Monday 16 February 2015

Eats : Turtle Bay


So last week me and Rob were invited to have dinner & cocktails at Turtle Bay in Walthamstow. Note I said Walthamstow, I live in STREATHAM the other end of London literally, and I will be going back because it was that damn good, worth an hours journey any day.
Turtle bay does amazing Caribbean food, all the traditional yummy bits like Jerk chicken, fried plantain and patties but with some amazing extra special eats. We started off with a few cocktails  please for the love of god if you like banana get the Hummingbird - white rum, Tia Maria, banana liqueur, cream, fresh banana & coconut. The jerk wings were a must to start, hotter than hell and too good, the chili squid got a big thumbs up from us too. The main event,  I am still raving about, and is the reason we'll be going back very soon was the double dipped jerk steak. It was sex on a plate, rare - and Rob kept on nicking bits of mine even though he had the tastiest jerk lamb I've ever eaten. Safe to say after cocktails and my weight in wings and steak, we didn't make it to dessert. Big thanks to Kitty who looked after us for the evening, you were such a babe!

Thanks Turtle Bay we'll be back soon :)

p.s Apologies again for the i phone photos - my camera charger has gone walkabout and I'mw aiting for the new one to arrive *le sigh*

Frankie x


  1. always hear so much about turtle bay! And now youve genuinely made me! Whenever im in close proximity of one I'll gladly go in! ah jerk steak I didnt even know that was a thing! ha xo

  2. Turtle Bay is my favourite place to eat and drink! I did a post about it a couple of weeks ago - their goat curry is insane.

    Love your blog.


  3. Fab post, it looks like delicious food :)

    Camille xo

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