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Tuesday 13 August 2013

OOTD : I whitied

Crop top : H&M
Skirt : Miss Selfridge
Shirt : My dads
Shoes : River Island 
Bag : C/O La Moda
Necklace : Ebay
Sunglasses : Choies

Wassup guys! I am feeling like shit! I don't know if it's lack of sleep and too much partying or the fact I've put on over a stone over the last month but I definitely don't want to be doing outfit posts at the moment..especially if my clothes don't even fit me JF%?L$@£:$@:$£{$:`!!!!! I hate EVERYTHING right now. Today the weather is crappy, the light is shit you can't even see my beautiful new River Island shoes I bought with my last little bit of money the other day. But at least a couple of pictures turned out okay (without me looking like a complete rhino), you probably have noticed I love the all white trend  - goes well with a tan, or just being generally brown like me :) I took massive inspo from Tigerlilly, she wore something similar, and looked so much better than me during her trip to Paris.

Sorry about the moaning and ting, I set out to blog today and by gosh I did it #eventhoughihatemyself

Hope your Tuesday is a hell of a lot better than mine