Saturday 10 March 2012

Boris, sort your bikes out mate - H&M Wedge Trainers & Roman Road

So today me and my friends decided to utilise the new Boris bikes everywhere in our area. RUBBISH! Apart from taking about 5 minutes every time you want to take one out the stupid thing kept on saying 'sorry unable to process your order' when I inserted my card to receive MY RIGHTFUL BLOODY 24 HOURS OF BIKE USAGE! SERIOUSLY BORIS


Aaaannyway.... today I decided to d├ębut my new wedge trainers and let me tell you I am in love. These bad boys were comfy (for the first three hours of traipsing around Roman Road) cool and I had that kinda swagger you get from wearing hells , but really it looked like I wasn't from the front. And every time I looked down I was flashed a little bit of neon acid yellow which made me smile :) 

I picked up a really cool (in my opinion) multicolour knitted hippie cardi (pictures to follow)perfect for BoomTown 2012 methinks . My house mate thought it was minging, how wrong she will be , get some studs on that lovely and we might just have something. Also, come up with another really good DIY I'm gonna get down to soon, with plenty of piks of course.

My coat I bought from an army store for £7 in Camden, accessorized with a maky piece of fur I picked up off eBay for 99p no less ( I think it's a strong look though). My jeans are topshop and my shoes are of course the H&M wedge trainers. My necklace is from peacocks.

ttyl bitches.

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