Friday 12 October 2012


Hey lovelies :) I'm currently snuggled under a blanket loving life, watching New Girl, I frigging love Schmit 'dolla dolla bells ya'll' LOL! I could go on...Anyway, thought I'd take the opportunity to share some of my recent purchases with you guys. I told myself this month I would only be shopping in charity shops, little did I know the American Apparel Outlet down the road would take over my life and being sad about how shit  uni is would make me reach for my bank card. I swear I cannot actually look at my bank account unless I am forced to pay rent or something. IT'S HARROWING. 

- Knit Midi dress from Miss Selfridge I got this with my uniform allowance from work, I love it!! It's bodycon and a little sexy with cut outs on the back whilst being warm and cosy for winter.
- Grey midi skirt from Primark
- Glittery midi skirt from Primark I've seen so many people wearing this skirt it's lush, the right length so pervy weirdos won't shout at you in East London
- American Apparel Easy Jeans I had these in light wash but I really wanted them in black, I got them for £34 in the Outlet and they are AMAZING! SO STRETCHY YAY FOR FAT ME :)
- American Apparel Riding pants I wanted these for a while and was so happy to find a pair in grey, they go with everything but they make me miss horse riding :(
- Primark skeleton print cut out shoulder studded shirt What more is there to say, this shirt is dope and already I'm getting into Halloween fever WOOOOOO!
- Gold and black belt  from Primark
- Hold ups Told you I'm getting Halloween fever - que slutty but well thought out home-made costume ideas
-American Apparel black denim circle skirt Not entirely sure this is me, a forgotten ebay purchase, may try and be girly soon :)

I've got to go get ready now, literally going raving with the freshers lol wish me luck..


  1. aw waaaah i always want everything you buy! gimmeee haha x

  2. Makes me want to go shopping when I see all your lovely stuff! x

  3. great purchases! im in love with that nail polish!

  4. oh my gosh, please can i have it all! got the feeling of going shopping now! :P xx

  5. That primary glittery midi skirt is amazing, love the AA purchases too!xx

  6. the glittery midi skirt looks so great from what i've seen on other bloggers. xx

  7. i love all these purchases!! x

  8. i have a glittery midi skirt too and i love it! I want all of this, wish i had an american apparel outlet near me :( xx

  9. these all sound so cool! and omg new girl is my fave programme ever and as for schmidt (hair chutanay) i want to marry him haha! ahh those circle skirts look so cool though! cant wait to see outfit posts with these clothes :) xx good luck for tonight!

    1. hahhahahahha!!!!! I'm going to have to watch a youtube of Schmidt quotes now! Thanks very much babe :)


  10. The glittery midi skirt is soso nice
    I want to go to the AA outlet but i know i will buy everythinggggggg and have even less money then I do now haha!

  11. omg i love these soooo much! i've been looking for some midi skirts so definitely going to have to try primark and i can't believe that shirts from there too its amazing! love your style so much! :) xx

  12. i love everything you've bought :)

  13. Such gorgeous items!
    I wanna go on another haul already! :)

  14. The American Apparel Outlet was epic! I went twice in one day and stocked up on jeans and high rise trousers. You made some great purchases.
    Strut Mode


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