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Monday 7 October 2013


acid wash jeans
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Monki super stretch jeans


Chunky 90's boots
Jacket - c/o New Look 
Crop Top - Primark
Jeans - c/o Monki
Shoes - H&M
Bag - c/o La Moda
Necklace - River Island

Helooooooooo! I'm finally flu free and feeling human again! If I had blogged during my down time rest assured the posts would have involved  OOTDs featuring various dressing gowns and onesies, with a birds nest for hair, clutching a mug of Lemsip like my life depends on it -  pretty sure this post is preferable. I am in luurve with my new H&M boots at the moment - £29.99 and they look really similar to the Vagabond Dioon boots, except in my opinion chunkier and in general just more awesome. Needless to say the men in my life (i.e Boyfriend and Dad) think they are hideous - in my eyes this can only be a good thing. I love dressing in a way that makes men go away hehe!

With my recovery I warn you will be coming a barrage of LFW posts starting tomorrow. I'm pretty sure I'm going to blog regularly from now on, not just about 'look at what I'm wearing' either -  going to be branching out to make it a bit more interesting. WATCH THIS SPACE.

I'd also like to say a big thanks to Erica from IPR for the much needed super stretch jeans, the only jeans that fit my gigantic arse at the moment,  and La Moda for sending me this schweet satchel today! Much appreciated !


Tuesday 13 August 2013

OOTD : I whitied

Crop top : H&M
Skirt : Miss Selfridge
Shirt : My dads
Shoes : River Island 
Bag : C/O La Moda
Necklace : Ebay
Sunglasses : Choies

Wassup guys! I am feeling like shit! I don't know if it's lack of sleep and too much partying or the fact I've put on over a stone over the last month but I definitely don't want to be doing outfit posts at the moment..especially if my clothes don't even fit me JF%?L$@£:$@:$£{$:`!!!!! I hate EVERYTHING right now. Today the weather is crappy, the light is shit you can't even see my beautiful new River Island shoes I bought with my last little bit of money the other day. But at least a couple of pictures turned out okay (without me looking like a complete rhino), you probably have noticed I love the all white trend  - goes well with a tan, or just being generally brown like me :) I took massive inspo from Tigerlilly, she wore something similar, and looked so much better than me during her trip to Paris.

Sorry about the moaning and ting, I set out to blog today and by gosh I did it #eventhoughihatemyself

Hope your Tuesday is a hell of a lot better than mine




Saturday 3 August 2013

OOTD : Missguided AW13 Preview

New folder

New folder3


Cycling shorts - cut up fishnets
Shoes - Topshop 
Sunny G's - Asos
Bag - C/O La Moda 

The guy says - "Lovely, reminds me of the Flintstones film"

Hey hey! I'm back in Bristol and it's bloody raining - GASH! So I thought 'd do yet another blog post this week, on the Missguided AW13 preview I had the pleasure of going to on Thursday. I went with the lovely Jen and it was smashing, I never eat breakfast so when I got there I demolished the buffet table and drank about six cocktails and lets just say I was very merry! I took some photos of my favorite bits of the new collection - we even met the designer who was such a babe. There was so much amazingness, fluffy two pieces straight out of scary spices wardrobe, fluffy coats, a whole load of Alexander Wang sports - luxe inspired pieces, embroidered two pieces, dope prints, dresses and I fell in love with the jeweled biker. I was really pleasantly surprised, Missguided seem to have stepped their game up - really wasn't expecting to be like ERRMAGAARDD I WANT EVERYTHING! 

Moving on, my boyfriend has decided that I should include a new element to my blog called 'The guy says' (he named it himself) which basically consists of a quote from the man himself on what he thinks of my outfit (like I give a shit anyway). I've decided to humor him for now, it might be funny -  let me know what your thoughts on it are, I'm not convinced. Despite what he says, looking like a Flintstone isn't bad - how cool is this shirt?? I love how bright it is and the size means it also doubles up as a kimono. My girl Suzan at La Moda sent me this really weird backpack which  wore to the Missguided event - by weird I mean awesome, I'm into it and it's now going everywhere with me THANKS :D
 I'm really hungry now, so that's it all done :) Hope you all have a lavly weekend - despite the crappy weather 

Smell you later ^_^


Friday 1 February 2013

I'm 22 Tomorrow !

 photo DSC00619_zps779942e5.jpg

 photo DSC00636_zps5dfbef1a.jpg

 photo DSC00637_zps908684c6.jpg

 photo DSC00648_zpsa3eb47d2.jpg

Beanie : c/o Educate & Elevate available HERE
Top : H&M sale £10
Coat :  Broadway Market
Jeans : Topshop £36
Shoes : Office - gift 
Ankle Cuffs : Ebay
Necklace : Ebay
Bag : C/o La Moda available HERE

Hey lovelies, check me out, two posts so far this week! I'm on a roll! As you can see I'm pretty attached to my ankle cuffs, they make any outfit a bit more interesting. Never. Coming. Off. I love this top, I can't believe I nearly passed it up , my friend Amy found it for me , she's such a babe :D Anyway I'm so friggin excited because it's my birthday tomorrow! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! My lovely  dad is taking mee and the fam for lunch at Heston Blumenthals restaurent in the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Knightsbridge, then I'm having people over to mine to get messy and heading out to see Theo Parrish at Plastic People, it's going to be BLADDY FABULOUS!!! Just in case you didn't see it already, I have started vlogging if you fancy checking it out I'll put a link to my first haul video below :)

Thursday 17 January 2013

OOTD | Cold.




Tshirt - Nike via charity shop £2 
Silk Jacket : Charity Shop £5
Skirt : Urban Outfitters  : Sale £18 w/discount
Shoes : Office from my Mamgu (Welsh for Granny)
Necklace : Peacocks
Bag : c/o La Moda

Ohhh hey man :D I'm sat in bed in my Kigu yet again after a horrendously badass day off shopping with my friend Jackie in Oxford Circus. The original aim was to go and fill out a holiday form at work because birthday is coming up soon.. CAKE CAKE CAKE CAKE! Needless to say I disposed of a lot of dolla this day. Anyway ,  Susan from La Moda sent me this sweet backpack to take part in their blogger #backpackchallenge and I bloody love it! It's not a crappy small one like all the others I own at the moment, I can fit all my stuff in it, get your own HERE. I've been attempting to steer away from my gothic Spice Girl tendancy of late and the ridiculously cute element of this backpack stopped me wearing all black yet again. I LOVE my dungeon boots, for some reason I like lording over everyone else when I'm out and about. You'd think in central London they'd have seen someone in flatforms before, other old people clearly aren't as cool as my Mam. 
Im still working on my YouTube video but there will be one up soon :)