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Tuesday 14 January 2014


1. Schuh - Caterpillar Cat Colorado HERE
2. River Island - Light Pink Cleated Platforms HERE
3. ASOS - Alfonso ankle boots HERE
4. Windsor Smith - Crank platform sandals HERE
5. Nastygal - Jeffrey Campbell Chinook HERE
6. ASOS - Dialog slip ons HERE

Even though that shitty January feeling of Christmas being over and my bank account being empty I am still fantasizing about shoes far too much. I've been obsessing over the pink and white River Island platforms for about 3 weeks now, battling with my mind whether the are worth overdraft charges. Thanks god my common sense won out. 


Monday 19 August 2013

Stuff I want to buy No. 2

platform timberland
1. Ebay - £2.95 /  2. Topshop - £22 / 3. ASOS - £153 / 4. Zara - £179 / 5. Topshop - £55 
6. River Island - £20 / 7. Topshop - £25 / 8. River Island -  £15 / 9. River Island - £12 / 10. Topshop- £24 
11. Windsor Smith -  £87.00 / 12. Monki - £2.50 / 13. Tilted Sole - £122 / 
14. Monki - £50 / 15. ASOS - £150

I'm selling a couple of bits on Ebay HERE
username : frankie2291

Go buy my stuff so I can buy this stuff :D pleaaaaaaaaaaase !

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Wednesday 10 April 2013

WISHLIST : Just a few things I need in my life...

1. I'm in love with 80's style dangly earrings at the moment, and these are only £8 - HERE-

2. One of my bezzies Amy had this when we went to the Dam, so surprised she got it off Ebay for             £5.99    - HERE -

3. This t shirt is pretty simple, I love the multicoloured letters, £25 - HERE -

4. Two words BAD. ASS. £85 - HERE - 

5. Someone please by me Eddie Izzard tickets ? I need to see this man, he is HILARIOUS, £40 - HERE -

6. I'm well into cat eye sunglasses at the moment and I love these, £25 - HERE - 

7. I first saw this T shirt of Georgia  and I had to have it, mine came today after MONTHS of waiting    wtf... $39.00 - HERE - 

8. I have the grey tie-dye version of these but I want the white ones soo bad! £40 - HERE -

9. I already bought this too and I LOVE IT, it's great for chucking over a crop top and shorts to make it a bit more interesting, £25 with 20% off with 'frankie-dakin' -HERE-

10. Not sure how you get around the nipple problem with this one but I want it anyway, £22 - HERE - 

11. This shirt reminds me of the Fresh Prince a little which I love :), £23.99 - HERE - 

12. I'm so glad they bought this vtg 90's style out in blue NEED, £105.00 - HERE -

13. I've been perving over these shorts for weeks, wondering if I could make them myself - alas I'll probs just buy them when loan comes in, £85.00 - HERE -

14. Kinda reminds me of KTZ, £9.99 - HERE -

15. My computer is slowly dying, I wish this wasn't a gazillion pounds :(

16. Such a good lookalike of those Balenciaga bad-boys, £90 - HERE -

17. MAN IT'S SO CHEAP! £8.99 - HERE - 

And this is why I have no money... 


Monday 11 March 2013

Been a long time : LFW Street style, giveaway winner + Wishlist

 photo DSC00794_zps8e1a0b69.jpg
Well aware I look bloody awful in this picture #ugly

Sunny G's - Primark 
Shirt - Brick Lane Market £5
Jacket - Vintage Escada Hanna's
Leggings - Primark £14
Shoes - Topshop via Ebay £15

