I love this crop top, tie dye as you have probably figured out is one of my favourite things at the moment along with shoulder cut outs, I wish I could do one this complicated but alas I'm not that skilled. This outfit is perfect for lazing around in London Fields like I'm going to be doing all summer. Luckily enough I'm not venturing outside today as the weather is a bit shit, my first exam is tomorrow and I need to revise more eeeeek!

Rings : H&m , Don't know , Topshop

I really need to get on and book a summer holiday, the way things are going at the moment I will have spent all the holiday money on clothes.One of my recent purchases is a black leather backpack from eBay which was only £7.00 I can't wait for it to come!! You should see the backpack  I'm using at the moment it's my little sisters pink and brown Roxy one euughh..

Also something I need to share with you is the Myunidays discount IT IS AMAZING! As a student, to get student discount online at places like Asos and Topshop you need to buy an NUS extra card that costs £11, or pinch an NUS card number of a friend. Alas, I have never bought one being a complete cheapskate so when I heard about myunidays I was ecstatic

Various percentages of discounts are available for:


from this website.
This is honestly one of the best things I have been introduced to lately and I wanted to share the joy :D . 

Here's a few other things I want/have just bought:

  1. Splash dyed Topshop denim sleeveless shirt £38 - this shirt is lush but in no way would I pat that amount of money for it... I think I smell a DIY coming on...
  2. Jeffrey Campbell Back off in Silver $179.95 -  A little bit more badass than the Acne Atacoma wedges
  3. Yin Yang leggings  £3.99 eBay -  Just bought these, I love the print, so 90's AND so much cheaper than the Topshop ones
  4. Plate spike belt Asos £12.75 with myunidays discount!!!! - I have been lusting over this belt for a while can't wait to wear it with my black high waisted shorts.
  5. Jeffrey Campbell Stinger Spike $139.95 - I NEED these, I lovelovelove transparent clothing/accessories at the moment!
  6. Motel at ASOS Midi dress £28 - Now usually I don't buy from motel (the quality can be a bit iffy and EVERYTHING is hand wash only!) but I LOVE the print and I think it's about time I got a midi.
  7. Black Milk Cathedral Leggings £46.76 - Definitely going to buy these this week, been waiting for them to be restocked for ages! I love the print, it is an actual image of a stain glass window in France oooooh.
  8. Jelly shoes £14.99 JuJu - Bought to my attention by my house mate Jackie this morning I am in DIRE need of these shoes, so transparent and jellyey I can't get enough of them

Listen.......can you hear that?...... my bank account is crying.

Saturday 24 March 2012

Sunny day, Tartan Litas and eBay vintage

I woke up this morning to lovely hot sun streaming through the window and thought ya know what? I'm going to put on less clothes than usual today. My lovely friend Hanna Hillier from The Sheet came over today and we chilled with Jackie and Patrick (my house mates) in the park. had a picnic, did some hooping drank some Thatchers Katys cider and had a generally lovely time. I'm helping out Hanna with some test shoots tomorrow for the agency she works for, just a bit of styling/waving cardboard to make the models hair blow about haha! I can't wait the last shoot she did with Gigi I got to help out with and it was so much fun. 

Anyway.... this is what I wore today
Where is it from?
Head scarf : Charity shop
Necklace : Marc Jacobs
Shirt : Camden market
Top : Topshop
Shorts : Levis - Camden
Wedge trainers : H&M


I got some fucking epic Jeffrey Campbells in the post!

Now, I'm not the kind of person to spend £120 on admittedly stupid looking shoes.... but £50 on stupid TARTAN shoes and you've got yourself a deal !
I like to think of these bad boys as the rejects of the lita crew... not all studded like the 'cool' ones that everyone wants right now, or the go with everything plain black ones, not scouse-wife enough like the glitter ones. 
Tartan is where its at, punky, little bit 90's a lot of red. 

Where is it from?

