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Saturday 3 August 2013

OOTD : Missguided AW13 Preview

New folder

New folder3


Cycling shorts - cut up fishnets
Shoes - Topshop 
Sunny G's - Asos
Bag - C/O La Moda 

The guy says - "Lovely, reminds me of the Flintstones film"

Hey hey! I'm back in Bristol and it's bloody raining - GASH! So I thought 'd do yet another blog post this week, on the Missguided AW13 preview I had the pleasure of going to on Thursday. I went with the lovely Jen and it was smashing, I never eat breakfast so when I got there I demolished the buffet table and drank about six cocktails and lets just say I was very merry! I took some photos of my favorite bits of the new collection - we even met the designer who was such a babe. There was so much amazingness, fluffy two pieces straight out of scary spices wardrobe, fluffy coats, a whole load of Alexander Wang sports - luxe inspired pieces, embroidered two pieces, dope prints, dresses and I fell in love with the jeweled biker. I was really pleasantly surprised, Missguided seem to have stepped their game up - really wasn't expecting to be like ERRMAGAARDD I WANT EVERYTHING! 

Moving on, my boyfriend has decided that I should include a new element to my blog called 'The guy says' (he named it himself) which basically consists of a quote from the man himself on what he thinks of my outfit (like I give a shit anyway). I've decided to humor him for now, it might be funny -  let me know what your thoughts on it are, I'm not convinced. Despite what he says, looking like a Flintstone isn't bad - how cool is this shirt?? I love how bright it is and the size means it also doubles up as a kimono. My girl Suzan at La Moda sent me this really weird backpack which  wore to the Missguided event - by weird I mean awesome, I'm into it and it's now going everywhere with me THANKS :D
 I'm really hungry now, so that's it all done :) Hope you all have a lavly weekend - despite the crappy weather 

Smell you later ^_^


Thursday 1 August 2013

OOTD : Jellies n' ting

2013-06-26 14.49.42

2013-06-26 14.48.52

2013-06-26 14.50.11

Wassup wassup? I'm feeling industrious this week - more than one blog post check me out ;)  I can't help but feel the first ever GIF I have ever made may be slightly annoying- all that moveyness hmmmm, don't hesitate to comment if you feel it should never happen again haha!
These shorts are yet another absolute diamond of a find from Vintage Basement (just off Brick Lane - GO GO GO !!), I was going to cut them shorter but Jen said I shouldn't and I'm so glad I didn't - the length is perfect for London, creepy perv proof! My friend Emma came up with a theory that there is at least one creepy man per 20m squared in London - this is definitely true I think someone should do a thesis on it. On the subject of academic stuff I GOT A 2.1 - S A Y   W H A T ??? Man I was so shocked  - FUCK YOU GEOGRAPHY - HIGH FIVE EVERYONE :D 

In other news, I'm going to Bristol this weekend to see my lavly boyfriend and more importantly hook back up with the West Country Massive (AKA my friends) - hopefully the weather isn't shit, cider's flowing and everyone parties like its 1999. ALSO are you of you lovelies going to Shambala? I'm scraping money together - might have to prostitute myself but I am going. Let me know if you are :D

love Frankie

Friday 26 July 2013







Kimono - H&M
Playsuit - Vintage
Shoes - H&M
Body Chain - DIY
Sunglasses - ASOS

I just love to avoid, social media (especially Facebook and Twitter at the moment :S), moving, doing anything apart from eating and reading fantasy books...... I got back from holiday a couple of weeks ago now and I've only just managed to be arsed to do a blog post #lame .I was supposed to do shitloads of holiday posts too, but that went out the window with no makeup, spending all my time in a bikini and being drunk 90% of the time ha! My lovely mummy took these photos for me on the second day I spent in Turkey and I like them so I thought I'd do a time machine blog post from the past :D So depressing looking at these photos now actually, MY OUTFIT DOESN'T EVEN GO TOGETHER + I've put on half a stone and even though it's hot in London, it's no Kalkan :(

I know it's only a little post but I'm glad to be back into the swing of things, I'm going to be doing some fun stuff that I'll be documenting on here soon as well :D I always say that - hopefully it's true this time, I always find I'm too busy enjoying things to be taking photos and writing about it on here  NEED TO DO BETTER! ALSO ... thanks for all the lovely comments you posted on my last blog post -  made me all happy and want to go wah wah we wah to myself a la  Borat :D

Smell you later 


Wednesday 26 June 2013

Vintage Prints - Beau Homme - Haul Video

2013-06-26 14.03.07
2013-06-26 14.01.46
2013-06-26 14.00.55

Jacket : Vintage Basement
Trousers : Vintage Basement
Top : H&M
Shoes : Topshop
Necklace : Oxfam
Bracelets : Asos
Earrings : Primark

