Friday 24 February 2012

KRS1, Cut out boots, Black Milk and DIY Levi shorts

Boots : Topshop sale 
Leggings : Black Milk 
Wa da da dang
Wa da da da dang

Halfway through making my Levis a little bit more interesting.
Should be doing coursework

What I did :

1. Cut them off to slutty short
2. Used a craft knife to shred them up a little
3. Stuck some studs and spikes in them
4. Then decided to cut out the pockets as well
5. Chucked a bunch of bleach over them randomly and left for an episode of Jezza Kyle
(probably should have done this just after cutting up)
6. Into the washing machine to finish my work/get rid of bleach

Will post a pikky when they are dry YEAHHH BUDDDYYY!!!

-Halfway through bleaching process-


  1. Hi, luv yr look, specialy the boots, could you pls write the 'name' of those?

  2. Hi, thanks babe :)
    those boots are Topshop Alexandra boots, not sure they are still about though, you could try eBay?


  3. loveeeee your cut out boots and blog, glad I found it on my random quest for crop tops lol ;)

    1. Thanks :D Enjoyyy I'll try and keep the crops coming



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