Sunday 22 July 2012

Acid wash, gold chain, DIY Ombre hair and this weeks lustlist

Polo neck crop top : Maxmara via charity shop , Acid wash Jeans : My sisters via ebay , 
Wedge Trainers : H&M , Necklace : Peacocks

Hey dudes! I'm back with a tan! Croatia was amazing, we caught the end of the Garden festival along with Electric Elephant, had fun with my most amazing Bristol girls, beauties from Dublin, saw some ace DJs and partied for 6 days straight. This photo sums up the week really HA!:

I am still poor as a church mouse so haven't been able to get my braids again BOO!! But I really wanted to change my hairstyle so I went ombre. I prefer this ombre look so much more to my pre blog pink dip dye, really subtle and didn't make it all break off! 

Also, I decided to take my eyelashes into my own hands and apply my own long lasting eyelash extensions (last photo) . I used to pay around a tenner to get them done in Peckham but I managed to do them myself with just £3.00 worth of lashes from a beauty shop and some weave glue! Now I know that sounds horrific but they are SO GOOD!! And they don't pull out my lashes when I remove them like the professionally applied ones, I might even do a Youtube video tutorial, so easy to apply and they last for like 2 weeks!

Anywhooooo payday is coming up and we both know I've already mentally spent that money :

  1. White silk polo neck dress : Topshop Unique AW12
  2. Last judgement leggings : BlackMilk
  3. Gorilla tank top : Romwe
  4. High waisted Easy Jeans : American apparel
  5. Cheetah T shirt as seen on Rihanna !!! : Katie Eary
  6. Bra top : Monki
  7. Eye jumper : Monki
  8. Flatform trainers : River-Island

Six days and counting :)


  1. Ahh sounds like you had fun. I'm in need of a get away! I love your outfit as usual! x

  2. I love this outfit, you look amazing! Especially love the jeans.

    Glad I found your blog - its so good and I'm looking forward to more of your posts, following you now :)

    Please check out my blog if you can, would love to hear what you think! Have a beautiful Sunday!

  3. You look bangin! those jeans are amazing! xx

  4. gorgeous hair... I'm going attempt to dip dye my own hair soon as i can't afford the salon again... nervous but yours looks lush! x

  5. love your look!! <3

    XO Sahra

  6. in LOVE withthose jeans. wowww <3

  7. It's great that you paired these baggy pants with a tight, cropped top. It looks cool together.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  8. loved your blog and your outfit!
    I guess I am not the only one who likes shoes! hahah really love your hair too!

    Visit me and follow if you wish:


  9. errrrm hello amazing shoes?! I wanna come steal em all haha. Oh & you look amaaaazin as per, loving those jeans x

  10. I'm in looooove with you & your style seriously! although I'm sad to see the braids are gone! xx

  11. love this outfit, and your hair looks sexual! xx


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