Denim Jacket : eBay vintage
Dress : Topshop
Shoes : Jeffrey Campbell

The satisfaction of never really having to proof read my blog (unlike uni essays, yes I have a uni shaped chip on my shoulder) is making me very smug.


Monday 19 March 2012

What I need in my life / Boy London

Today I got all dressed up to go to uni but couldn't be arsed to go in, so I stayed at home and did work. I thought seeing as Queen Mary has just become a Russell group uni I might find it in me to put in a bit more effort. 
Or not....
Still waiting for my denim jacket and litas to arrive in the post, should have seen me running down the stairs this morning to check the post! 

ALSO ... I have a really cool DIY coming up soon of Boy London hats. 
To give you some background...

Boy London is an iconic label created by Stephane Raynor in 1977 that was seen everywhere in the 80's on the chicest trend-setters to club kids. 
Now as a favourite label of Rihanna and other celebrities it has made a huge comeback over the last year or so. I will be recreating this hat:

Although it only retails at £30 I can't afford it atm (thanks to my crippling eBay addiction)
And it's really easy to make 

WATCH THIS SPACE - tutorial to come.

And because I'm so poor I've decided to put together a wishlist of stuff I would buy right now if I wasn't so skint :) 


1.Colour block shorts - River Island

2. Multicolour Nail varnish - Topshop

3. Smile Belt - Asos

4. 80's jacket - Rokit QUICK SOMEONE BUY ME THIS!!!

5. Flatform / platform leopard print trainers - Office

6. Banana print T-Shirt dress - ASOS

7. Gym Satan Laundry muscle T - UNIF

Saturday 10 March 2012

Boris, sort your bikes out mate - H&M Wedge Trainers & Roman Road

So today me and my friends decided to utilise the new Boris bikes everywhere in our area. RUBBISH! Apart from taking about 5 minutes every time you want to take one out the stupid thing kept on saying 'sorry unable to process your order' when I inserted my card to receive MY RIGHTFUL BLOODY 24 HOURS OF BIKE USAGE! SERIOUSLY BORIS


Aaaannyway.... today I decided to d├ębut my new wedge trainers and let me tell you I am in love. These bad boys were comfy (for the first three hours of traipsing around Roman Road) cool and I had that kinda swagger you get from wearing hells , but really it looked like I wasn't from the front. And every time I looked down I was flashed a little bit of neon acid yellow which made me smile :) 

I picked up a really cool (in my opinion) multicolour knitted hippie cardi (pictures to follow)perfect for BoomTown 2012 methinks . My house mate thought it was minging, how wrong she will be , get some studs on that lovely and we might just have something. Also, come up with another really good DIY I'm gonna get down to soon, with plenty of piks of course.

My coat I bought from an army store for £7 in Camden, accessorized with a maky piece of fur I picked up off eBay for 99p no less ( I think it's a strong look though). My jeans are topshop and my shoes are of course the H&M wedge trainers. My necklace is from peacocks.

ttyl bitches.

Thursday 1 March 2012

SS12 TREND: Isabel Marant Wedge Trainers

These amazing Isobel Marant trainers have been seen everywhere at fashion week !
Whether or not these trainers are a micro-trend I'm not sure, but they are FRESSSSSSHHHHHHHH!
As a girl who loves her high tops these are a must have, casual street wear with  a fashion twist, although the £440 price tag takes them out of my price range. 


The cool ones are sold out everywhere so I couldn't buy them even if I maxed out my overdraft YAY!

Marc Jacobs has also got in on this trend with these bad boys:

Not gonna lie I would sell my left hand for a pair of these... I'd save money on gloves.

After pining for half the morning over fresh kicks I cannot afford I was browsing the H&M website and came across these bad boys:

Not bad for £19.99

I'm thinking I'll style them like this:
Someone please hide my debit card from me I shouldn't be allowed invisible money!
Picked up some tings from the St Michaels Hospice charity shop yesterday, I'll blog all about it later
ttyl bitches.