Wednesday 23 May 2012

Clashing prints and wedge trainers : Summer has arrived !!

Today, like most of my days lately has been all about revision. I only have six more days till my exams are over and it is already SO HOT and sunny. I cycled home from uni today and you don't even want to know how sweaty I got... Anyway, I was having a bit of a clothing crisis today, I have a new-found hatred for my legs (developed in the last 24 hours I'm sure) and I couldn't find the clothes I actually wanted to wear soooooo this is what happened (apologies for the mirror photos, my lovely house-mate Jackie was indisposed this afternoon :

Trousers : Warehouse via a charity shop , Bralet : Topshop sale 

Wedge trainers : H&M
Lipstick : Rimmel Coral Queen , Earrings : Primark

I don't usually clash my prints like this but today it was the only outfit I put on I actually liked. I bought these trousers quite a while ago at a charity shop in Dalston and haven't worn them until now, finally feel as though I'm getting my moneys worth YESSSSSSSS:) 

I ended up having  a really productive day and I even got round to making this pizza from scratch and doesn't it look yummy? 

Spinach, Chilli, Egg and Cheese pizza and It's square because I decided I like square pizzas :D

I saw an awesome Wah nails design on The Secret Avenue  and immediately set about doing my own version with pink nail varnish, a black Sharpie and a Rimmel matt top coat (I bit my nails to bits so sorry they're a bit gross).
The only camera I had to hand this evening was the one on my phone which is pretty atrocious (HTC SORT IT OUT), in my head though it's the same as Instagram because it does make photos look like they are a bit shitty and old anyway WITHOUT downloading an app.

I really really need to do some shopping soon before I wither away, River Island at the moment OH MY GOODNESS SO MUCH STUFF I NEED IN MY LIFE!!!!!


  1. LOVE the 80s feel of this outfit!

    J x

    1. Thanks, wasn't sure if it went together but I really love the prints together !



  2. just found your blog am I ma loving your style!! creat print pairing! happy to be your newest follower. keep up with the great content! considered desactivating the word verification, it a nightmare... xx
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

    1. Thanks very much ! Yeah, I didn't realise the word verification, I deactivated it now.. so annoying. Love your blog, your pig is SO CUTE!!
      Frankie xx

  3. Love the eyebrows. For exams, your face looks pretty perfect- when I have exams, I look like a hobo on crack!

    Those nails are ah-mazing. I've been meaning to get the matte topcoat and now I def will!

    iPhones >>>>>>> everything else.

    I take my photos myself...even outside...without a tripod...experiment with your self amazing results.


    1. Thanks :) for some reason even though I have dark hair I have really pale eyebrows so I'm addicted to drawing dark ones on! Matte top coat is SO GOOD well worth it! Yeah I've been thinking about getting a tripod, they're actually quite cheap gonna have to get on that one.


  4. oh my god! I love your style! This outfit is amazing, you should wear clashing prints more often, it suits you! xo

    1. Thanks so much :) I never really thought about it till recently but I'm so glad I did , I've got a really good reaction :) XX

  5. OMG your blog is bloddy awesome!!! so glad i found you. Your hair is to cool. Jessica X


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