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Saturday 8 June 2013

Gogo Philip X Malibu 1992 Golden Palm + the baddest bitch Brooke Candy

Necklace : Gift
T shirt : H&M
Trousers : Primark
Shoes : Jeffrey Campbell
Earrings : H&M



Risa + Jen

Esther + Carmen

Brooke Candy


A'right guys? I just wanted to say I loved the comments on my last post! I'm glad i'm not the only one who has those thoughts - some of the comments cracked me up, you guys are so cool :D !!

Anyway, going back in time here-  finally got hold of my memory card thanks to the lovely Gabriella :) A couple of weeks back I was lucky enough to be invited to the  Gogo Philip X Malibu 1992 'Golden Palm' launch party and it was bangin'! Not only did I get pissed up, but I got to have a look at the amazing new pieces from the collection - loved the Malibu kinda tacky, but in a awesome way vibe! My favorite piece was the Huge palm tree doorknocker earrings HAVE TO OWN THEM! I went with the lovely Jen and got to meet some blogger honeyz - Risa, Esther and Carmen who were all really nice. One of the best bits was getting to see Brooke Candy perform in the intimate/tiny Gogo Philip shop- she rapped live and she was SO GOOD! Afterwards I managed to get a photo with her and she was such a babe - she told me I was hot like twice and said she liked my blowup backpack EEEEEEE!!! 

If you get a chance you should pop down to the Gogo Philip shop on Curtain Road just off Brick Lane - I didn't even know it was there but it's really nice and the people are lovelies. I'm going to be doing quite a few posts set in the past and some from the present mixed in over the next week so keep coming back :)

Happy Saturday!!

Sunday 29 July 2012

Azealia Banks X Alexander Wang

Bitches be CRAAAZY ! Alexander Wang has selected Azealia Banks to be the face of his T Autumn collection and I cannot contain my excitement, not only have I been lusting after anything Alexander Wang since I laid eyes upon his Rocco bag, carmen heels and classic t shirts; I have a full blown girl crush on Azealia Banks.  The video is the tiniest taste of things to come but I know we all have something to look forward to this Autumn.

I think I had best start saving.

Sunday 24 June 2012

Radio 1 Hackney Weekend , tie dye maxi skirt and £1 Moschino belt

Did anybody go to the Hackney weekend yesterday??  IT WAS AMAZING!! I can't believe I saw JAY Z AND KANYE FOR FREEE WOOOOOOOOO! Jay was sick, he did my favourite H to the Izzo and loads of other classics!! Kanye though, since he's started banging Kim Kardashian I can't really help but think less of him SMH. Definitely won't be getting over the fact that I was about 20m away from Beyonce for a long time.

I had a great day drinking and dancing my butt off with my lovely boyfriend. We saw Deadmou5, who wasn't as good as when I've seen him before, Emili Sande was beautiful and has such good vocals oh my days! Saw Rita Ora by accident too with DJ fresh, she was pretty good. Rihanna was fricking hot, Fell in love with her cap, can't find who the designer is so if anybody could enlighten me I would be most greatful :)
also bumped into Philips Idowu (World champion triple jumper) who was lovely and wished him all the best for the Olympics awww (getting out of London before they start fo sho). 

Anyway.... I haven't got an outfit picture of yesterday.. but a few people took a picture of it for other blogs (exciting huh) So hopefully it'll show up somewhere else :)
 I did manage to get my boyfriend to take some pictures of me the other day... he kept moaning it was embarrassing, still managed to do a good job though :) Here's what I wore the other day :

Sunny G's : Primark , Bralet : Topshop sale , Skirt : Charity shop , Belt : ASOS , Trainers : Converse

I had to take my braids out D: I miss them so much, but I can't afford to get more at the moment. I really want to do something different with my hair though, it's naturally really curly so I'm thinking maybe bleaching the crap out of it and having a pink fro? 

Me and my friend Suzi went charity shopping in Dalston it was a great day for vintage I got this shirt : £2

A really cool leather bumbag (sorry no picture) , I'm selling my Moschino one HERE  if you want to get your hand on that bad boy :)

My best find was this Moschino belt,  I picked it up and asked the shopkeeper how much it was and I thought he said £12 and I was like YEAH BARGAIN, turned out he was joking and it was £1 BLOODY BRILLIANT!

All in all It's been a great weekend :D Now if only England would beat Italy in the football!! And I'm starting at Miss Selfridge tomorrow wish me luck :) 

P.S How do people always get away with talking in yoga classes in films/television???