I friggin' love Vintage Basement! I mentioned it the other day in a post but I didn't get  to show you my goodies :D I wore this outfit to the Beau Homme menswear presentation the other night and I lav the mix of prints - it even got my dads coveted seal of approval. I went to the presentation at the invitation of the awesomeness that is Jen  - met some legends, ogled fit models and saw this girl who dare I say it looked exactly like Rihanna (so much so I did a double take) but then I realized she was actually better looking :O
 AND GUESS WHAT?? You guys should be proud of me - I think it is the only event I've attended as a blogger with a free bar and I haven't got absolutely hammered YAY ME *pats self on the back*

Anyway...I am counting down the days till Sunday when I get to leave horrid grey London and escape to 35 degree heat. AAAAAAND I'm well up for doing holiday outfit blog posts, got so many bikinis/neon/vintage/prints/crazy ish to whip out for the lads :D 

Oh and I forgot to tell you guys I did another Youtube haul video the other day .... Filmed it on a camera from 2001 so just pretend it's supposed to be all cool and vintage like that hahaha!

lots of love :)

Sunday 22 July 2012

Acid wash, gold chain, DIY Ombre hair and this weeks lustlist

Polo neck crop top : Maxmara via charity shop , Acid wash Jeans : My sisters via ebay , 
Wedge Trainers : H&M , Necklace : Peacocks

Hey dudes! I'm back with a tan! Croatia was amazing, we caught the end of the Garden festival along with Electric Elephant, had fun with my most amazing Bristol girls, beauties from Dublin, saw some ace DJs and partied for 6 days straight. This photo sums up the week really HA!:

I am still poor as a church mouse so haven't been able to get my braids again BOO!! But I really wanted to change my hairstyle so I went ombre. I prefer this ombre look so much more to my pre blog pink dip dye, really subtle and didn't make it all break off! 

Also, I decided to take my eyelashes into my own hands and apply my own long lasting eyelash extensions (last photo) . I used to pay around a tenner to get them done in Peckham but I managed to do them myself with just £3.00 worth of lashes from a beauty shop and some weave glue! Now I know that sounds horrific but they are SO GOOD!! And they don't pull out my lashes when I remove them like the professionally applied ones, I might even do a Youtube video tutorial, so easy to apply and they last for like 2 weeks!

Anywhooooo payday is coming up and we both know I've already mentally spent that money :

  1. White silk polo neck dress : Topshop Unique AW12
  2. Last judgement leggings : BlackMilk
  3. Gorilla tank top : Romwe
  4. High waisted Easy Jeans : American apparel
  5. Cheetah T shirt as seen on Rihanna !!! : Katie Eary
  6. Bra top : Monki
  7. Eye jumper : Monki
  8. Flatform trainers : River-Island

Six days and counting :)

Sunday 24 June 2012

Radio 1 Hackney Weekend , tie dye maxi skirt and £1 Moschino belt

Did anybody go to the Hackney weekend yesterday??  IT WAS AMAZING!! I can't believe I saw JAY Z AND KANYE FOR FREEE WOOOOOOOOO! Jay was sick, he did my favourite H to the Izzo and loads of other classics!! Kanye though, since he's started banging Kim Kardashian I can't really help but think less of him SMH. Definitely won't be getting over the fact that I was about 20m away from Beyonce for a long time.

I had a great day drinking and dancing my butt off with my lovely boyfriend. We saw Deadmou5, who wasn't as good as when I've seen him before, Emili Sande was beautiful and has such good vocals oh my days! Saw Rita Ora by accident too with DJ fresh, she was pretty good. Rihanna was fricking hot, Fell in love with her cap, can't find who the designer is so if anybody could enlighten me I would be most greatful :)
also bumped into Philips Idowu (World champion triple jumper) who was lovely and wished him all the best for the Olympics awww (getting out of London before they start fo sho). 

Anyway.... I haven't got an outfit picture of yesterday.. but a few people took a picture of it for other blogs (exciting huh) So hopefully it'll show up somewhere else :)
 I did manage to get my boyfriend to take some pictures of me the other day... he kept moaning it was embarrassing, still managed to do a good job though :) Here's what I wore the other day :

Sunny G's : Primark , Bralet : Topshop sale , Skirt : Charity shop , Belt : ASOS , Trainers : Converse

I had to take my braids out D: I miss them so much, but I can't afford to get more at the moment. I really want to do something different with my hair though, it's naturally really curly so I'm thinking maybe bleaching the crap out of it and having a pink fro? 

Me and my friend Suzi went charity shopping in Dalston it was a great day for vintage I got this shirt : £2

A really cool leather bumbag (sorry no picture) , I'm selling my Moschino one HERE  if you want to get your hand on that bad boy :)

My best find was this Moschino belt,  I picked it up and asked the shopkeeper how much it was and I thought he said £12 and I was like YEAH BARGAIN, turned out he was joking and it was £1 BLOODY BRILLIANT!

All in all It's been a great weekend :D Now if only England would beat Italy in the football!! And I'm starting at Miss Selfridge tomorrow wish me luck :) 

P.S How do people always get away with talking in yoga classes in films/television???

