Monday 2 April 2012

One time, at band camp, I made a STUDDED SHOULDER DENIM JACKET

Sorry guys gonna be a short one.

 Today I received some lovely studs in the post that I ordered off eBay last week. They were supposed to be to stud my friends clothes.... but I couldn't resist studdifying my denim jacket.

So I always make shit and don't post a tutorial, this time I thought I would (even though this is unbelievably easy to do)!


You will need:

Studs (I used 0.5 inch ones) - lots like 50
Craft knife 
Pointy little pliers
and a denim jacket
The pickys tell you what to do 
Although some of them are a bit unclear, feel free to ask if you're not sure :)


:) Thanks for commenting, makes my day reading lovely things. If you have a question feel free and I will comment back asap x