Thursday 17 November 2011

6 Coffees and 3000 words later..

I'm really excited about starting a blog..but that might be all that coffee. It's 8.30am and I still haven't been to sleep thanks to a hideous essay on cartography , the whole 3000 words could have been summarised with 3 (maybe 4 not sure) 'BUY A SAT-NAV'. On the plus side, doing my essay gave me the opportunity to play the best Christmas album ever interlaced with Black Sabbath (can't wait for their 2012 tour!!) and Mastodon, sing really loud and probably piss of the people in the flat downstairs hehe.
Looking forward to hitting Westfield today for a bit of H&M for Versace, hopefully I'll be able to grab a piece or two... SEE!!! Already spending money I don't have. Ffs.


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