Thursday 8 December 2011

Slebbity Shopping.

WHERE'S     IT     FROM?
(Clothes on me)
Leather jacket: eBay
Sheer shirt: H&M
Jeans: Cheap Monday
Boots: Dr Martens 10 hole
Belt: Primark
Spotted bucket bag: Topshop
Dress - Long sleeved top - Bag: Topshop

Haven't posted for ages partially due to being hungover most of the time. SO SO SO excited about Christmas, got a really cute/tasty advent calender from Madelaine Chocolate courtesy of daddy dearest but that's the only luxury I've had this month, painfully skint ughh.
 Aaanyyyway, yesterday me and Emma went to the new Westfield Stratford for the millionth time and got treated to a personal shopping experience (quite by accident) in Topshop. Sharna picked out a few pieces for us then proceeded run around the shop finding us the sizes we needed and generally was just a complete babe :) . I LOVED this look with the Floral midi dress over the long sleeved top, v. nineties. I found this gorgeous top in cream for Emma in Topshop  who tried on MANY outfits whilst I  ate far to many Haribo's impulse bought in the Primark queue *only just learnt how to spell this word HOW WEIRD IS IT SPELT???? That'll have to change when I take over the world* . 

I'm writing this hung over and more than a little ashamed of myself after last nights antics at Netball initiation (no I don't actually play netball far too lazy for that, I'm a social member. It involved shots of vinegar, pickled onions, whipped cream, tabasco and gin shots and in the end I was christened with Xtina as my nickname, due to my tendancy to be X-rated hmmmmm ;) Still gutted I can't join Pottermore yet. Ramble over. 

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