Friday, 5 October 2012

Vintage Floral + velvet OOTD + BLOG SALE, cos I'm poor :(

Cross Necklace : ebay £2

 Crop top : Topshop 
Skirt : Vintage - gift
Velvet Waistcoat : Vintage - bootsale £1
Dr Martens : Gift - Laces ebay £1
Oversized denim Jacket - East End Thrift Store
Bindi : ebay

 Nail Varnish  H&M in Lady Luck
Bracelets : Amsterdam - Rasperry Grape - Notting Hill Carnival
Rings : Gift - H&M - Vintage victorian ring.

 Hey lovelies :) I'm sat in the Library whilst its pissing it down outside wondering why the hell I wore a skirt and a crop top out today #idiot . I am absolutely dirt poor at the moment which is putting me in a very shitty mood, I'm talking having a budget of £25 to live on a week till I know why students become strippers...SO DEPRESSING! 

So... In aid of such poorness I've set up a blog sale page, you can get to it HERE or by clicking the link on my navigation bar

Just send me a comment with what you want then I will send you my paypal details etc etc. And keep checking back I'll be adding new stuff to it quite a lot :)

For now, I can still dream....

  1. Only £6.99 !!! Ebay HERE
  2. Nelly HERE - Saw this Celine dupe on Remi's blog , got to have it
  3. I bet this is going to sell out before I can afford it :( HERE
  4. IN LOVE with this bag HERE
  5. I really want a nose to ear chain, this one is from UO USA waaah!! HERE
  6. New Look HERE
  7. Jumping on the Satchel Bandwagon... HERE

Be thankful you have more money than me (probably) 


  1. Another bangin outfit gorgeous girl!! Xx

  2. you always look soo good! i just love that skirt on you, soo amazing! :) xx

  3. gorgeous outfit! love the print on your skirt

    lola xx

  4. Being a student is such a stress- I'm forever feeling guilty when I spend money :s !!
    You still look extremely chic though. Love the bindi!

    Ava Tallulah

  5. loving your skirt :D been opting for a midiskirt more myself atm and I'm loving them :D

    rebecca x

  6. The skirt is amazingggg
    I love the little list at the bottom with all of the goodies-
    I always wanted to know where to get the hear to nose chain!
    so thanks girlll

  7. OOO HELLO another fly outfit.
    you know Toppy did nose chains? search on Ebay AND visit predomiantly asian areas (upton park, east ham, tootong etc) and check the shops there.

    J x

  8. I love your style! This skirt is a beauty, I may also have to purchase those boots! x

  9. Oh wow, this is so gorgeous, I wish I could pull off a midi skirt like you xx


  10. Love the necklace and outfit

  11. Love your skirt! I'm poor as a whore at the moment as well, it's utterly depressing! x

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  13. I love love your style and your blog! Glad I stumbled on it. And that skirt is a beauty!

    Now following you :)


  14. love this outfit! you look great and the skirt has beautiful print! ;) following you on bloglovin!

  15. Thank you for your lovely comment :) You look great! I love that coat and the studded black bag in your wishlist :) xx

  16. Great set!Lovely skirt.I like your blog. What about following each other?

  17. Dr Martens love, those laces are super cool!

    The Style Rawr!

  18. I love how you paired your vintage skirt with your doc martins. Lovely!!!


  19. BBBBBBBBBBBBeautiful ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  20. I love the different ways you styled your skirt, you look wonderful in both outfits! I also love the outfits picks, they're wonderful I adore everything...

  21. Oh I love your blog! I will definitely be back! :))
    I love your style!

  22. Hey lovely, just wondering if you have the seller for those boots. They are no longer available, but I was wondering what other shoes they may have to buy. Don't worry if you dont have the name x


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