Thursday 17 November 2011

What I wore to not leave the house.

WHERE'S    IT    FROM ? :
Jacket: Ebay BARGAIN, £30 + it's real leather!!
Tank: Gina Tricot 4 Kr
Leggings: H&M £7.99
Shoes: Office sale £30

Sorry this is going to be short, got an hour before lecture time :/Seeing as I've spent the past three days in my pyjamas I deemed it necessary to get dressed even if I wasn't going outside. My eBay find was this amazing studded soft leather jacket I got for £30 quid (just goes to show no life outside eBay pays off). Managed to paint my nails and not get bored halfway through and take it all off (common occurrence). I'll post a picture of my nails later.Sorry about the slightly dodgy picture quality, I'll sort it one of these days 


  1. What's the white dot on your big toe?

  2. love the jacket super cute hun

    mia o

  3. Thanks :) I live in it!
    Just looked at your blog followed love it x


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