Sunday 18 January 2015


rainbow outfit

fresh prince shirt

nike air force 1
Shirt - VintageTommy Hilfiger via Depop, Trousers - Boohoo , Trainers - Air Force 1 Offspring , Necklace - Primark

Well this is awkward... it's 2015 and I haven't blogged for 7 months. What the hell? Full time employment at a lovely but time consuming job and my lack of appetite for blogging with a hangover at the weekend takes a toll.
I never thought I'd say this but I miss it!!! Rambling on about shit nobody cares about and posting pictures of me wearing the various bits and bobs from hideously extensive wardrobe/floordrobe makes me happy. I'm in a sharing frame of mind.

Today was one of those days when I felt like I wanted to wear all the colours. I originally bought this vintage Tommy Hilfiger shirt for my boyfriend off Depop, but decided to keep it for myself...sorry Rob! And these trousers were £8 off Boohoo, they tried to Pantone match them at work and failed the colour is that magical!

Also feel like I should explain the weird colour of my hair, it wasn't planned D: ! I got bored with blonde and decided I was going to dye my hair purple last night, violet to be exact. I wasted £4 on Crazy Colours Violette, and unless I'm colour blind my hair is definitely BLUE! My poor hair :( I'm going to be spending the next week frantically trying to fade it out, trust me having a weave is so much less stress than looking after my actual hair! If anyone has any tips for getting blue out of hair help a sista out?

I've got a bunch of ideas for posts I'm going to definitely do..and I actually mean it this time. I've embarked on a journey to get fit and healthy , lets be real skinnier so maybe I'll blog about my progress (if there is any, fingers crossed). Anyway watch this space.

Happy 2015!




  1. Welcome back! :-) love the trousers, amazing colour! xx

  2. THAT DYE WILL NEVER EVER COME OUT! I used Violet too and I was "fading it out" for about 5 months washing it every day. Its soooo ridic. I ended up putting a browny blonde dye over it and it still had blue streaks. Blue is the worst colour to get out! THEN I HAD TO DYE IT DARK BROWN AND BLEACH BATH OVER THE TOP OF THAT TO GO BACK BLONDE. True story.
    Anyway, you look bloody lovely and i've missed your sassy outfits soooo much! LUV U FRANKIE xxx

  3. This is potentially my fave outfit ever!! Perfect use of every colour :)


  4. Gorgeous as usual! Love your style and I'm glad you're back.

    Courtney from Two Looks, One London | A Personal Style Blog .x.

  5. Great shirt, didn't know depop had good things like that! x

  6. Such a fun outfit, you work the different colours so well!

    infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane

  7. welcome back to blogging! looking forward to more posts from you in the future.

    it's great you kept the shirt for yourself; looks very stylish on you!

  8. Frankie! How did i miss this post! welcome back!
    i dont blame you for keeping the shirt that shirt is banging! cant wait to see what you post next! xx

  9. Stunning as always. X

    Follow me on GFC, I always follow back.




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