Friday, 9 November 2012

Styling work : Molly Myrsten

Go check out the shoot on the Next website HERE 

I definitely told myself I was going to blog every day this week, lo and behold winter blues has got the better of me until now so in the interest of being short and swett here goes...

Last week I went to my friend Hanna Hilliers place to do some styling for a test shoot she was doing with a lovely model called Molly Myrsten. I don't get to do much styling work because my uni work takes up all my time, but on the rare occasion I get to I LOVE IT! It's so satisfying to see a shoot I have had some kind of impact in to on the Next Models website too. I love working with Hanna because not only is she one of my best friends, but she is an amazing photographer and so creative she comes out with amazing work. She's given me the opportunity to style some amazing models and  love her even more for it :)

and this is why I'm not a photographer- cheeky finger on the lens haha!

Some behind the scenes shots by me :)

Is anybody else an aspiring stylist? I'd love to check out your work and get any tips from anyone :) Have a lovely weekend 


Frankie xxx


  1. amazing work lady! i love seeing stylists work, have you seen soki mak's work? she is AMAZING! i think you would love her Is that what you wanna do when you finish uni? xx

    1. Thanks :) No I hadn't till just now and her work is AMAZING!!! Thanks for the heads up :)Yeah pretty much, it's hard because I want to get a decent portfolio of work together over the nextyear, so difficult to get entry level jobs without a fashion degree though


  2. your friend has a great eye i love the final grading on the shot she took. looks really good! and you know you gotta start somewhere the more and more work you have the better you will be to present yourself! Nice work!

    your styling looks dope.
    i style assist now + again.


  4. Adore your blog

    LOVE your style we need more OOTD so i can get inspiration



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