Tuesday 12 June 2012

Charity shopping i.e spending money I really don't have and Maybelline Dream fresh BB Cream

Hey dudes! I'm sat on my sofa drinking a Stella after a hard days charity shopping in Dalston :) Why I thought it was a good idea with no money ill never know, I seriously think I may have a problem, but the pickings were rich, take a look :

Sorry about the mirror pictures guys, desperate times call for desperate measures.

 Denim shirt w/sleeves cut off my me : £3.00

I couldn't resist studding the collar a little.

 Calvin Klein denim Jacket : £3 - gonna get the dip dye treatment/studs

 Kind of sheer but still okay polo crop top : £2.00

Tie dye midi/maxi skirt : £1.99

Vintage high waist Versace Jeans : £7.00
Here's the versace jeans again, I'm planning on bleaching the shit out of them and dying them multicoloured!
I'm also wearing that Primark bodysuit I bought , I tie dyed it, but it washed out quite a lot might do it again tonight .

High waisted white shorts : I'm gonna cut these slut short tie dye them then put them on ebay WATCH THIS SPACE

Vintage Maxmara poloneck top : £3.00

Nice to have some new clothes, it feels like WEEKS since I did some decent shopping. I think I'm going to wear that polo crop to Radio 1 Hackney Weekend, is anyone else coming on the Saturday? Jay Z HELLS TO THE YEAH!

Also this week I was determined to get a tinted moisturiser/light foundation for summer and after some shopping around (a £10 budget doesn’t go far mind) I decided to buy Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream. My housemate Jackie literally informed me of the amazingness that is BB cream whilst we were in boots and it sounded good, primer/foundation/SPF/tinted mousturiser  sounds like the way to go. 
The Boots website says that it smooths and blurs imperfections whilst offering SPF 30 coverage. Also, as I have combination skin so it’s great that this BB cream is oil free. Today I tried it for the first time and I was AMAZED at the results, shopping all day my nose wasn't shiny at all and it usually ends up like a mirror after a couple of hours without powder! I found it lasted really well and gave me a really natural look. Even better, when I go out I do like to layer on the slap with a trowel (don’t we all) and this can go under my foundation quite nicely I imagine. 


AND my lovely boyfriend Rob is coming back from a two week holiday tonight !

Versace+boyfriend+job = best day ever

Thursday 7 June 2012

Fresh Prince 90's print and Wah inspired Nails

Today was a complete fail on the uni front, I got my dissertation appointment time wrong after cycling through torrential rain to get there. Granted, I wasn't dressed appropriately for rain...Aaaanyway, I continued tidying my room, it's taking DAYS! It actually looked like a charity shop had thrown up over it. Hence I'll have about 30 pieces of clothing to put on Ebay this week so watch this space. I love this shirt I found, not bad for a fiver, I just cut out the shoulders and voila I am the Fresh Prince of Bell Air! 
wedge trainers
Shirt dress : Vintage , Wedge Trainers : H&M , Chain necklace : Peacocks , Bracelets : Gina Tricot

I'm sorry, I really thought it would make a difference but no amount of tie dye blue silk will disguise the grotty shittiness of my carpet.

Then because I have far too much time on my hands/want to impress at my interview tomorrow I did my nails, took me about 3 hours mind.

nail art

Sick yeah? I am pretty much a man, it takes serious patience and commitment/boredom to be arsed to do nail art like this. Really pointless, but pretty so worth it maybe? I'm gonna cry when these bad boys chip. REALLY. Hope all this hard work pays off and I get the job tomorrow.

Night X

Saturday 26 May 2012

80's playsuit, sunshine and a pair of round glasses

Playsuit : Vintage fair , Sleeveless cropped denim jacket : Primark , Sunny G's : ASOS , Shoes : Jackies converse.

In England it's summer now, London is so hot, everyone is half naked and hells to the yes do you need to go to Costa Coffee and get a fruit cooler (the raspberry and orange one is DIVINE).
Me and Jackie went to the park today to get a tan. I love tanning, every summer without fail I get this obsession with getting darker. I think it's so weird that some celebrities like Lil' Kim and Rihanna bleach their skin whilst the fake tan industry is worth millions! I think there's something so beautiful about really dark skin, it really brings out colours and makes them pop.

I finally put my rainbow laces I bought the other week in my Dr Marten's, every time I look down at my feet they make me smile :)

I'm going to keep this short and sweet, as I'm writing this I'm desperate to get back to my new favourite blog; I seriously can't get enough of . I wouldn't be surprised if I never surface again SO MANY CHEESY WEIRD 90'S VIDEOS!!!!! Over the last couple of days (whilst I should have been revising) I've been perusing some fucking ace blogs/tumblrs, you know how it is when you're trying to learn about glaciers.

Here's a few inspiring/funny/interesting blogs I have been loving at the moment:

Night Night