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Thursday 26 September 2013



Dress - c/o Monki , Jacket - Aquascutum , Socks - Monki , Shoes - H&M , Bag - c/o La Moda ||| Trousers -  Vintage , Top - vintage , Shoes - Topshop , Bag - Primark


London Fashion Week ended last Tuesday, leaving me a nasty cold (I am dying) but also the memories of some pretty cool experiences. I've finally brought myself to go through the hundreds of photos and thought my first LFW post be a bit of a street style post. Friday the 13th didn't bode well for us at Somerset House - it rained so much and it continued throughout the weekend. Luckily, on the Monday the weather was pretty good and that's when I got most of these snaps. I forgot to take my camera for the first three days (worst blogger ever) so I had to make do with my dads i pad -  more outfit posts from LFW to come soon.

I managed to get photos of my two favorite outfits however, the first being this awesome Monki dress the lovely Erica let me pick out at the showroom just before fashion week. If you are crap at planning outfits like me you'll appreciate how much of a lifesaver this one was - only had to faff around for 15 minutes choosing what coat to wear over it haha! I also went to Monki to pick up some jeans and found these smiley face socks I included on a wishlist a while back, I was on a bit of a Monki hype that day and I LOVED it.

The best bits of LFW were the ones I shared with blogger babes - It was nice to chill with everyone and catch up, the New Look Refuel room was the place to be again this season, champagne, manis and a photo-booth took the edge off the fact that it was pissing it down outside.

SO, more to come, I went to some really good shows (OMG KTZ!!!!) and the most bloody amazing sick parties ever - expect to be reading about them soon!


Sunday 5 May 2013


I'm sat in the library procrastinating. I've had two exams already and I've got three more in the space of three days next week. Kill me now. I'm past the point of caring tonight anyway, so I thought I'd do a quick post I've been meaning to do for a while about my recent trip to Amsterdayyyyym! It was the best trip EVER! Worthy of a huge photo montage for anyone who wants to see it

Enjoy :)

We got a coach there and went on the ferry.

Stayed in these cool little eco lodges just outside the city centre- Camping Zeeburg, I'd recommend it :)

I put two hats on for a laff - Get both of them at

They had bunkbeds, I obv went for the top bunk.

There were so many canals in Amsterdam, it was BEAUTIFUL!

The Dam in the city centre

It was SO COLD, hence wearing a million layers

Dickheads on tour

The Cheese Museum was AMAZING! Free samples of cheese all round.

Went to the Van Gogh museum, Jade took a sneaky picture :)

No trip to Amsterdam is complete without visiting the Sex Museum

Monday 11 March 2013

Been a long time : LFW Street style, giveaway winner + Wishlist

 photo DSC00794_zps8e1a0b69.jpg
Well aware I look bloody awful in this picture #ugly

Sunny G's - Primark 
Shirt - Brick Lane Market £5
Jacket - Vintage Escada Hanna's
Leggings - Primark £14
Shoes - Topshop via Ebay £15

 photo DSC00796_zps480d4708.jpg

 photo DSC00790_zps3d9bb514.jpg

 photo DSC00777_zpsfcc77c25.jpg

 photo DSC00774_zpsc6539bce.jpg

 photo DSC00771_zps5148a4eb.jpg

 photo DSC00767_zps9a73cdc5.jpg

 photo DSC00773_zpse3fccdb5.jpg

 photo DSC00776_zps133ecca8.jpg

 photo DSC00779_zpsed381d28.jpg

 photo DSC00780_zpsb2a2032d.jpg

 photo DSC00810_zps117dd7cb.jpg

 photo DSC00802_zpsb6f8fdf0.jpg

 photo DSC00800_zps7c12c5de.jpg

 photo DSC00807_zpsa6d8a1b3.jpg

 photo DSC00799_zpscce37801.jpg

 photo DSC00798_zpsac51dcbb.jpg

 photo DSC00791_zpsbc8a4a72.jpg

Hey guys, I know it's been  long time. I've been knee deep in clunge deadlines and blogging has taken a back-seat I'm afraid. Also, I keep on having these little epis like, why do I blog? is there any point ? Is it boring for everyone to read? Should I be posting swatches of all my makeup?? Dressing up in something I'm not actually wearing that day? It's so cold, dressing nice is hard man! Wah Wah Waahhhhh! It''s been difficult, but I'm going to keep at it and be me. So decide to do this post showing you a few cool looks I photog'd (badly) at LFW :) I miss it already, I met so many cool people, I hung out with Jen from for the whole thing and she is a BABE, I wouldn't have had a clue if she wasn't there with me. We were complete blaggers - managed to get  free Mac makeovers and goodybags- they said they were booked up but hanging around worked. I also met Promise  of Follow me in 5inch heels, Wunmi from Daisy-mak, Breeny-Lee, Melissa from Melissa's Wardrobe, Liv from Fashion Somebody and Lucia from Lucia Lolita. Nice to hang out with other boggers, I did feel a little like an imposter though haha!

In other news... The winner of my giveaway is DUH DUH DUUUUUUH

Lucy B. ^_^

I've emailed you YAY!

Also...THANKS BABBAS to everyone who subscribed to my Youttube channel!!!! I have only done one video and got 107 subs BOO-YA! I want to do another tonight, It'll probably be another haul/ update, but let me know if you'd like to see anything in particular? 

Last but not least, I've been wanting to do a wishlist for ages now. Been shopping like crazy and always wanting more, and I think I've found a few gems you'll appreciate:

1. ASOS Fatal sandals - £45 - These are amazing! It would be nice to feel like a hard nut wearing these, remind me of Docs a little :)
2. Monki Mella bra - £12 -  Sexy and comfy, best of both - and only £12.
3. Miss Selfridge white leather jacket - £165 -  Bloody expensive, but I lust after this at work all the time, justification = timeless.
4. Ebay Smiley face crop top - £5.99 - Cheap and fun, seen this on a lot of sites for triple  the price, Ebay FTW.
5. Barry M Matte White nai polish - £2.99 -  Don't know why but I don't have a white nail polish, this matte one would be perfect.
6. Adidas Super Tech Ink - £90 - Had my eye on these for a while, they look amazing on and a nice change from Nikes
7. Topman Tiger print shirt - £30 -  I wanted to buy this for Rob, but it's a bit too jazzy for him - all the better for me :D
8. Rihanna for River Island dungaree crop top - £30 -  It's sold out online but still in shops. Wasn't sure  till I tried it on but I can feel I'm going to be wearing this all summer!
9. Nelly Holographic perspex heels - £45 - Perfect. Need to stop buying strappy sandals too, who do I think I am, Rihanna?
10. Educate Elevate Slammin' tee - £20 - I love this  brand, so effing 90's, fresh and with a great message, saw this on their Instagram AND I WANT IT! Would make it into a sick crop top.
11. Topshop Astrix chunky boots - £40 - Best purchase I've made all week, so much love for these!!!!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand ..... I've been nominated for that Company blogger thingy so if you like le blog it would be nice if you could nominate me, might get to go to some glitzy event  and god knows I never get to go to any!

Loads of love