Saturday 31 March 2012

DIY Tie Dye shorts, crop top and everything else I've recently aquired

Had a pretty hectic couple of weeks had a dyslexia screening (I am seriously challenged in the spelling/writing area), been ill, had MANY uni deadlines, but now I'm free for a bit YAY!! 

 So for the last couple of months I've been dying to get tie dying a bunch of stuff, my dad bought me a bunch of Dylon hand dyes but  hadn't got round to actually dying anything.
Soooo.... after a hungover wonder around Waitrose my house mate Ailbhe beseeched  me to get on with it yesterday and these are the results:

 The results were great! My  favourite is the crop top, I can't wait to wear it, styled with some black cut off Levis, denim  jacket, Dr Martens and my circular sunny G's.
It was so easy.

I used this tutorial but used multiple colours.
The colours I  used in Dylon hand dyes were:

Tropical green
Flamingo Pink 
Ocean Blue
Intense Violet

 All are available in my favourite art shop in Hoxton but are cheap with free postage here on eBay , they have 24 colours I WANT THEM ALL. I also just ought LOADS of studs from eBay, going to stud up my vtg denim jacket and the tie dyed shorts. But in the meantime I NEED TO TIE DYE EVERYTHING I OWN.

I said  I would put up a photo of my new rainbow jumper I got from a charity shop on Roman Road so here you go :

How cool is that !

I also got :

Aztec holey crop top from Topshop

'Smile' belt bought by my lovely boyfriend from ASOS

I apologise for the slight shittyness of this post, I am VERY hungover from a night at The Alibi last night 
These photos pretty much sum it up:

I have no idea who that man is, but he loved the shoes.
I also just remembered I had a dream I was playing football in the street with my friends, as you do, then when the ball went behind the bin and lo and behold I found a pair of ISABEL MARANT WEDGE TRAINERS!!!! Woke up feeling a little disappointed not gonna lie..

I'm going to go watch hunger games 
Have a lovely Saturday :)


  1. oh gaaaad amazing finds!
    Your blog is fucking great!! I follow you now!!!
    keep it up! Great posts!

  2. hey, what tutorial did you use to tie die the stuff? :) thanks ,i love this so much! x

  3. I used this tutorial for the t shirta

    and for the shorts and the skirt I just poured dyes on them

    Hope that helps


  4. You've inspired me to tie dye my clothes


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