Thursday 6 June 2013







Baseball cap : Primark - £4
Sunny G's : ASOS - £12 here
Crop top : Topshop -
Jeans : Charity shop via Jen 
Jumper : Mr GuGu and Miss Go
Satchel : La moda* - here
Shoes : White Coltranes - Karmaloop - On sale get them HERE

Welcome back me! Hey guys :) Quickie update -  I am not impressed with how my blogging has been going lately, but who gives a fuck life goes on! I'm unsure how other bloggers post every day, my life consists of working, hangovers and generally things besides the internet. Also, I've pretty much stopped reading blogs apart from a few favourites which is quite weird but, not saying I'm doing anything drastically different, but there is NOTHING inspiring about reading and seeing a 'hypothetical ootd' post of someone who doesn't even wear that outfit out, or reckons they're a model- I'm realistic about this blogging shit ya know ;D ?!

 But I will try to do a bit more - especially since I got invited to a whole load of press days which, as it turns out are actually quite fun. Pretty much all the bloggers I've met are babes as you shall see in future posts. For the moment I can't do much though, my camera was left in Newcastle but rest assured the latest from Gogo Philip, Republic and Vintage Corner at Cancer research are coming soon ;) Anyyyyyyway... summer is here at last, less clothes, more creeps, sunbathing, diets, colourfulness and BBQs are happening. Had a really good BBQ yesterday managed to jerk a sack of chicken legs, got Rob to make burgers and fell asleep on the sofa in a food coma afterwards, SATISFIED. Green hair is also happening in case you didn't notice :) . The absolute babe that is Suzan from La Moda sent me this gorgeous white satchel the other day. I actually ran to the post office to pick it up, looking like a mug struggling to breathe with my studded bumbag and a parcel under one arm- yay me for working out. I haven't taken it off my shoulder since, THANKS MAAAN :) , also goes with my friggin cool new white coltranes. I actually hated Jeffs for quite a while but my white obsession came to a head and when I saw these, I had to have them. Already had them for a few weeks, went to a warehouse rave in them - if you go there I recommend white shoe polish cos they look good as new!

Sorry about the rant, I'm pretty sure I can't be the only one who thinks sometimes maybe  blogs may get a little boring? (aside  from the arse lickers of course) LET ME KNOW LOVELIES :D



  1. ''NOTHING inspiring about reading and seeing a 'hypothetical ootd' post of someone who doesn't even wear that outfit out, or reckons they're a model'' - shewearsfashion?

  2. Oooh girl you're such a qt. I love my coltranes too, they're so good! My boyfriend doesn't understand them but I just say "wtf do you know about FASHUN"

    I know what you mean about the people who "reckon they're a model"!! Not very interesting. xxxx

    1. HAHA MY BOYFRIEND IS THE SAME!! Boys are silly :) Literally love your blog, one of those few- you're a babe :D


    2. Your coltranes are insanee! Your green hair looks so cool, mine was a bit like that at some point, having colour in your hair makes you feel all the more summery xx

  3. Whoops, I think that got written as a reply instead of a comment haha sorry!

  4. Shit I love your honesty! I feel ya with alot of blogs these days though, same old c/o bla bla bla shit.

  5. sick style! love your look xx

  6. Love your outfit! Especially your satchel!

    Emma x

  7. love the green in your hair :)

  8. Yes! I feel exactly the same towards the monotonous, completely predictable outfit of the day posts which are generally all the same. Don't even get me started on the model poses! Love your green hair by the way, the dark tone is perfect.

  9. Gurl ya know I love your blog and you're back finally.

    Werk dat green hair and white boots. Fuck the system! xx

    Bright and Dandy

  10. I LOVE your outfit! You look absolutely stunning! The jeans look great on you and your hair is lush! Love this post xxxx

  11. i know exactly what you mean but Frankie you are the coolest blogger out there and the most down to earth so please don't stop!! <3 glad you like the bag, I'm soooo tempted to be a copycat and get those shoes but i really shouldn't especially with custom charges! keep being real at least you have something interesting to say which is why we love you xx

  12. OMG as if the coltranes are in the sale. im so tempted they are just so perfect but i already have them in black, do i need white too - ermmmm YES. perfect outfit xxx

  13. This made me crease! Straight to the point bbz - love it!! Another tremendous outfit yet again. Was lovely to meet you the other week at the Gogo event, hope to see your lovely face again sooooon xX |

  14. love the coltranes, I'm obsessed with white and wearing my caps backwards. love the look and I'm feeling the green hair. OMG on your words they literally had me creasing. lol!

  15. you're a total babe! Do you see the bloggers that claim they were Jeffrey Campbell heels like they're an everyday essential and a nice floral crown to wear to Tesco... honestly!!

  16. Frankie LOL!
    and oh the jeans fit perfectly #win


  17. i 100% agree about the hypothetical outfit of the day thing! dont call it an ootd if its not your outfit oof the day!

    im so jealous of your coltranes i want some so bayd but even on sale they're a whole months wages for me :'(

    Lucia Lily

  18. LOL I totes agree and I definitely know who you're talking about hahahahaha. Hotpants really? heels every single day? you don't even leave the house wearing that so stfd. Love your style Frankieee its amazing. YOU are the inspiring blogger! Love you!


  19. You have completely verbalised how I feel - I adore different bloggers, can't stand those that wear outfits that they clearly would never ever ever wear in real life and ugh those model poses! As always you look amazing, really love this outfit! xxx

  20. Without a doubt you are in my top 3 fave bloggers, I always love visiting your blog as your style is friggin awesome!!
    Funny rant to ;-) xx

  21. OMG, so glad I came across your blog! Lovely style

  22. this post makes me love summer in london!

    Love your blog and now following :)

    Check out my blog MinnieT

  23. Love the white accents to this outfit!
    S xx

  24. We love your wicked style here in the CAGECITY office and especially how you speak from the heart and don't care. We love that it is so our style (don't give a wah attitude.)

    Much love from the CAGECITY crew!xx


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