Sunday 11 November 2012

Houndstooth Swag

T shirt dress : H&M via charity shop £2
Houndstooth Trousers : Primark sale £7
Watch : Ebay

Organza Laces : Ebay + DIY 99p

Earrings : Primark £2
Necklace : 99p charity shop
Lipstick : Topshop Inhibition

HEY LOVELIES!!! I'm such a good mood today! Had a hilarious night withh my friend Jackie, don't have a hangover for the first Sunday in weeks and I'm feeling good :)  I'm just popping in to uni quickly to print off some reading and this is what I threw on. I am IN LOVE with my new houndstooth trousers from Primark, £7, so cheap and I love the stripes down the side of the legs. I feel like I'm back on the shopping bandwagon, never in my life have I shopped less than I have this month, genuinely think that's what's made me so sad, lack of new shit in my wardrobe wahhhh!I can't stop thinking about Christmas lately either, not gonna lie my Christmas list is getting pretty redonkulous so I'm going to do a Christmas list blog post soon...mainly for the benefit of my family/boyfriend who I know will see it :D What do you want most for Christmas guys? I want more ideas :)

Have a lush Sunday




  1. Love the 1st look & those shoes are mental, Love it xx

  2. love houndstooth atm, great outfit :)
    so jealous of your nose ring it looks amazing, i cant have one I've got too much of a pig nose! ;) xx

  3. perfection as always! love the organza laces- such a good idea <3 xx

  4. Those shoes are LUSH!

  5. Aaaah I love them trousers, can't believe they were only £7! x

  6. Love LOVE LOVE your trousers! Such a fantastic bargain.

  7. gorgeous outfit x

  8. your make up looks lovely btw! :) and i like the earrings and leggings! btw i put up the JC shoe unboxing video its so late but aye its done check it out if you wish >>



  9. You always look amazing! Those trousers and shoes are incredible


  10. I reaaally wanted to by those trousers but they didn't have them in my size and now I'm even more gutted haha they look ace on you! Love the earrings too xx

  11. love your jewellery. 99p! for the necklace! THAT ISH CRAY! lool!
    love the outfit very 90s throwback I'm loving it!

  12. noooo way are those trousers Primarni? :O
    looking dope as always.


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  14. AHHH those trousers are so so nice, great find. Love how you put your outfits together, youre one of my faves xx

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