 photo DSC00796_zps480d4708.jpg

 photo DSC00790_zps3d9bb514.jpg

 photo DSC00777_zpsfcc77c25.jpg

 photo DSC00774_zpsc6539bce.jpg

 photo DSC00771_zps5148a4eb.jpg

 photo DSC00767_zps9a73cdc5.jpg

 photo DSC00773_zpse3fccdb5.jpg

 photo DSC00776_zps133ecca8.jpg

 photo DSC00779_zpsed381d28.jpg

 photo DSC00780_zpsb2a2032d.jpg

 photo DSC00810_zps117dd7cb.jpg

 photo DSC00802_zpsb6f8fdf0.jpg

 photo DSC00800_zps7c12c5de.jpg

 photo DSC00807_zpsa6d8a1b3.jpg

 photo DSC00799_zpscce37801.jpg

 photo DSC00798_zpsac51dcbb.jpg

 photo DSC00791_zpsbc8a4a72.jpg

Hey guys, I know it's been  long time. I've been knee deep in clunge deadlines and blogging has taken a back-seat I'm afraid. Also, I keep on having these little epis like, why do I blog? is there any point ? Is it boring for everyone to read? Should I be posting swatches of all my makeup?? Dressing up in something I'm not actually wearing that day? It's so cold, dressing nice is hard man! Wah Wah Waahhhhh! It''s been difficult, but I'm going to keep at it and be me. So decide to do this post showing you a few cool looks I photog'd (badly) at LFW :) I miss it already, I met so many cool people, I hung out with Jen from for the whole thing and she is a BABE, I wouldn't have had a clue if she wasn't there with me. We were complete blaggers - managed to get  free Mac makeovers and goodybags- they said they were booked up but hanging around worked. I also met Promise  of Follow me in 5inch heels, Wunmi from Daisy-mak, Breeny-Lee, Melissa from Melissa's Wardrobe, Liv from Fashion Somebody and Lucia from Lucia Lolita. Nice to hang out with other boggers, I did feel a little like an imposter though haha!

In other news... The winner of my giveaway is DUH DUH DUUUUUUH

Lucy B. ^_^

I've emailed you YAY!

Also...THANKS BABBAS to everyone who subscribed to my Youttube channel!!!! I have only done one video and got 107 subs BOO-YA! I want to do another tonight, It'll probably be another haul/ update, but let me know if you'd like to see anything in particular? 

Last but not least, I've been wanting to do a wishlist for ages now. Been shopping like crazy and always wanting more, and I think I've found a few gems you'll appreciate:

1. ASOS Fatal sandals - £45 - These are amazing! It would be nice to feel like a hard nut wearing these, remind me of Docs a little :)
2. Monki Mella bra - £12 -  Sexy and comfy, best of both - and only £12.
3. Miss Selfridge white leather jacket - £165 -  Bloody expensive, but I lust after this at work all the time, justification = timeless.
4. Ebay Smiley face crop top - £5.99 - Cheap and fun, seen this on a lot of sites for triple  the price, Ebay FTW.
5. Barry M Matte White nai polish - £2.99 -  Don't know why but I don't have a white nail polish, this matte one would be perfect.
6. Adidas Super Tech Ink - £90 - Had my eye on these for a while, they look amazing on and a nice change from Nikes
7. Topman Tiger print shirt - £30 -  I wanted to buy this for Rob, but it's a bit too jazzy for him - all the better for me :D
8. Rihanna for River Island dungaree crop top - £30 -  It's sold out online but still in shops. Wasn't sure  till I tried it on but I can feel I'm going to be wearing this all summer!
9. Nelly Holographic perspex heels - £45 - Perfect. Need to stop buying strappy sandals too, who do I think I am, Rihanna?
10. Educate Elevate Slammin' tee - £20 - I love this  brand, so effing 90's, fresh and with a great message, saw this on their Instagram AND I WANT IT! Would make it into a sick crop top.
11. Topshop Astrix chunky boots - £40 - Best purchase I've made all week, so much love for these!!!!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand ..... I've been nominated for that Company blogger thingy so if you like le blog it would be nice if you could nominate me, might get to go to some glitzy event  and god knows I never get to go to any!

