Monday 27 February 2012

Why Brothel creepers?

First off I apologise for the lack of make-up I was SO HUNG OVER!
My feeble attempt at watching Tinker,Tailor, Soldier, Spy the night before led to the consumption of lots of wine and no idea what was happening, Grace had to tell me Colin Firth was the spy but anyway...

BROTHEL CREEPERS Should look like this according to their name:

  (someone get me these please)
Handy tip hole for all your stripper/hoe needs :D

I stole my sisters for the day

I LOVE these shoes, I put them on and instantly felt a little cooler :)

Jeans are from Topshop

Shirt is from Roman Road Market

Sunny G's are from ASOS

Gonna go back to sleep I'll add more later :o

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