Wednesday, 10 April 2013

WISHLIST : Just a few things I need in my life...

1. I'm in love with 80's style dangly earrings at the moment, and these are only £8 - HERE-

2. One of my bezzies Amy had this when we went to the Dam, so surprised she got it off Ebay for             £5.99    - HERE -

3. This t shirt is pretty simple, I love the multicoloured letters, £25 - HERE -

4. Two words BAD. ASS. £85 - HERE - 

5. Someone please by me Eddie Izzard tickets ? I need to see this man, he is HILARIOUS, £40 - HERE -

6. I'm well into cat eye sunglasses at the moment and I love these, £25 - HERE - 

7. I first saw this T shirt of Georgia  and I had to have it, mine came today after MONTHS of waiting    wtf... $39.00 - HERE - 

8. I have the grey tie-dye version of these but I want the white ones soo bad! £40 - HERE -

9. I already bought this too and I LOVE IT, it's great for chucking over a crop top and shorts to make it a bit more interesting, £25 with 20% off with 'frankie-dakin' -HERE-

10. Not sure how you get around the nipple problem with this one but I want it anyway, £22 - HERE - 

11. This shirt reminds me of the Fresh Prince a little which I love :), £23.99 - HERE - 

12. I'm so glad they bought this vtg 90's style out in blue NEED, £105.00 - HERE -

13. I've been perving over these shorts for weeks, wondering if I could make them myself - alas I'll probs just buy them when loan comes in, £85.00 - HERE -

14. Kinda reminds me of KTZ, £9.99 - HERE -

15. My computer is slowly dying, I wish this wasn't a gazillion pounds :(

16. Such a good lookalike of those Balenciaga bad-boys, £90 - HERE -

17. MAN IT'S SO CHEAP! £8.99 - HERE - 

And this is why I have no money... 



  1. So many great items!
    You're gonna be making me skint!
    S xx

  2. OOOO I love this!
    Such good items,


  3. It's ALL delicious but I love the Jac Vanek tee (the tie dye is just perf on those) and the Topshop white boots.. I keep seeing them around and they are working their way onto my NEED list!

  4. this post ... THIS POST
    the way I have my notepad and pen calculating how far in debt I will be!!

  5. these pics are amazing! i've wanted the jac vanek tee for ages! x

  6. Love the bra but there's definitely a nipple issue right here !


  7. omg number 13 is amazballs love bitchn and junk foods stuff its also been on my asos wishlist for ages :/ lol but i now make my own harness type of belts? lol check out my last blogpost ...
    I made one for the top half of my body :) i also made on for the bottom to vid/post up soon .... also you can buy number 13 at asos with student discount also.. but £85 is way to pocket bursting!!

    have a great day



  8. I love this wishlist, so cool. Love number 11. And I have number 14, I featured it in an outfit post a while back, its so pretty on :)

  9. i love everything the beanie is insane!,


  10. Some amazing pieces, I love the topshop shoes. I have the Motel dress too, its great! x

  11. Frankie, you're an absolute shopping donut! haha youve got an amazing taste in fashion my dear! love no. 9 dress... rosie xxx

  12. love that hat too:( this has made me want want want now!xxxx

  13. Number 7 and 13 are my favourites, wouldn't mind adding those to my wardrobe x

  14. Want number 16 soo bad..My 21st Birthday is soon so hopefully :D Love your blog your style is so rad..Would love if you check my blog out..

    Alice xx

  15. Best wish list I have ever seen! Want all of it especially number 9, totally rubbish that I don't get paid for another week!! Ahhh man I wish I was rich lol xx


    GREAT POST! i want it all :(


  17. Hey dear I really like your blog! What about following each other? Also on bloglovin, facebook and even on Lookbook if you want...just let me know :3 <3

    WIN 100 $ JEWELRY!

  18. Ahh those sunglasses are so cool! Adding that to my summer want list prontoo x


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