Wednesday 21 March 2012

Samira Boon Furoshiki Shiki lust

The i Pad Furoshiki Shiki  created by Samira Boon deserves it's own post. 
I've been lusting over this amazing piece of Japanese/Dutch design  for a while, having seen it held by Ivania Carpio of Love Aesthetics. 

I don't even own an i Pad mind, read the name of the blog! But like Ivania I think this makes an awesome clutch especially with the neon thing going on everywhere at the moment. 

Now this is a very impractical craving when living in East London... think about it.

The envelope style simplicity of this  is actually amazing as demonstrated below:

Comes in LOADS of colours.

When the next bit of loan comes in I think I'll go for the green one. BOOM!
Wow, don't know where that came from. 
my dissertation research proposal won't write itself . 
Oh and one more thing inspired by Ivania Carpio :

I guess these are third hand, she copied these from her sister. Hers were nude and black but I was digging some Louboutin style nails 
On another note..

Sunny G's  - Primark
T shirt - my sisters


I'm counting down the days.....

(photos all from Google apart from the rubbish one of me)


  1. Great post, I really love them too- I want!! Love your blog and the title is brilliant :) Followed you would love it if you followed me back too


  2. i like transparent furniture made of acrylic.


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