Wednesday 9 May 2012

East London Style Bible, Moschino Bumbag and a weekend to remember

I wasn't going to blog today on account of being very bored with nothing interesting to say and all my pics coming out ugly (really should be revising meh -_-) , but then I cam across this article on Vice that tickled me. SERIOUSLY this book needs it's name changed from Worst Fashions: What we shouldn't have worn but did to Mystic Meg/Gandalf I Can Tell The Future East London Style Bible. I think the majority of us (I know I am) are offenders according to this book : 
(Via Vice)

I'm literally sat here at my desk pissing myself laughing, the irony is ridiculous! If you saw my last post you'll probably know I bought a shell suit jacket last week.... oh and this came for me today.


This weekend my friend Emilie came back to London and it was WONKY. We went to The Waiting Room in Stoke Newington for the joint first birthday of Getddownordie and Daruma Vision. From what I remember it was pretty good, although there is a hazy memory of a bouncer shining a light in my eyes and a random helping me outside,  missed the cake fight :( . If he had just let me sleep in the corner I would have been fine get the jist of how crazy it was you should probably watch this video :

Then we went to Love Fever with Wolf+Lamb on Sunday afternoon, got the dirtiest looks from the grannies on the bus swigging gin from a  J├Ągermeister  bottle at 4 in the afternoon. Needless to say we had a really good time, this is what I wore:
Top: Primark cut into a crop top , Trousers: American apparel, Socks: Primark, Boots: Dr martens, Necklace: Peacocks.

I know I LIVE in my Disco Pants but really having spent £70 on them I am desperate to get my moneys worth out of them and the go with everything.
Also, for ages ow I have wanted to post a look with my rainbow cardie I thrifted a while back. This is what I wore to watch City beat Man U at the pub:
Cardie: Charity Shop, Dress: H&M, 

Despite one of my friends insisting it's horrid,  I wear it LOADS, it's lovely and warm and bright. It reminds me of my grandma ( I hope she is reading this now she got an i Pad for her birthday... or maybe not sorry Mam). 

I've been thinking I need to change up my hair, I straighten it everyday and it's just looking sad, I can't afford another Brazilian Blowout so I was thinking of doing something like this:

Whatcha think? 

Sadly, I probably won't be posting for some time because I can't stop watching Bleak House and losing my train of thought and should be revising :( 

Friday 23 March 2012

Uni with Dre

Today I actually got up at 9am and went into uni, which if you know me is RARE especially since I only managed three hours sleep. This was probably related to the woman that got murdered in my general area and they keep finding bits of her and I'm just generally too scared/paranoid to sleep.


Everyone was out yesterday so  took a photo of what I was wearing myself, in Ailbhe's mirror, It looks like a monster sneezed on the mirror but I like to think that gives the picture a certain je ne sais quoi.


Dr Dre T shirt : DIY Primark mens t-shirt
Leather Shorts : H&M 
Leather studded bag : Zara
Chain necklace : Primark - stolen from Ailbhe woops :)

Tuesday 28 February 2012

I have no dignity. YAY!

So I was home alone trying to figure out what to do till Real Housewives of Orange County comes on.. (small insight into my sad life there)
No but seriously, I love that show, they are rich but so boring and trashy and stupid it makes me feel so much better and normal on some level..
My sister is at school, so nobody to take photos of me raiding my wardrobe.

Looks like it was just me and the mirror...

Put this on:


 Shorts : Charity shop
Shirt: my sisters

Studs : Ebay
Corset : Forever 21

 Shirt : Topshop
 Sunny G's : Primark

Rack city bitch.

Thursday 8 December 2011

Look at me feckin nails !

WHAT      IS      THIS?
Nails: Nailene oval tips
Pink: Topshop - feisty
Black: Barry M - 47 Paint Black

Badass nails. 

I bought Nailene stick ons from eBay, even though living near Peckham means I have access to MANY cheap nail salons. Just goes to show how cheap I really am haha!  So I was very inspired by Rihanna's claw-like cat nails thought i'd try my own. Nice result I think, stayed on all night at Proud and I party HARD. 10/10 for Nailene. 

Thursday 17 November 2011

6 Coffees and 3000 words later..

I'm really excited about starting a blog..but that might be all that coffee. It's 8.30am and I still haven't been to sleep thanks to a hideous essay on cartography , the whole 3000 words could have been summarised with 3 (maybe 4 not sure) 'BUY A SAT-NAV'. On the plus side, doing my essay gave me the opportunity to play the best Christmas album ever interlaced with Black Sabbath (can't wait for their 2012 tour!!) and Mastodon, sing really loud and probably piss of the people in the flat downstairs hehe.
Looking forward to hitting Westfield today for a bit of H&M for Versace, hopefully I'll be able to grab a piece or two... SEE!!! Already spending money I don't have. Ffs.