Tuesday 29 May 2012

My midi obsession: Jessie J's dress, Aztec Primark and LOTS OF SHOES!

And more to the point I'm pretty sure I smashed the last one!!!! I celebrated by drinking a lot of cider ( I'm from the West Country that's what we do ) and sampling the delights at the London Fields outdoor swimming pool, the weather in London has been beautiful the past few days. Yesterday I received this amazing midi dress in the post from ASOS. I fell in love with this dress after seeing it one Jessie J on the voice, I managed to snap one up before they sold out quickly and I wore it out shopping today, I felt so fancy wearing it round Westfield Stratford :
bodycon midi dress
Dress: ASOS , Necklace: Peacocks , Boots: Topshop

I'm not sure exactly what RedBull does to me but it makes me WEIRD. About a week and a half ago I went to Primark and tried on this midi dress (below) and completely fell in love. However, being the cheapskate I am I didn't want to spend £13 on something from Primark when I probably couldn't get that much for it on eBay. Since the day I tried it on I have been no less than OBSESSING over this dress, to the point where I have been trawling eBay for it. Luckily, I managed to find one in Primark Westfield today.  
Bodycon aztec midi dress
As you can probably see I have a small obsession with midi dresses at the moment, which is ideal because walking down the road in East London wearing anything short results in numerous disgusting men shouting out of their shitty, stupidly loud cars. I really don't understand them at all, has any of them EVER pulled anyone apart from a crack-whore from shouting 'hey.. hey you ...sexy girl' out of their car window? I'm guessing NEVER. The irony of the situation is that if you tell them to fuck off they start getting janky about your looks. I will never understand men. Rant over. 
I love this bralet I managed to find is the chaos of Primark, the aztec-y print and pastels are really cool for the summer. Although, be warned if you don't have tiny boobs, the cups are really small, I even got a size up and it's still a bit on the small side.

I LOVE these sunglasses, a bargain at just £2 and I feel like I'm channelling Beyonce in her Linda Farrows seen earlier this year.

I am still obsessed with tie dye, I really can't get enough of it and it's everywhere at the moment in the best possible way. This bodysuit is going to be my latest tie dye project, I'm going to try and make a multicoloured spiral effect. It's so fun and satisfying to tie dye your own clothes, so easy and simple to get a professional looking piece and it's SO CHEAP. I promise to post a tutorial in the next few days :)

I'm really looking forward to a summer filled with blogging, and hopefully a summer full of new shoes if I can get a job. Here's a few rad pairs I want to get my hands on :

  1. Floral flatforms -  £35 River Island
  2. Black flatforms - £19.99 eBay
  3. T-Bar studded Jeffrey Campbell Foxy lookalikes - £44.99 Missguided
  4. Chunky platforms - £40.99 Missguided 
  5. Viper flatforms - £50 ASOS
  6. Block heel platforms - £22.99 eBay 

Oooooh I can't wait for Radio 1's Hackney weekend coming up at the end of June, is anyone else going? 

love Frankie


  1. love that versece-esque midi,it looks stunning on!
    really want those black ebay flatforms too!
    great blog, now following,
    mantenso xx

    1. Thanks so much :) glad to hear it




    J x

    p.s. erm those sunnies primarni really? dang!

    J X

    1. Thanks :) I know ! I was shocked when I saw them !

  3. Love both dresses !
    Especially the Primark one it looks so expensive :)
    New Follower :)


  4. love the primark dress. looks amazing on you x


  5. Replies
    1. Thanks very much :) definitely entering your giveaway X

  6. I deffo adore your asos black&white dress-fits you well, really magnificent!

    may be we can follow each other? Just let me know and I'll surely return the favor!



  7. the dress looks grea on you. x angie

  8. that bralet is too cute!!


  9. FALLEN IN LOVE WITH YOU/YOUR BLOG! Your style is amazing <3 So jealous of you having this dress, when I went to buy it it was sold out in petite :( boo!

    1. Thanks :) Yeah I managed to get it at like 2am when it mysteriously appeared in a size ten on the asos website, must have had a return so lucky though!


  10. Laughed at the title of your blog! You look great. Followed. xx

  11. the asos dress at the top of the page
    do you know if there are any more left in the shop so i can get one or any more in other shops

    btw loving the fashion advice


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