Loads of love 

Tuesday 22 January 2013

My Clique

 photo DSC00431_zps0b1a264e.jpg

 photo DSC00435_zps192eb56c.jpg

 photo DSC00453_zpsd86a1577.jpg
Jacket : Vintage Levi's £12
Jumper : Vintage Armani 
Leggings : Joe Browns
Platform Timberlands : TK Maxx £20

Heeeeey :) Just went to write a new post and saw...
Actually 399 if you count me following myself.Thanks if you're reading or taking a look. Blogging (although I don't do it nearly enough) is one of the few things that makes me genuinely happy and I'm so grateful people don't think my blog is shit :D I did buy some bits for a giveaway now I just have to find them in my floordrobe.
 This post is a little different to my usual don't you think? My friend Gabby who I live with was wearing this frankly awesome outfit the other day and I had to document it on this blog. Luckily, she let me take a few pictures of her for which we ventured on to the scaffolding on our flat, I know right! We are dangerous bitches! I hope you like her outfit and the photography skills *cough cough* haha! I am sick of posting pictures of myself at the moment I think I'll be doing something different in between if that's okay? Anyhow,  weather has been atrocious at the moment, so I've been cooped in (by cooped in I mean at Westfield) shopping and fackin hell man got some nice bits and bobs to show you :) I'm still in the process if editing my youtube video...tbf that shit is LOOOOOOOONG.  So bear with me if you can. Now I haven't made a whishlist for ages so it's about bloody time :

  1. Proper 90's boots H&M £29.99 HERE - I want to stomp everywhere in these and with 25% off online H&M with this code 0241 I did it.
  2. Paisley Bomber Topshop £60 HERE - It's shiny. Enough said.
  3. Iridescent clutch Bershka £19.99 HERE - If you say you don't like iridescent stuff you're lying :) 
  4. New York Mesh jersey Internationale £9.99 HERE - So Rihanna, love it!
  5. Cut out high waisted bikini Topshop £32 HERE - There's a possibility of Thailand soon so tried this on it looks sick!!
  6. The Ivania Carpio Chocker £7.95 HERE - I am an avid reader of Ivania's blog but I am envious of all her D.I.Y jewellery and this piece inspired by her creations is AMAZING.
  7. ASOS Hometown sandals £40 HERE - I first saw these on Sheree's blog and fell in love, the chunky heel and the super thin foot strap is what got me, oh and they are shiny.
  8. Elbow length cheetah crop Topshop £14 HERE - The length of the sleeves is so TLC it's ridiculous, getting this right now!
  9. Coated Dungaree dress Miss Selfridge £42 HERE - I will definitely be getting this on uniform, it's bloody gorgeous, would look amazing with my cheetah crop top wheeyyy!!! 
I'll leave it at that before I have to file for bankruptcy 

Love :D

Tuesday 13 November 2012

GIMME : ASOS Edition

Thought I'd torture myself and browse through ASOS tonight and man I wish I hadn't! Shitloads of amazing stuff and no money to be had in my bank account D: Thought I'd share a few of my picks of the new in and a couple of random finds ENJOY :)

  1. ASOS Rainbow Hologram T shirt HERE - This is just dope. No other words.
  2. ASOS Colourblock Green leather biker HERE -  Green is my favourite colour, murky-love it.
  3.  Markus Lupfer Leather peg leg trousers HERE - Amazing fit! Leather all the way baby!
  4. Warehouse Fleur De Lys belt HERE -  Warehouse you dark horse you!
  5. ASOS Jewel Cross Earrings HERE - Tacky + big = ME
  6. Wildfox 1991 Sweatshirt HERE - Bet this is a bitch to clean but I'm from 1991 so YES!
  7. Cheap Monday cropped knitted jumper HERE - Why haven't I got a cropped knit yet? Why haven't we all??

Sleeping is for losers HA!

Tuesday 11 September 2012

Knits, prints and stiletto nails

Beanie : Ebay
Jumper : Bootsale 
Necklace : Ebay
Watch : Ebay HERE
Skirt : Charity shop 
Bag : Primark
Boots : Jeffrey Campbell Tardy via Office

Wednesday 4 July 2012

Bleached denim, sheer dress leopard creepers and my Electric Elephant Wishlist

I can no longer say that I live in my own grotty student flat, I've moved back to the family home for the summer ...woooo. I can't complain really, after the last couple of months of having one meal a day (I prefer clothes to food, although you can't really tell by my figure) and not hoovering once, I am welcomed by the cleanest house in the world with a fridge full of Elderflower cordial and  all the Parma ham and frankfurters I can stuff my face with. Wow a lot of pork right there.. I like scones too :)

Despite the miserable weather in London at the moment it was still 18 degrees today so I dressed accordingly, grungy and as little as possible. Here's what I wore :

Denim Jacket : Calvin Klein via ebay + DIY, Sheer dress : my sisters (vintage), Skirt : Topshop , 
Crop top : Topshop Sale, Creepers : Underground.

