Thursday 4 October 2012

Double OOTD - Double Denim + Big L Tee

Beanie : c/o Educate Elevate
Shirt : Vintage Market Brick Lane £5
Dungarees : East End Thrift Store £5
Denim Jacket : East End Thrift Store £5
Necklaces : Peacocks + Oxfam
Flatform trainers : Office (sale) 

Huge hoop earrings : H&M £1.50

Hey guys! I'm so poor it's not even spending budget is £25 a week till January so lots of recycling clothes for me. Should probably get over my shopping addiction anyway... I wore this outfit today to uni, it was pretty sunny so I whipped out the dungarees I got from the East End Thrift store student sale (i''l be doing a post on it later in the week). I'm sure you already know but I was Educate Elevate's Flygirl of the week last week, they sent me a bag of goodies including this beanie (which ahsn't left my head for DAYYYS! I absolutely LOVE everything on their site, I'm addicted to anything 90's at the moment so if you are you should go check it out HERE.

May as well be a double whammy outfit post...

 Tee : C/o Educate Elevate
Skirt : Primark £12
Boot's : Jeffrey Campbell Tardy
Bag : C/o La Moda
Jacket : East End Thrift Store

Earrings : Miss Selfridge
Necklace : Peacocks

I wore this yesterday just going into uni and bumming around. I am in LOVE with this glittery skirt I got from Primark a couple of weeks ago, I saw a very similar one in Topshop (gold glittery) for about £20 as well! I frigging love my Big L quote t shirt too :) (if you don't know who Big L is just search him on Youtube AMAZING!!) he's dead though :( .

Blogging is taking a back seat at the moment I'm afraid, it's so hard being in my third year, I have so much work and all I really want to do is write and read blogs waaaaaahhhhh! How's everyone else finding uni at the moment? It's only my second week and I'm swamped :(

Have a wicked Thrusday :)


  1. You have the most amazing style! Love the cut out shirt under the dungs <3 and I'm the same with uni I just wanna blog not do work! xx

  2. Double denim!!! Love it! You look super cute in those dungarees xx

  3. LOVE everything about this!
    you have tons of style! give me your skin..flawless

    UK High Street Fashion & Style Blog

  4. Love all the clothes in this post. I'm into 90s at the minute too, love how you're rocking the scrunchie :3 xoxo

  5. your style is actually amazing, you pull the 90s look off so well! and that beanie is so dope.

  6. Love both outfits! I can't believe how cheap you find everything ha where I live the charity shops are shit and there isn't any decent vintage shops so I have to pay top price for my dungarees :( £45 from UO *Weeps*! Think I need a shopping trip in London ha xo

  7. Love your style, you work the double denim so well! I'll probably look like a walking raindrop lol! x

  8. I NEED YOUR WARDROBE! I just love the double denim, you work it sooo well ;) x

  9. Just came across your blog and I am in love with your style! Everything you put together works so well x

  10. How recent is that Peacocks necklace? I want one like it so bad but I'm on a budget.
    Strut Mode

  11. that skirt is from primark?! love it!

    lola xx

  12. The first outfit is amazing, I really need to visit this East end store

  13. I am absolutely Loving your style <3 x

  14. Just came across your blog and I'm instantly following, your style is awesome! I love Educate & Evalute's stuff & was only eyeing up that exact beanie a few days ago! And wow did you pull off double denim!!! xx

  15. So unique! I love it! :) xo

  16. You've just got yourself a dedicated follower :) x

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