Sunday 20 November 2011

I'm absolutely hanging


(Look 1)
T-shirt: H&M £7.99
Leggings: H&M £9.99
Boots: £7.00 Dalston charity shop

(look 2)
Bralet: H&M £15.99
Skirt: DIY from Primark t shirt £3
Earrings: £3.00 H&M
Bag: Miss Selfridge £22.00
Boots: Dr Martens 10 hole (Christmas present)

(Look 3)
Leotard: £6.00 Primark
Felt bananas made from John Lewis felt £2.50

So already failing on the blog post front. Sorry about the awful photo quality ( photos were taken on the wrong camera setting). This is what I wore the day before yesterday, pretty standard, well impressed with the wedges though , SO CHEAP and real suede . Went to Proud Thursday night, wore a velvet and lace bralet I bought from H&M and a skirt I made (cheeky bit of DIY) H&M earrings and a Miss Selfridge bag that I LOVE!!! Proud was amazing: POLES, FREE DRINKS, POPPIES, TABLE DANCING !  Now I'm in Swansea being very hungover again after Sink at Sin City last night. It was my friend Anne-Marie's birthday party, I dressed as Josephine Baker :) Going to see Rusko tonight FUNFUNFUN!

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