Anyway, Electric Elephant has crept up on me, I'm going to Croatia on TUESDAY! I didn't even think about doing any holiday shopping until this evening, I haven't enough money for anything really. definately want a new bikini though. Has anyone ever been to Electric Elephant? Or any other Croatian festivals for that matter, I'd love advice on EVERYTHING as I'm practically clueless.

Oh what I'd buy if I had the money.... Here's my summer wishlist :

  1. Boots : ASOS here
  2. Parrot Leggings : BamBam here
  3. Earrings : ASOS here
  4. HOW AWESOME IS THIS HAT?? : Kokon to Zai here
  5. Bikini : Newlook here
  6. Shorts : Topshop here
  7. Neon top : Forver 21 here
  8. Sunny G's : ASOS here
  9. Lipstick : Topshop here

Maybe, if you'd like to fund some of this stuff ( I am a complete charity case) you could buy these lovely boots on my ebay here


Tuesday 29 May 2012

My midi obsession: Jessie J's dress, Aztec Primark and LOTS OF SHOES!

And more to the point I'm pretty sure I smashed the last one!!!! I celebrated by drinking a lot of cider ( I'm from the West Country that's what we do ) and sampling the delights at the London Fields outdoor swimming pool, the weather in London has been beautiful the past few days. Yesterday I received this amazing midi dress in the post from ASOS. I fell in love with this dress after seeing it one Jessie J on the voice, I managed to snap one up before they sold out quickly and I wore it out shopping today, I felt so fancy wearing it round Westfield Stratford :
bodycon midi dress
Dress: ASOS , Necklace: Peacocks , Boots: Topshop

I'm not sure exactly what RedBull does to me but it makes me WEIRD. About a week and a half ago I went to Primark and tried on this midi dress (below) and completely fell in love. However, being the cheapskate I am I didn't want to spend £13 on something from Primark when I probably couldn't get that much for it on eBay. Since the day I tried it on I have been no less than OBSESSING over this dress, to the point where I have been trawling eBay for it. Luckily, I managed to find one in Primark Westfield today.  
Bodycon aztec midi dress
As you can probably see I have a small obsession with midi dresses at the moment, which is ideal because walking down the road in East London wearing anything short results in numerous disgusting men shouting out of their shitty, stupidly loud cars. I really don't understand them at all, has any of them EVER pulled anyone apart from a crack-whore from shouting 'hey.. hey you girl' out of their car window? I'm guessing NEVER. The irony of the situation is that if you tell them to fuck off they start getting janky about your looks. I will never understand men. Rant over. 
I love this bralet I managed to find is the chaos of Primark, the aztec-y print and pastels are really cool for the summer. Although, be warned if you don't have tiny boobs, the cups are really small, I even got a size up and it's still a bit on the small side.

I LOVE these sunglasses, a bargain at just £2 and I feel like I'm channelling Beyonce in her Linda Farrows seen earlier this year.

I am still obsessed with tie dye, I really can't get enough of it and it's everywhere at the moment in the best possible way. This bodysuit is going to be my latest tie dye project, I'm going to try and make a multicoloured spiral effect. It's so fun and satisfying to tie dye your own clothes, so easy and simple to get a professional looking piece and it's SO CHEAP. I promise to post a tutorial in the next few days :)

I'm really looking forward to a summer filled with blogging, and hopefully a summer full of new shoes if I can get a job. Here's a few rad pairs I want to get my hands on :

  1. Floral flatforms -  £35 River Island
  2. Black flatforms - £19.99 eBay
  3. T-Bar studded Jeffrey Campbell Foxy lookalikes - £44.99 Missguided
  4. Chunky platforms - £40.99 Missguided 
  5. Viper flatforms - £50 ASOS
  6. Block heel platforms - £22.99 eBay 

Oooooh I can't wait for Radio 1's Hackney weekend coming up at the end of June, is anyone else going? 

love Frankie